EANTC Independently Tested Multi-Vendor Integration of Software-Defined Networks with Carrier Ethernet, IPv6, and MPLS for the

  EANTC Independently Tested Multi-Vendor Integration of Software-Defined
  Networks with Carrier Ethernet, IPv6, and MPLS for the First Time Worldwide

Live Multi-Vendor Showcase at the MPLS & Ethernet World/ V6 World Congress and
                             SDN Summit in Paris

The showcase covers latest interoperability improvements of Carrier Ethernet
2.0, IP/MPLS, MPLS-TP, IPv6 migration and mobile backhaul clock
synchronization as well.

MPLS & Ethernet World Congress 2013

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PARIS -- March 18, 2013

EANTC AG (European Advanced Networking Test Center) announced the results of
the latest EANTC interoperability event today, which will be publicly
showcased live at the MPLS & Ethernet World Congress in Paris this week. The
test of 36 device types from 19 vendors serves as a proof-of-concept study for
network operators, validating the state of the art in packet network

AimValley, Alcatel-Lucent, Broadcom, BTI Systems, Calnex Solutions, Cisco, ECI
Telecom, Ericsson, Extreme Networks, Hitachi, Huawei, Ixia, Juniper Networks,
NEC, OE Solutions, Spirent Communications, and Symmetricom participated in the
showcase and the preceding hot-staging. More than forty-five engineers worked
with EANTC’s team for three full weeks at EANTC lab in Berlin, Germany.

EANTC confirmed interoperability of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 implementations of
performance monitoring per class of service, an important solution enabling
service providers to commit to strict application-specific service levels. In
addition, service activation testing according to ITU Y.1564 was a focus area
promising reduced field support cost while guaranteeing proper Ethernet
service operations from the start.

The inclusion of advanced CPE devices in the IPv6 protocol and migration test
scenarios took IPv6 one step further towards user-optimized solutions for
Service Provider. New solutions to overcome routing table scalability issues
were tested successfully.

For the first time, EANTC evaluated Ethernet VPNs (EVPNs), a technology in its
early stages. This technology is a potential successor of VPLS, promising to
advance Ethernet multi-point services in the future.

There is a continued definite market need for packet-clock frequency and phase
synchronization of mobile backhaul networks. With further LTE deployment and
small cells coming into the picture, packet-clock frequency and phase
synchronization of mobile backhaul networks becomes more crucial.
Participating vendors pushed the limits in testing of boundary clocks,
transparent clocks, SyncE islands and Transparent SDH over packet (TSoP).

MPLS continues to evolve. Next Generation MPLS Multicast VPNs (NG MVPN) were
focused, fully integrated with multicast traffic for the first time. MPLS-TP
resiliency scenarios continued to receive vendor interest as well.

OpenFlow was the selected management protocol for Software Defined Networks
(SDN) at the interoperability test. Five vendors participated in the first
European public test, focusing service provider use cases for SDN such as
policy routing, layer 2/3 forwarding and topology discovery. Advanced OpenFlow
1.2 scenarios were demonstrated as well.

“We proudly organized the first public SDN interoperability test event in
Europe, simultaneously being the first showcase worldwide integrating SDN with
established MPLS, Carrier Ethernet, Mobile Backhaul, and IPv6 technologies,”
said Carsten Rossenhoevel, Managing Director, EANTC. “At the event, we
validated tangible use cases that service providers can utilize as wide area
network design blue prints,” Carsten explained further.

The extensive 28-page white paper provides detailed information about all
results, test set-ups and analyses. It is available free of charge at



The European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC) offers vendor-neutral
consultancy and test facilities for network equipment manufacturers, service
providers and enterprise customers. Primary business areas include
interoperability, conformance, and performance testing for Carrier Ethernet,
IP/MPLS, and Triple Play technologies and applications.


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