Aqua Gen and Center for Integrative Genomics (CIGENE) Collaborate With Affymetrix on a Salmon Genotyping Array to Achieve the

  Aqua Gen and Center for Integrative Genomics (CIGENE) Collaborate With
  Affymetrix on a Salmon Genotyping Array to Achieve the World’s First
  High-Density View of the Marker Patterns in the Atlantic Salmon

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ÅS, Norway & SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- March 19, 2013

Aqua Gen, a member of the Erich Wesjohann (EW) Group GmBH and Center for
Integrative Genomics (CIGENE) at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences
(UMB) in collaboration with Affymetrix, Inc. (NASDAQ: AFFX) announced today
that they are the first to genotype more than 900,000 markers per sample from
the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), thereby achieving the capability to
implement genomic selection and improve their salmon breeding program at Aqua

Aqua Gen, a leader in selective breeding, manages a large scale selective
breeding program for Atlantic salmon, a major contributor to the world's
aquaculture production. Aqua Gen has also been pioneering the use of
marker-assisted selection in aquaculture breeding through their highly
successful QTL-innOva products. CIGENE, located at the Norwegian University of
Life Sciences, maintains research programs that contribute to the
understanding of the biology of aquaculture and plant production, focusing in
particular on the genetics of complex traits of economic and ecological
significance. Aqua Gen and CIGENE partnered with Affymetrix to develop the
salmon genotyping screening array which consists of 923,627 SNP (Single
Nucleotide Polymorphism) markers and includes both diploid and tetraploid
sequence variants. The goal of the ongoing study is to identify relevant and
polymorphic high resolution markers that can be used downstream for marker
trait association studies, genomic selection programs, as well as for a wide
variety of applications in genetics and ecology.

“We are thrilled to have access to this first of its kind and groundbreaking
marker map of the Atlantic salmon in such a short time,” said Dr. Nina Santi,
Director, Research and Development at Aqua Gen. “Aqua Gen is always looking
for new technologies that can assist in the development of genetic material to
meet the increasing demand for cost-effective and sustainable seafood
production. This high-density SNP array gives us entirely new possibilities
for improving the disease resistance and robustness of farmed Atlantic salmon.
In particular, we are enthusiastic about the prospects of implementing
so-called genomic selection in our breeding program. This array will also
facilitate the identification of causal genetic variants underlying complex
traits, thus contributing greatly to our understanding of salmonid biology.”

“Development of SNP arrays and automated genotyping in Atlantic salmon is
complicated by the autotetraploid whole genome duplication that occurred in
the common ancestor of extant salmonids,” said Dr. Sigbjørn Lien, Professor
and Assistant Director, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB) and Centre
for Integrative Genetics (CIGENE). “The unparalleled design support and
expertise from Affymetrix’ team of bioinformatics scientists helped
tremendously to cope with these obstacles.”

“We are very pleased to partner with Aqua Gen and CIGENE and offer them our
expertise in automated genotyping using the Axiom^® Genotyping Solution,” said
Dr. Andy Last, Executive Vice President of Genetic Analysis and Clinical
Applications Business Unit at Affymetrix. “The automated genotype calling in
non-diploid species offers the unique advantage of accelerating data analysis
by greater than 90%, to about an hour regardless of the number of SNPs, making
it easier to meet tight breeding deadlines whilst also improving accuracy.”

Axiom Genotyping Solution is the only platform that provides breeders and
researchers with a powerful set of genotyping tools and analysis software to
cost effectively identify, validate, and screen complex genetic traits. As
scientists make progress in decoding genomes of various human disease states,
plant, and animals using next generation sequencing platforms, they can
advance their research and commercial objectives by translating those
discoveries to routine applications on the Axiom Genotyping Solution platform.

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About Aqua Gen

Aqua Gen AS (Trondheim, Norway) is a selective breeding company which
develops, produces and delivers genetic material to the global sea-farming
industry. Through a market-oriented research and development Aqua Gen has
achieved a leading position as a provider of fertilized eggs of Atlantic
salmon and rainbow trout. Since the 1970’s when collection of these fish
species began, a continual research and development program has been carried
on in cooperation with commercial operators and research institutions. By
focusing on genetic traits related to health, animal welfare, growth and
quality, Aqua Gen contributes an important component of a sustainable and
profitable aquaculture industry.


The Centre for Integrative Genetics (CIGENE) was formally established in 2003
at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences at campus Aas 30 km southeast of
Oslo. Over the last decade, CIGENE has become Norway's foremost SNP genotyping
facility and has gained comprehensive experience in analyzing sequencing data
and developing SNP genotyping resources in a wide range of species. CIGENE has
been involved in large-scale sequencing projects since 2007 and various
bioinformatics pipelines have been developed, with focus on de novo assembly
(such as the Atlantic salmon genome) and DNA marker development.

About Affymetrix

Affymetrix technologies are used by the world's top pharmaceutical,
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government, and nonprofit research institutes. More than 2,300 microarray
systems have been shipped around the world and more than 48,000 peer-reviewed
papers have been published citing our technologies. Affymetrix is
headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has manufacturing facilities in
Cleveland, Ohio, and Singapore. eBioscience is headquartered in San Diego,
California and has manufacturing facilities in San Diego and Vienna, Austria.
Including eBioscience, the Company has about 1,100 employees worldwide and
maintains sales and distribution operations across Europe, Asia, and Latin
America. For more information about Affymetrix, please visit

To learn more about Axiom^® Genotyping Solutions, please visit for applications in agrigenomics.

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