GrayHair Software dedicates itself to 2013 National Postal Forum

       GrayHair Software dedicates itself to 2013 National Postal Forum

Mail Industry Innovator launches new service, announces new partners, adds
postal expert

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MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., March 15, 2013

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., March 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --GrayHair Software, Inc., a
leader in solutions for business mailers, will unveil new services and offer
unprecedented opportunities to confer with the postal industry's leading
experts at the National Postal Forum (NPF) at the Moscone Center West in San
Francisco, California, March 17-20. GrayHair invites all attendees to visit
its home at the forum, Booth 301, where GrayHair will demonstrate its
dedication to the postal industry with a unique in-booth display that offers
an exciting blend of entertainment and education.


For the past seven years, GrayHair has sponsored the go-to booth for
attendees, not only because of the excitement of its in-booth events, but also
because attendees value the face-to-face audience with the leading minds in
the postal industry. This year, the company is proud to announce that Rhea
Friederichs has joined GrayHair's experts in technology and mailing services.
As part of the Client Engagement Team, Rhea brings over 20 years of industry
experience to GrayHair, including positions with The John Roberts Company and
Curtis 1000, where she led direct mail operations and project consultation.
She will be presenting two educational sessions; six other members of the
GrayHair team are also presenting sessions:

  oRhea Friederichs on Social Media and Direct Mail
  oRhea Friederichs on CRM and Direct Mail
  oAdam Collinson on Unique Address Types with Mike Tate from Bank of America
    and Jim Wilson from the USPS
  oAdam Collinson on the GSA and Addressing with Derrick Miliner from the GSA
    and Angela Lawson from the USPS
  oAngelo Anagnostopoulos on Visibility Data with Mike Tate from Bank of
  oPaula Stoskopf on Address Quality Challenges with Dennis Kaylor from Our
    Sunday Visitor
  oPaula Stoskopf on the Power of Data with Jim O'Brien from Time, Inc.
  oHoward Wilensky on Optimizing Addressing with Kathleen Baker from Sprint
  oJeff Stangle on Full Service ROI with Bruce Gresham from Pitney Bowes
  oPaula Stoskopf facilitating the Informed Visibility Roundtable
  oAdam Collinson facilitating the Six Sigma Roundtable

In 2013, GrayHair continues to enhance its role as one of the true innovators
in the mailing industry by taking its addressing experience beyond North
America. The new Global Address Quality Service will be offered through
SelectSolutions™, GrayHair's cloud platform for mailers. This service will
correct international addresses and format them to the unique requirements of
each country's postal system and cultural standards. This is accomplished
using full postal code databases directly from the source — the postal
authorities of each country. Global Address Quality Service is partnered with
GrayHair's Global Hybrid Mail, which was launched in late 2012 and enables
mailers to save time and money on international mailings by printing at
service providers in the desired country.

"Sure you can expect to have the cute puppies and cutting edge technology
giveaways at GrayHair's booth, but what really makes a difference for an
attendee is the ability to gain the solution to one of his or her most
troubling problems," states Raymond Chin, GrayHair's Vice President of Product
Management and Marketing. "What I am really excited about is GrayHair's
announcement that it will be the official sponsor of the Exhibitor Reception
on Tuesday, March 19 from 6 PM – 8 PM," Chin added. 

GrayHair recently announced it has formed a new partnership with another
industry leader, Pitney Bowes Inc. Pitney Bowes will offer GrayHair's new
MailTrak with Commingle® solutions for customers looking for a mail tracking
alternative to the Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb™), deeper postal discounts
and improved mailpiece visibility. MailTrak with Commingle will be offered in
four variations: Tier 1 is for mailers who want to add the IMb to meet the
USPS's Full Service requirements; Tier 2 adds a mail-tracking option to help
mailers move to Full Service compliance; Tier 3, called Comply, provides the
ability to meet Move Update compliance; and Tier 4, Comply Plus, includes
GrayHair's Universal Address database for complete address quality compliance.

GrayHair is also partnering with Fairrington Logistics to introduce VisiMAIL,
a custom Web portal for mail movement for mail owners and mail service
providers. The partnership brings critical data points together in an easy to
understand one-stop report that provides an easy-to-see, comprehensive view of
a current mailing as well as the historical blueprint for the full range of
postal facilities so mail owners can optimize their network. Additionally, a
VisiMAIL user can review the extensive reporting for mailpiece tracking.

The "Live from the NPF" Webcast will broadcast again from the floor of the
NPF. This year's event is sponsored by GrayHair's consulting division,
GrayHair Advisors, and features PostCom Vice President Jessica Lowrance as the
moderator. The Webcast will be broadcasting live on the GrayHair and GrayHair
Advisors Web sites on Monday, March 18 at 11 AM PT. If you are at the NPF,
stop by GrayHair's booth to get more information.

For more information about GrayHair and its products, contact Bobby Tiedeken
by phone at (856) 924‑2253 or by email at

About GrayHair Software, Inc.

GrayHair Software, Inc. is an innovator and industry leader in the development
of applications and services that improve and automate the management of
business mail. GrayHair's offerings are delivered via SelectSolutions™, a
cloud-based platform that merges Software as a Service with managed services.
This customizable set of critical mailing services includes enterprise-wide
Intelligent Mail® barcode assignment, trusted third-party mail tracking,
address quality, presort analysis, postage reconciliation, mail monitoring and
consulting. GrayHair offers direct marketing consulting services through its
GrayHair Advisors division, which provides independent and unbiased guidance
on mail-related strategic issues.

For more information, visit www.GrayHairSoftware.comand

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