Waters and Dow Announce Major Breakthrough in Advanced Polymer Analysis at Pittcon

  Waters and Dow Announce Major Breakthrough in Advanced Polymer Analysis at

ACQUITY Advanced Polymer Chromatography System Showcased Along With Paradigm
Scientific Search and Quality Control Reference Materials

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PHILADELPHIA, March 18, 2013

PHILADELPHIA, March 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT)
today unveiled several important new technologies at the Pittsburgh Conference
on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, commonly known as Pittcon,
the annual premier conference and exposition on laboratory science.

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Highlighting Waters technology introductions is Waters^® ACQUITY^® Advanced
Polymer Chromatography™ (APC™) System, a system that defines a new category of
chromatographic polymer analysis, yielding improved molecular weight
information about polymeric species, faster than ever before.

Waters also announced it is expanding its laboratory informatics offerings,
with the addition of Paradigm™ Scientific Search Software, a powerful
information access platform. It takes search far beyond basic keywords by
enabling users to perform object-based searches across both structured and
unstructured data and across different data platforms.

In addition, Waters added Quality Control Reference Materials (QCRMs) and
Certified Containers to the Analytical Standards and Reagents product group
that was launched at last year's Pittcon.

"Pittcon has always been the best venue for us to unveil our latest
technologies and share our vision for tomorrow. Today's product launches,
particularly the ACQUITY Advanced Polymer Chromatography System, highlights
how Waters' focused approach to driving innovation is improving laboratory
capabilities and ensuring that our customers will be successful," said Art
Caputo, President of Waters Division.

Waters Re-Ignites Innovation in the Chemical Materials Market with ACQUITY APC

Today, Waters ushered in the next era in polymer discovery with the
introduction of the ACQUITY APC System. The system, which was developed in
collaboration with The Dow Chemical Company, delivers dramatically improved
polymer peak resolution, particularly for low molecular weight polymers and
oligomers up to 20 times faster than traditional gel permeation chromatography

The ACQUITY Advanced Polymer Chromatography (APC) System is comprised of an
innovative, refractive index detector that has been optimized for low
dispersion but with the low noise and drift performance required for accurate
integration, even at low polymer concentrations.

The precise flow delivery of the isocratic solvent manager ensures that the
calibrated system delivers accurate molecular weight data, day after day.
Additionally, the system features new column technology based on rigid, sub 3
micron, high-pore-volume bridged-ethyl hybrid particles that provide
significant gains in stability and faster separations.

Ian King, Waters vice president of Separations Technologies, noted that APC
represents a major change from soft gel columns that are susceptible to
swelling in the solvents used for polymer analysis.

"With APC, scientists can run diverse polymer applications on a single system,
on one bank of columns with a variety of solvents," he said. "Now our
customers can significantly improve laboratory efficiency and asset
utilization. This collaboration with Dow is an example of what can happen when
you merge leading edge technology with excellent innovation and effective

"Industry is on a constant quest to identify and understand the properties of
new materials while making the process of innovation faster, simpler and more
sustainable," said Dow's Jim Alexander, Associate Research & Development
Director, Core R&D Analytical Sciences. "This new capability will help solve
critical R&D challenges, helping scientists to drive to solutions more
quickly, with improved data quality."

For more information: www.waters.com/apc 

Waters Paradigm Scientific Search Software Improves Access to Enterprise-Wide
Scientific Information

Waters new Paradigm Scientific Search provides scientists, engineers, and
managers in science-based organizations with easy and secure access to
information across enterprise-wide data repositories. Easy access to critical
information helps drive product innovation, development, and manufacturing,
resulting in improved time to market.

"Paradigm Scientific Search enables content consumers to find scientifically
relevant information across data silos, whether structured or unstructured,
and search by science objects," says Dr. Rohit Khanna, Vice President of
Worldwide Marketing for the Waters Division. "It allows science-based
organizations to fully leverage their science content to make better
evidence-based decisions."

