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Bushmills Leads in Love, Jack Daniels Baits the Buzz: NetBase Brand Passion Index Measures Consumer Whiskey Winners

Bushmills Leads in Love, Jack Daniels Baits the Buzz: NetBase Brand Passion Index Measures Consumer Whiskey Winners

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 03/13/13 -- NetBase, the Social Intelligence company, today announced that in celebration of St. Patrick's Day, they have released the latest Brand Passion Index, focusing on ten whiskey brands. Powered by the Insight Composer, the Index surfaced the behaviors, emotions and opinions about the following whiskey brands: Jack Daniels, Maker's Mark, Crown Royal, Johnnie Walker, Bushmills, Glenfiddich, Jameson, Knob Creek, Fireball and Wild Turkey.

When it comes to whiskey, online consumers chatted the most about wetting their whistle with Jack Daniels, but expressed the most love for Bushmills, with Fireball close behind. Jack Daniels generated 40.3 percent of the overall chatter for the ten whiskey brands, but had the second lowest Net Sentiment score (63) as well as the highest Passion Intensity score (48), indicating that online consumers use strong language when talking negatively about Jack Daniels. Conversations about the brand revealed that despite the high volume of chatter, online consumers complain about the taste and find the whiskey overrated.

Bushmills generated the most social consumer love with the highest Net Sentiment score (82) and a Passion Intensity score of 43. The beloved whiskey brand generated 16 percent of the overall chatter for the ten brands, as well. Customers associated nostalgia with Bushmills and raved about the whiskey's smooth quality. Close behind was Fireball, with a Net Sentiment of 68 and the second highest Passion Intensity score (46). Social media users love the newer brand, enjoying how well the cinnamon-flavored whiskey pairs with mixers.

Read what consumers are saying about Jack Daniels:

FYI nobody enjoys the taste of Jack Daniels nobody.

the taste of Jack Daniels actually makes me sick.

Jack Daniels is so overrated, its not even nice.

Jack Daniels is overrated and overpriced

Read what consumers are saying about Bushmills:

@TheSportstender I love Bushmills too. This #Whiskey is very lush. Smells like my memories of #Dublin.

I like Whiskey. And my fave is Bushmills Black. Smooth, triple distilled, and aged in Sherry Casks.

@altonbrown Nice! My fav is Bushmills Irish Whiskey :).

I am a Bushmills guy. Enjoy many others but bushmills is my favorite. Always have a few Black bush bottles around the house.

Read what consumers are saying about Fireball:

It had a nice cinnamon taste to it. Speaking of cinnamon, Fireball whiskey mixes really well with cream soda.

Fireball Whiskey is the best invention ever.

For shooting straight and for fun I like Fireball. It's a cinnamon whisky and it's delightful.

Fireball Whisky and Apple Juice is and will forever be my new favourite drink.

Fireball whiskey on the rocks is my new fav drink.

Each month, the Brand Passion Index (BPI) analyzes consumer passion for brands in various categories and publishes the results on the NetBase blog. Register for our next Demo Day about social's favorite brand spokespeople here.

About NetBase NetBase, delivers the social intelligence that global brands and agencies use to monitor, understand, and engage with customers in real time. Using a high-precision natural language processing (NLP) engine our platform processes billions of social media posts to extract structured insights delivered via customizable dashboards. Our solutions enable marketing, public relations, market research, customer service, sales, and product innovation leaders to craft winning strategies faster. Clients include Coca-Cola, Kraft, HP, ESPN, GfK and J. D. Power & Associates. NetBase powers the weekly Sentiment Tracker in the Wall Street Journal and our solutions are sold globally by SAP AG. For more information, visit, @NetBase, on Facebook page, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

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Suzanne Chan Eastwick Communications 415.820.4165

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