Ten Debit Networks Adopt Common U.S. Debit Aid

                Ten Debit Networks Adopt Common U.S. Debit Aid

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WESTWOOD, N.J., March 19, 2013

WESTWOOD, N.J., March 19, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Secure Remote
Payment Council (SRPc) today announced that the ten debit network members of
its Chip and PIN Workgroup have agreed to adopt a common U.S. debit
application identifier (AID) and work with Discover Financial Services to
license the D-Payment Application Specification (D-PAS) as the foundation of
the common U.S. debit chip payment solution. The Workgroup will also evaluate
enhancing the specification's security by including the one-time card number
technology developed by First Data / STAR specifically tomitigate impact from
skimming and data breach frauds.

"We are honored to have been chosen by the SRPc Chip and PIN Workgroup and
feel that the strength of Discover's D-PAS technology, coupled with our
universal and choice-centric EMV approach, will enable the market to move
forward," said Diane Offereins, President of Payment Services at Discover.
"Discover has deployed D-PAS for the past four years and already has millions
of cards in market among international issuers. We are confident it is the
right path forward for U.S. debit networks."

The Workgroup, working in conjunction with the EMV Migration Forum, defined
the foundation requirements for the proposed U.S. debit solution. This
decision will enable the industry to move forward with a known application and
process, simplifying changes for all stakeholders. Supporting a common
solution provides the following benefits to payment system participants for
the next generation of debit card payment technology.

  oU.S. financial institutions - continue to enjoy a robust and competitive
    payment industry, and maintain the flexibility to choose the debit
    networks they support based on business criteria rather than technological
  oThe merchant and acquiring community - maintain their ability to route
    transactions as they choose, based on their own selection criteria.
  oProcessors - be able to support their issuing and acquiring clients' plans
    to move to an enhanced payment type and increased security without the
    redundant development needed to support multiple chip and PIN solutions.

AFFN®, ATH®, CO-OP Financial Services®, Jeanie®, NETS®, NYCE®, Presto!®,
PULSE®, SHAZAM® and STAR® invite all other debit networks to participate in a
consortium, which will govern the common U.S. debit solution, and undertake
steps to commercialize it. In addition, advisory membership for merchants,
issuers, processors and providers will also be available.

This decision is the culmination of months of evaluation of several proposals
– including the most recent AID proposals by MasterCard and Visa. Evaluation
criteria included: maintaining routing choice and network portability;
availability of all cardholder verification (CVM) options; inclusion of
point-of-sale and ATM transactions; support of contact and contactless
transactions; ability to make future enhancements to the solution; inclusion
of both current and emerging debit channels; and governance parity.

The debit consortium's next steps will be to finalize its governance structure
and identify commercialization steps for deploying the common U.S. debit

Unless all debit networks ultimately participate in this solution, industry
stakeholders may need to support a multi-application chip environment for
debit in the U.S. The Workgroup invites all debit networks to join this new
consortium to adopt a common U.S. debit AID, minimizing the number of
applications needed. The Workgroup maintains that establishing a standard
common U.S. debit AID is the best way to avoid unnecessary complexity while
achieving higher payment security.

About the Secure Remote Payment Council
The Secure Remote Payment (SRPc) is a nonprofit, inter-industry trade
association that supports the growth, development and market adoption of debit
based internet eCommerce and mobile channel payment methods that meet or
exceed the security standards for pinned based card present payments. It will
accomplish this by encouraging and supporting those activities that accelerate
the implementation, adoption and promotion of these payments. The SRPc's
members include merchants, financial institutions, merchant processors, issuer
processors, payment brand companies, payments authentication hardware
providers, payments authentication software providers and payments
consultants. For additional information, visit

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