Rimini Street Declares the End of Full Price Software Maintenance

  Rimini Street Declares the End of Full Price Software Maintenance

 Success of Third-Party Support Enables SAP and Oracle Customers to Negotiate
Discounts with Software Vendors or Save Even More by Switching to Third-Party

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LAS VEGAS -- March 19, 2013

Rimini Street, Inc., the leading third-party maintenance and support provider
for enterprise software, including SAP AG (NYSE:SAP) software and Oracle
Corporation’s (NASDAQ: ORCL) Siebel, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, E-Business Suite,
Oracle Database and Hyperion software, today announced that a tipping point
has finally been reached in the market for annual maintenance. Newly released
industry analyst research shows that savvy customers are no longer paying
Oracle or SAP full price for annual maintenance. Instead, some market leaders
and fast followers are negotiating maintenance discounts from Oracle and SAP,
or switching to value-based third-party software support for more savings,
innovative features and responsive service.

Widespread Adoption of Third-Party Support Disrupting Oracle and SAP
Maintenance Market

Third-party support is experiencing widespread adoption and has a long track
record of client satisfaction and success. With Rimini Street achieving 11
consecutive record quarters of growth, more than half a billion dollars in
sales bookings backlog and nearly 600 government and commercial clients around
the world – including 69 of the Fortune 500 and 15 of the Global 100 largest
companies – the Company believes the move to third-party support has reached a
tipping point in the marketplace.

Consolidation in the enterprise software market previously allowed Oracle and
SAP to dictate maintenance policies and pricing, according to a recent report
published by independent industry analyst firm Constellation Research, “The
Positive Pricing Impact of Third Party Maintenance for Oracle and SAP
Customers.”^1 As a result, the majority of customers surveyed for the study
are now using competitive third-party support proposals to successfully gain
leverage in their annual maintenance negotiations with Oracle and SAP, as
reported in Constellation Research’s survey results. ^ 2

“Every CFO, CIO, and procurement officer must apply due diligence in exploring
these third-party maintenance options when initiating contract negotiations or
planning applications strategy. At a minimum, organizations should seek a
competitive proposal from a third-party maintenance provider,” said
Constellation Research principal analyst and CEO R “Ray” Wang. “Failure to
explore this strategic option may result in higher costs for less value with
existing vendors.”

In response to the accelerating interest in third-party support options,
Rimini Street has made it easier than ever for Oracle and SAP customers to
obtain a competitive proposal. By filling out a simple online form at
www.riministreet.com/proposal, or calling the Company, Oracle and SAP
customers can receive a competitive proposal in two business days or less.
Even if a customer evaluates Rimini Street’s award-winning support and
determines it is not right for them today, the customer can still use the
Rimini Street proposal as leverage to get the best price and service terms
from Oracle and SAP. Either way, the customer wins.

Wang added, “Based on the survey results and Constellation Research’s hands on
experience in assisting clients with vendor support contract negotiations, we
believe third-party maintenance plays a key role in providing pricing leverage
and options in overall applications and contract negotiations strategy.”

Oracle and SAP Are Discounting Maintenance Fees

The Constellation Research study also found that customers of Oracle and SAP
are receiving discounts in maintenance fees,^3 according to survey responses
from nearly 200 licensees. The study found that customers who use a
competitive proposal as leverage in their annual maintenance contract
negotiations with Oracle or SAP secure an average 13.7 percent discount.^4

In addition, Cowen and Company, a respected investment bank and research
advisory firm, similarly reported that it found evidence of discounting in its
SAP research: “We recently spent time talking with a handful of large SAP
customers that have received roughly 50 percent discounts on maintenance

Competitive Proposals Help Customers Negotiate Best Deal

A competitive proposal for annual support can provide customers with leverage
to negotiate a better maintenance deal from Oracle and SAP. The Constellation
Research report found that more than 60 percent of surveyed customers believe
that a competitive third-party support proposal improves negotiation leverage
with Oracle and SAP.^6 Additionally, 72 percent of companies that obtained and
used a third-party support proposal reported gaining an advantage in contract
negotiations with Oracle or SAP.^7

Rimini Street Helps Customers Win Either Way

Vendor support and maintenance fees continue to increase despite the fact that
the cost to maintain software releases drops as a release matures.^8,9 By
providing an easy way to obtain a competitive proposal, Rimini Street ensures
customers have a variety of support program choices to meet different needs.
Oracle and SAP software licensees can use Rimini Street’s support proposal to
negotiate their best pricing, support features and service level commitments
from Oracle and SAP. The Company believes that, when customers compare its
annual support against Oracle and SAP support, many will select Rimini
Street’s award-winning program that delivers 50-percent annual fee savings,
more responsive service and innovative support features.

“Rimini Street believes competition is good for any industry, and we want
Oracle and SAP customers to have a wide variety of service choices. Today, a
customer can request a Rimini Street support proposal on our web site or over
the phone, then use the proposal to negotiate their best pricing, support
features and service level commitments from Oracle and SAP,” said Seth Ravin,
Rimini Street CEO. “The customer can then compare Oracle and SAP’s offer with
Rimini Street’s award-winning support service and choose the right program for
them. The customer wins, either way.”

*Note to Editors: The Constellation Research report is available for download
online on Rimini Street’s web site, or at the following link:

About Rimini Street, Inc.

Rimini Street is the leading third-party provider of enterprise software
support services. The company is redefining enterprise support services with
an innovative, award-winning program that enables Oracle and SAP licensees to
save up to 90 percent on total support costs over a decade, including saving
50 percent on annual support fees. Clients can remain on their current
software release without any required upgrades or migrations for at least 10
years. Hundreds of global, Fortune 500, midmarket, and public sector
organizations from virtually all industries have selected Rimini Street as
their trusted, independent support provider. To learn more, please
visitwww.riministreet.comor call within the USA 888-870-9692 or
internationally +1 925-484-9211.

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