PowerKiss Aligns with the Power Matters Alliance

               PowerKiss Aligns with the Power Matters Alliance

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HELSINKI, March 18, 2013

HELSINKI, March 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --PowerKiss, a pioneer and leader in
the field of wireless power, is joining the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) - the
world leading ecosystem for wireless power - in order to ensure consumers
enjoy a uniform wireless power experience in all the venues they visit
throughout their day. Global leaders - including AT&T, Starbucks, Otterbox,
IDT, TI, ZTE, and many others- have also joined PMA in recent months.

"Consumers don't need a standards war for wireless power – they need a
dependable and uniform experience," said Mats Wolontis, CEO, PowerKiss. "We
believe that the PMA is well placed to benefit consumers worldwide. PowerKiss'
many years of experience in offering wireless charging in public spaces is a
critical asset in the roll-out of such an ecosystem."

PowerKiss recently announced that it will deploy wireless power in select
McDonald's restaurants in Europe. PowerKiss currently provides over 1,000
wireless charging spots at locations across Europe, including at leading
train-stations such as London's Paddington and Paris' Gare de Lyon stations,
and at dozens of airports including in Barcelona, Belfast, Birmingham,
Bristol, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Liverpool, Lyon, Malaga, Manchester,
Newcastle, Oslo, Paris, Stockholm and Tenerife. The company plans to upgrade
its existing and future installations to PMA compliance.

"Our decision to become PMA members was based on several factors," said Maija
Itkonen, CMO and Founder of PowerKiss. "The PMA system has a unique layer of
'Telco Grade' intelligence that allows venues to monitor the health, usage and
policies of all their charging spots. Secondly, we believe the PMA now enjoys
the momentum and the necessary investment from major industry players to bring
wireless power to life for consumers. This makes PMA a natural choice for
PowerKiss. Finally, PMA offers a trusted and truly open framework that
everyone can feel comfortable adopting."

"I want to welcome PowerKiss to the PMA," said Ron Resnick, Executive Director
of the PMA. "PMA was founded to unite the wireless power industry behind a
common ecosystem and standard. It is gratifying to see this coming to
fruition. Consumers deserve to know that a device that can be charged at
Madison Square Garden will also charge at their local coffee shop, airport or
salon. At first approximation PMA is used in 100% of all wireless charging
spots in the Americas – and with the support of PowerKiss, PMA is now on track
to reproduce this success across Europe as well."

About PowerKiss Ltd.
PowerKiss Ltd provides integrated wireless charging solutions, which aim to
release people from the inconvenience of charging cables, power sockets and
empty batteries. PowerKiss is found in cafes, restaurants, hotels and airports
around the world and has become a forefront player in the rapidly growing
wireless charging industry. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.
Please find out more at www.powerkiss.com.

About the Power Matters Alliance
PMA was founded byPowermatTechnologies andProcter & Gamblein
2012.Google'sVint Cerf – one of the fathers of the Internet – is its
Honorary Chairman, and its board includesAT&T, Duracell, Starbucksand the US
Government'sEnergy StarandFederal Communications Commission (both
non-voting). A wide array of PMA-compliant products are available at leading
retailers, and compatible 'wireless charging spots' have been installed at
leading airports, stadiums, restaurants, gyms and hair salons. Membership of
the PMA is open to all, and its technical specifications are available to all
members atwww.powermatters.org.

SOURCE Power Matters Alliance

Website: http://www.powermatters.org
Contact: Scott Eisenstein, +1-212-810-6544, press@powermatters.org
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