Paradigm Scientific Search is unrivalled in its ability to mine data
repositories for science objects, such as chemical structures, reactions,
spectra, chromatograms, images, biological sequences and biological
structures. Once extracted from documents through a series of automated
analytic processes, science objects are indexed for instant recall. As a
result, fast and easy scientific searches are no longer restricted to text
queries. Paradigm Scientific Search enables scientists to simply paste science
objects into a search box to retrieve near-instant results.

Paradigm Scientific Search offers near-real-time updating and secure access to
information residing in commonly used science-based organization sources
including Waters Empower^® 3 Chromatography Software and NuGenesis^® 8
Featuring Laboratory Execution (LE) Technologies data management and workflow
solution. Incremental indexing ensures that content changes or additions are
immediately reflected in search results. Advanced security trimming ensures
that users only see the results they are allowed to see.

For more information: www.waters.com/paradigm

Waters Releases New Products in the Analytical Standards and Reagents

Waters introduced Quality Control Reference Materials (QCRMs) and Certified
Containers to the Analytical Standards and Reagents product group.
Specifically designed for Waters instruments, QCRMs are the simplest and
fastest way to understand a chromatography or MS system's health while
ensuring repeatable performances. Waters Certified Containers for solvents and
mobile phases are uniquely processed and treated to prevent extraneous peaks
and baseline noise.

"We added Analytical Standards and Reagents to Waters' competency because they
improve the accuracy of measurements. QCRMs and Certified Containers are
another significant and innovative step in that direction. By integrating
these products, our customers can see improved data acceptance. Furthermore,
by eliminating the need to mix and formulate standards and the unknown quality
of mobile phase and solvent containers, our customers will have more time for
scientific problem solving," said Mike Yelle, Vice President, Consumable
Business Unit for the Waters Division.

Waters is committed to laboratories by providing an end-to-end solution — from
instruments to consumables to support services. Analytical Standards and
Reagents can be seamlessly integrated into the analytical process, providing
reliable results from all Waters columns brands. QCRMs and Certified
Containers do all this while giving one confidence in the health of their
system and increasing productivity by reducing repeat runs.

For more information: www.waters.com/QCRM

Waters Updates Alliance HPLC Designs Without Impacting Established Validated

Based on customer demand Waters Corporation today announced improvements to
the Waters ^ Alliance HPLC System. The updated system will maintain key
Alliance performance specifications and control algorithms to ensure that
analysts can seamlessly replicate their existing methods.

"The Alliance HPLC System has been the benchmark for HPLC in the laboratory
for nearly two decades. Because of its dependability, high quality and
flexible operation, tens of thousands of these systems are used every day to
run methods varying from USP monographs to polymer analyses," said Ian King,
Vice President of Separation Technologies for the Waters Division. "Since its
introduction, the Alliance HPLC System has been continually enhanced
accommodating an enormous range of separation challenges. Waters will continue
its commitment to upgrading the Alliance HPLC System with the assurance that
any changes will not affect established, validated HPLC methods."

Beyond updated electronics and user interface, the Alliance HPLC system is
ideally suited to help scientists enhance their HPLC methodologies through the
use of Waters eXtended Performance [XP],2.5 micron columns. These columns
belong to Waters' platform of scalable particle size chemistries, which
includes our patented surface charged column chemistries, which due to their
wide selectivity range can seamlessly reproduce existing HPLC methods and
simultaneously provide a pathway to UPLC^® compatibility for the future.
Waters' HPLC to UPLC method transferability strategy differentiates us from
other competitors.

For more information visit: www.waters.com/hplc

Additional Waters Products/Announcements at Pittcon

  oWaters unveiled mobile access and new laboratory analytics enhancements to
    its class-leading Empower 3 Chromatography Data Software. These
    improvements are designed to ensure scientists have wireless flexibility
    and can assess meaningful performance metrics regarding their
  oWaters and DANI Instruments today announced that Waters Empower ^
    Chromatography Data Software now provides control for DANI Headspace and
    Gas Chromatography instruments. Through this partnership, customers will
    now be able to take advantage of the full potential of both companies.
  oThe Waters Prep 150 LC System is a fit-for-purpose preparative
    chromatography system designed to isolate target compounds from crude
    mixtures synthesized in the laboratory or extracted from natural sources
    during initial purification processes.

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