BeFunky's New Photo Gallery Picks Up Where Instagram Leaves Off

BeFunky's New Photo Gallery Picks Up Where Instagram Leaves Off 
SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 03/18/13 -- 

--  New gallery launched today revolutionizes the photo browsing
--  BeFunky's growth skyrockets with 18 million active visits and 52
    million photos created every month

BeFunky, the world's easiest and most powerful photo-editing
application, today unveiled an upgraded photo gallery on web and
mobile that aims to revolutionize what consumers have come to expect
from photo browsing. With this release, BeFunky is offering every
feature that a user could possibly want, including more interactive
features and functionality than they've ever experienced.  
"BeFunky's photo gallery picks up where Instagram leaves off," said
Tekin Tatar, CEO and co-founder of BeFunky. "There are several photo
apps on the market, but none of them compare to BeFunky's
capabilities, ease of use, and the amount of control we give the
user. Our upgraded gallery is no exception when it comes to these
core values. Today we launched a new photo gallery that not only
surpasses our competitors, but will generate an unprecedented amount
of activity on the platform, which already has impressive numbers." 
BeFunky's New Gallery is Like Instagram on Steroids
 While most photo
galleries are based around who the user is connected to, uncovering
rich content that a person is interested in is the heart of BeFunky's
new gallery. This is a place where not only the freshest content --
but the types of photos someone wants to view -- is at the center of
the experience. Furthermore, the ability to sort the content in a
number of ways is built into the interface, and the process is
extremely interactive. These abilities and the other new features
fall in line with what consumers have come to expect from BeFunky --
ease of use, power and flexibility. New features and functionality

--  New Channels Feature takes into consideration the kinds of photos
    people love looking at, and not only helps them find those pictures,
    but gives them the tools to see the content in a variety of ways.
    Regardless of their interests, users will be able to find tons of
    pictures they love, and view them any way they like.
--  Engineering Magic Tons of great pictures are guaranteed to be
    showcased because the BeFunky team created a sophisticated algorithm
    that takes into account numerous factors to help photos get noticed,
    including how the community interacts with them. Furthermore, the
    BeFunky ambassadors (who were carefully selected from within the
    community) help to contribute and moderate the content, which ensures
    that the photos fall in line with what BeFunky's demographic likes.
--  The Entire Experience is Interactive Since BeFunky believes in always
    keeping control with the user, not only do people now have the ability
    to easily find and browse what they want, they can also view the
    content how they want. Filtering options are incorporated throughout
    the gallery, giving people an unparalleled amount of control
    throughout their experience.
--  Enhanced 'My Stream' Feature makes it more relevant than ever because
    people can now combine pictures from categories they subscribe to with
    photos from the people they follow into one central location.
--  Simultaneously Share Photos Across Users' Favorite Social Networks The
    latest version of BeFunky offers a new screen for saving and sharing
    photos across multiple social networks at once, including Facebook,
    Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and BeFunky's own Gallery.
--  Enhanced User Profile Features BeFunky has added new features that let
    users customize their user profiles and view activity related to them
    in a variety of ways.
--  New Text Feature on Mobile lets users add text to photos directly from
    BeFunky's apps. People can choose between a variety of fonts, colors,
    and backgrounds with the push of a button -- and without having to
    leave the application.

BeFunky's Growth Skyrockets
 BeFunky has achieved a global reach that
is growing rapidly and currently stands at 18 million active visits
per month with more than 530,000 active users per day. By giving
users the freedom they crave and putting effects that were once only
available to professionals at their fingertips, they have built a
brand that is unlike any other on the market. Additionally, BeFunky

--  Experienced an increase in daily active users growth of 8 fold in the
    last year alone.
--  Achieved a global reach of more than 11 million downloads on iOS and
--  More than 5,000 users leveraging its platform at any given second.
--  More than 52 million photos created on the platform per month.
--  Attracted highly engaged audience that spends an average of 30 minutes
    per session on the website and 6 minutes per session on mobile
--  A quickly growing social media fan base with over 2 million Facebook
    fans today.

Why BeFunky is Different -- and Better -- Than the Competition
has become known as the leading photo entertainment platform with an
established, highly engaged community centered on the creation and
sharing of photos. BeFunky is the only photo editor available on
every platform, with a tailored experience built for each device.
Furthermore, the experience is seamless across each platform, giving
people the freedom to use the technology that suits them at the
BeFunky gives users the same power and creative effects as pricey and
complicated software like Photoshop and Lightroom, without the
hassle. Furthermore, it is one of the few photo editors that never
limits how many effects and edits are applied to a single photograph,
giving people complete creative freedom over their photos. This,
combined with the ability to freely and easily discover pictures from
their extensive gallery of images without ever being forced to
register or make photos public, has made BeFunky a leader in the
photo editing and sharing market. 
BeFunky Users Around the World Speak Out
 "BeFunky's idea of channels
is ingenious, and saves so much time because you don't have to look
through pages of photos to find ones that are interesting. It's also
easily filtered, and all photos featured are genuinely brilliant.
Even sifting deep into the gallery spam is nowhere to be seen, which
seems to be the problem with other programs, such as Instagram." 
-Elliott Middleton, Yorkshire, UK 
"BeFunky is incredibly easy to use, even for the clueless! It's the
most creative and fun galley I have come across, and you DON'T feel
you have to be a 'professional photographer' to post your photos.
BeFunky encourages the novice to just have fun with photography and
be artistic!"
 -Fiona Cochrane, Queensland, Australia 
"The best new feature has to be the Channels. Now you can easily find
exactly what you're looking for and the kind of photographs you look
to for inspiration. Or, for the more competitive photographer, you
can use Channels to size up the competition. BeFunky takes the user
wherever they want to go."
 -Kimberly Nordlinger, California, USA 
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About BeFunky 
 Founded in 2007 by engineers and cartoonists with a
unique desire to integrate art and technology, BeFunky's photo editor
was designed to be a fun, easy-to-use tool that helps you turn
ordinary pictures into incredible works of art. Today BeFunky is not
only the photo editor that gives people the most creative control,
but it's also the only one available across every platform, including
phones and tablets for iOS and Android, and the web. With the
hundreds of features available through BeFunky, anything from simple
adjustments to mind-bending effects is at your fingertips, anytime,
anywhere. BeFunky is more than just an app: It's a digital dream come
true for people ready to get creative with their photos at home or
Headquartered in San Francisco, BeFunky currently has more than 18
million active visits from all over the globe. For more information,
please visit  
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Kulesa Faul for BeFunky
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