Lexco Launches Paperless, Hassle-Free Visa/Mastercard Settlement Claim Filing Option for Businesses

Lexco Launches Paperless, Hassle-Free Visa/Mastercard Settlement Claim Filing
                            Option for Businesses

Former Class Action Attorney is CEO of Innovative Company

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala., March 18, 2013

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., March 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --With $7 Billion in class
action settlement funds available to businesses who accepted Visa/MasterCard
debit and credit cards during an almost eight-year period, Lexco Capital
Partners, LLC is providing businesses with a hassle-free, paperless
alternative to claim their portion of the settlement.

"We are pleased to provide busy business owners with an easy option that
really is turnkey," explained J.J. Thomas, Esq., CEO of Lexco Capital
Partners, "We provide businesses with an agreement located online that takes
five minutes to read, fill out, digitally sign, and submit electronically. The
process is hassle-free, paperless, and simple. And more importantly, Lexco
does all the work on behalf of our clients."

Thomas, a former practicing attorney who has worked on major class action
settlements, added, "In recent years, class action settlements have become a
draconian collection of postcards, letters, tedious procedures, and innocuous
legal forms. Businesses and individuals often are not able to dedicate
internal time and resources to these class action claims. Lexco offers an
intelligent and easy alternative for businesses to recover their share."

Lexco Capital Partners has entered a lucrative and practically untouched
market: third-party class action settlement claims filing. "Most business
owners simply throw away class action notices because, in this economy,
they're more concerned about meeting inventories, tracking sales, or
increasing the bottom line," remarked Thomas. "Lexco offers a way for
businesses to recover what is due to them with no upfront costs and no
time-consuming paperwork. Our fee is simply a percentage of what we recover
for them. No recovery, no fee."

The Visa/MasterCard settlement claim money is available to businesses who
accepted Visa/MasterCard credit or debit cards as payment at anytime between
January 2004 and November 2012. It is based on the interchange or "swipe" fees
paid by the businesses. The $7 Billion will be divided only among businesses
who file a claim before the deadline.

Thomas noted, "We've had hundreds of businesses sign up and many have told us
they would not have filed a claim if it were notfor Lexco's easy, hassle-free
filing service. Some of these businesses may be due many thousands of dollars
in recovery. At Lexco, we are providing an efficient and effective financial
recovery option for the Visa/MasterCard Settlement to all businesses, large
and small."

Learn more at www.swipefeesettlementclaim.com, email info@lexcocapital.com, or
call toll free 1-866-488-5896. Lexco Capital Partners is nota law firm and
does notprovide legal advice.

CONTACT: K.B. Forbes 202-320-1212

SOURCE Lexco Capital Partners, LLC
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