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mobilezone reports increased consolidated profit of CHF 21.0 million
Regensdorf, March 15, 2013 - In a fiercely competitive mobile phone market,
mobilezone, Switzerland's largest independent telecom specialist, increased
its consolidated profit by 0.8 percent to CHF 21.0 million. In part thanks to
the acquisition of the mobile phone repair service provider mobiletouch,
mobilezone increased its sales by 6.6 percent to CHF 325.9 million. The
positive business result is also due to the optimization of margins, the
addition of new products to the product portfolio, and new customer services.

In particular, mobilezone's success in positioning itself in the market is
evident in its increased operating profit (EBIT) of CHF 25.1 million (2011:
CHF 24.7 million). Earnings per share remain unchanged at CHF 0.59. "The
positive result proves that mobilezone can hold its own even in a challenging
market environment," commented mobilezone's CEO, Martin Lehmann.

Positive result thanks to diversified product portfolio and new services

In 2012 the number of mobile phones sold was again lower than in the previous
year, both in the market as a whole and at mobilezone. One reason for this
development is the continued shift of demand to high-quality smartphones,
which do not have to be replaced as often. The company reports a positive
development in sales of digital TVs and the service packages consisting of TV,
fixed-line, Internet and in some cases also mobile phone subscriptions.
mobilezone has recognized this growth trend early on, and in the course of the
past year it has added the offerings of upc cablecom and Sunrise TV to its
product portfolio. These products are increasingly important to the company's
business result. The business customer sector also showed notable growth, as
did the Service Providing segment, which includes sales of the company's own
fixed-line and Internet offers as well as the repair business.

In addition to expanding its product portfolio, mobilezone again introduced
new services that help make life easier for its customers. For example, thanks
to the integration of mobiletouch, three additional Help Centers for quick
on-site repairs could be opened; they are located in St. Gallen, Bern, and
Basel, respectively. This repair service was already well received earlier by
mobile phone users in the Zurich and Luzerne areas. Since fall the new option
of paying in installments offers customers the convenience of taking home any
mobile phone even without a subscription and to pay later.

Distribution of the entire profit

In fiscal year 2012 mobilezone again maintained a very solid balance sheet
structure. As of December 31, 2012, cash and cash equivalents amounted to CHF
26.5 million (2011: CHF 31.0 million). At the end of 2012 net current assets
amounted to CHF 59.4 million, and shareholders' equity at year's end totaled
CHF 66.2 million, which corresponds to an equity ratio of 60.1 percent.

The positive business development as well as mobilezone's continued very
comfortable position in regard to equity and liquidity have led the Board of
Directors to propose to the shareholders at the General Meeting, which is to
be held on April 10, 2013, a dividend in the unchanged amount of CHF 0.60. If
this proposal is approved, the dividend will be paid out on April 17, 2013.
The last trading day (ex-date) entitling shareholders to receive dividend
payment is April 11, 2013. Starting on April 12, the company's shares will be
traded ex-dividend.

Key figures of mobilezone Group

Million CHF                        2012       2011       2010       2009
Net sales                          325.9      305.6      300.0      297.9
Gross profit                       109.1      93.5       98.4       95.3
as % of net sales                  33.5%      30.6%      32.8%      32.0%
EBIT *)                            25.1       24.7       30.4       28.2
as % of net sales                  7.7%       8.1%       10.1%      9.5%
Consolidated profit                21.0       20.9       25.2       23.3
as % of net sales                  6.5%       6.8%       8.4%       7.8%
Investments                        9.5        10.4       7.8        6.6
Shareholders' equity               66.2       74.0       85.5       79.9
as % of total assets               60.1%      73.3%      74.2%      74.4%
Number of full-time employees      741        548        556        523
Number of shops                    137        140        141        135


Million CHF          2012           2011          2010          2009
Net sales            281.8          292.5         285.4         278.6
EBIT                 18.0           17.9          25.7          20.0
Investments          3.3            5.9           4.0           4.0

Service Providing

Million CHF           2012          2011          2010          2009
Net sales             44.1          13.1          14.5          19.3
EBIT                  4.6           4.2           4.2           5.5
Investments           6.2           4.4           3.8           2.6

*CHF 2.5 million of the Group's EBIT (2011: CHF 2.6 million) are not allocated
to any segment and remain in the holding company.

Switching accounting and reporting to Swiss GAAP FER

In fall 2012, the Board of Directors decided to switch the accounting and
reporting of mobilezone Group from IFRS (International Financial Reporting
Standards) to Swiss GAAP FER effective January 1, 2012. This switch also
involved the change in market segment on the SIX Swiss Exchange from Main
Standard to Domestic Standard, which took place in December 2012. Swiss GAAP
FER is a recognized accounting standard that will allow the company to
continue publishing semiannual financial reports, including segment reports,
that are transparent and meet the standard of "true and fair." As a result of
this change, the goodwill of CHF 5.75 million was directly offset against
shareholders' equity effective January 1, 2011. According to Swiss GAAP FER,
at the end of 2011 shareholders' equity amounted to CHF 74.0 million compared
to CHF 79.7 million according to IFRS in the previous year.

Outlook 2013: Diversified product portfolio and personalized customer
communication as opportunity

mobilezone considers itself optimally positioned for the new year. New,
innovative smartphones from Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony
with more applications will stimulate the mobile phone market. Moreover, the
company will press ahead with its ongoing further development of services and
the targeted diversification of its product range. Beginning this spring, the
company will intensify its personalized communication with customers. All
customers will then be informed when they can renew their mobile phone
subscription in order to benefit from attractive product offers. Moreover,
thanks to optimization in the management of accessories, mobile phone users
will in the future find an even greater selection of trendy accessories for
their mobile phones in mobilezone's 137 shops.

Martin Lehmann commented on the innovations: "Now more than ever, our
customers expect that with our independent advice they will find the
subscription for mobile phone service, digital TV, fixed-telephony, and
Internet that is best for them - and that we offer them services that make
life easier for them."

The German version of the complete 2012 annual report with the detailed
financial statements prepared in accordance with Swiss GAAP FER is available
immediately at The
English version will be available on the same site the latest by March 20,

For additional information please contact:

Markus Bernhard

Chief Financial Officer

mobilezone holding ag

043 388 77 66

About mobilezone

Established in 1999, mobilezone holding ag (stock ticker symbol SIX: MOB)
achieved sales of CHF 325.9 million and a consolidated profit of CHF 21.0
million in fiscal year 2012 and is Switzerland's leading independent telecom

In mobilezone's 137 shops more than 740 employees provide independent advice
and services for individual and business customers in the areas of
telecommunications and repairs; the shops offer the complete product lines and
subscription plans for mobile phones, digital TV, fixed-line telephony, and
Internet of all important providers.

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