Fusion-io Acquires ID7

                            Fusion-io Acquires ID7

Industry Leader Fusion-io Adds Expertise of Innovative Software Defined
Storage Company and Developer of the Popular Open Source SCST SCSI Linux
Target Subsystem Used in Enterprise Storage Systems

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SALT LAKE CITY, March 18, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY, March 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Fusion-io (NYSE: FIO) today
announced that it has acquired ID7, a pioneer in software defined storage
(SDS) and an open-source leader in shared storage systems, as well as the
developers and key contributors of SCST, a Linux storage software subsystem
utilized by many storage vendors throughout the world. ID7 has been
collaborating with Fusion-io on software development for the ION Data
Accelerator software that transforms industry standard servers into shared
storage appliances.

"Software defined storage platforms are key to delivering peak performance and
efficiency in today's datacenters," said David Flynn, Fusion-io CEO and
Chairman. "ID7 has provided valuable contributions to the industry, making us
excited to welcome them to our ION Data Accelerator team as we continue to
grow our business with the expertise of many of the world's most innovative

"As with other kernel contributors across the Linux stack working at
Fusion-io, we will continue to support the open philosophies that have made
ID7 and SCST successful," said Gary Orenstein, Fusion-io Senior Vice President
of Products. "In addition to maintaining an open source version of SCST,
Fusion-io will continue to contribute to the open source distribution as we
develop software solutions to help define the all-flash datacenter."

Established in 2006, ID7 is a UK-based storage technology company specializing
in the development of storage software solutions across all types of
interfaces including iSCSI, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand. A pioneer of
advancements in emerging storage technologies, the ID7 engineering team is the
primary developer of the SCST storage subsystem.

SCST is a SCSI target subsystem for Linux operating systems that enables
advanced functionality, including replication, thin provisioning,
deduplication, high availability, and automatic backup on any Linux server or
appliance. The SCST core provides a unified, consistent interface between SCSI
target drivers, the Linux kernel and storage system by connecting target
drivers with a physical or emulated storage backend. The SCST subsystem
supports data exchange via SCSI, including iSCSI, Fibre Channel, FCoE, SAS,
InfiniBand (SRP), and Wide (parallel) SCSI. The very low overhead of the SCST
subsystem delivers maximum performance and scalability in software defined
storage architectures.

"We had an opportunity to work with Fusion-io on the development of the ION
Data Accelerator when it became apparent that the team has been founded on a
culture of architecting software innovation deep within the Linux operating
system kernel to deliver significant breakthroughs in modern storage
architectures," said Mark Klarzynski, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of
ID7. "We're excited to join the Fusion-io team of world class engineers and
developers to work together on open, software defined solutions to today's
most challenging data demands."

"Across Linux and Oracle subsystems, Fusion-io has embraced the need to
support open source contributions to innovation in the storage stack," said
Vlad Bolkhovitin, Founder and Primary Developer of the SCST SCSI Target
Subsystem for Linux. "By joining the Fusion-io team, we are pleased to be able
to provide SCST with more engineering resources and talent to support the
development of the open source and commercial SCST subsystems as we meet the
needs of Fusion-io customers around the globe."

The ID7 team, including the primary SCST developers, will join Fusion-io as a
result of the acquisition. The teams will continue to collaborate with
Fusion-io engineering from their current locations across Europe and the
United States.

About Fusion-io
Fusion-io delivers the world's data faster. Our Fusion ioMemory platform and
software defined storage solutions accelerate virtualization, databases, cloud
computing, big data and performance applications. From e-commerce retailers to
the world's social media leaders and Fortune Global 500 companies, our
customers are improving the performance and efficiency of their data centers
with Fusion-io technology to accelerate the critical applications of the
information economy.

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