Eutelsat at CabSat Dubai: new space for vibrant broadcast and broadband markets

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Eutelsat at CabSat Dubai: new space for vibrant broadcast and 
broad-band markets 
March 11-14, Dubai World Trade Centre, Hall 1 - stand E1-10 
Eutelsat highlights: 
> Satellite TV gathering pace at MENA's most popular video neighbourhood at
  7°/8° West 
> 7/8° West breaks the barrier of 1,000 channels. 50 already in HDTV
> Two newly launched Eutelsat satellites with first-class connectivity between
  the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa
> Four additional satellites to launch before end 2015 with superior reach of
  the Middle East and Africa
> KA-SAT unlocking new potential of its powerful all Ka-band platform for
  enterprises and the aeronautical market 
Dubai, March 11, 2013 - With two thirds of its 30 satellites located between 
8° West and 36° East, Eutelsat operates one of the most flexible and secure
satellite systems to serve dynamic and enterprising digital markets in the
Middle East and Africa. 
At the annual CabSat Dubai exhibition and conference that assembles key 
players from broadcast, digital media and satellite sectors, Eutelsat will 
showcase its newest resources and solutions to support customers, 
broadcasters, service providers, telecom operators and government agencies as 
they grow their business across the region. 
The 7/8 West video neighbourhood breaks the barrier of 1,000 channels. 50 in
HDTV (+ 28% over 12 months) 
In this expanding satellite TV universe, the most popular video neighbourhoods
in the MENA region have consolidated their positions as key points of 
reference for TV homes across the region: 
* The 7°/8° West neighbourhood, serving major broadcasters, has further 

    consolidated its popularity, crossing the milestone of 1,000 channels. 
    Over 50 TV channels are already in High Definition. To respond to the 
    increasing consumer interest in the 7°/8° West neighbourhood and to 
    partner the acceleration of HDTV, Eutelsat will redeploy an existing 
    high-power Ku-band satellite to 8° West by end 2013. This will expand 
    resources in advance of the launch by end 2015 of EUTELSAT 8 West B, 
    Eutelsat's most advanced satellite, embarking new functionalities to take 
    performance and signal protection to new levels.

  * Eutelsat's high-performance HOT BIRD satellites, home to the first Arabic
    private satellite TV channel in 1991, also continue to benefit from this 
    dynamic with a strong line-up of channels in Arabic. Over 100 of the 

1,100 channels broadcasting from the HOT BIRD satellites are in Arabic. 
The most flexible and secure satellite system over Middle East and North 
Africa, with 20 satellites in operation 
With 20 of its satellites connecting the Middle East and North Africa to the
rest of the world, Eutelsat is uniquely placed to deliver exceptional levels 
of commercial flexibility across diverse markets ranging from broadcasting,
telecoms, oil and gas to government communications. 
This unique portfolio of resources includes C-band capacity connected to
powerful continental footprints, and Ku-band capacity connected to high-power
regional spotbeams optimised for broadcasting as well as for intercontinental
connectivity. In the emerging Ka-band market, the powerful KA-SAT, designed 
for broadband services, offers innovative resources over North Africa and the
EUTELSAT 70B and 21 B, Eutelsat's two new innovative and flexible satellites
will be highlighted in Dubai. Both are designed to provide ISPs, telecom and 
GSM operators, video companies and government service providers with regional
coverage and connectivity between the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and as
far as Australia. 
* Equipped with 40 transponders, EUTELSAT 21 B has increased resources at  

    the established 21° East position by 30% and opened a new service area 
    over North-West Africa combined with interconnectivity with Europe, the 
    Middle East and Central Asia.

  * Unique of its kind, EUTELSAT 70B has been specially designed to optimise
    resources from a single orbital slot at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, 
    Asia and Australia. Four powerful regional beams connected to 48 Ku-band 
    transponders are located on a single platform, allowing customers to 
    benefit from regional coverage or to interconnect continents. EUTELSAT 70B 
    has more than doubled capacity at 70.5° East for data and government 
    services, broadband access, GSM backhauling and professional video 

Four out of seven Eutelsat satellites to launch over the next three years to
boost resources for Middle East and North Africa

Eutelsat's long-term roadmap is clear: to continue to invest in order to renew
and increase capacity as well as raise security so customer can boost their
business and open new paths of expansion. Within the next three years, four 
out of seven of new Eutelsat satellites will take resources for the Middle 
East and Africa to a new level. This includes in particular the EUTELSAT 3B 
satellite, to be launched in early 2014, which will strengthen and enhance 
overage over MENA for data and professional video services in the Ku-band as 
well as bring first class C-band capacity with extensive reach over Europe,
MENA, Africa and most of South America.

Satellite            Estimated launch (calendar)    Frequency band
EUTELSAT 3D          Q2 2013                        Ku
EUTELSAT 25B*        Q3 2013                        Ku / Ka
EUTELSAT 3B          H1 2014                        Ku / Ka / C
EUTELSAT 8 West B    H1 2015                        Ku / C

* Partnership satellite with Qatar Satellite Company.

KA-SAT to unlock new potential of its powerful all Ka-band platform for
enterprises and the aeronautical market

The KA-SAT High Throughput Satellite is changing the paradigm for satellite
broadband by driving down the per megabit cost of connectivity. At CabSat 
Dubai, Eutelsat will continue to unlock the potential of this powerful all 
Ka-band platform with new products for professional markets.

This will include a new aeronautical mobile service called Eutelsat Air 
Access, designed to accelerate the deployment of passenger in-flight 
connectivity by commercial airlines operating within the extensive coverage of 
KA-SAT, with speeds up to 100 Mbps per airline. Eutelsat will also present a 
new IP VPN access, back-up and off-load security-enhanced solution, developed 
with OneAccess to deliver high-speed satellite connectivity to businesses with 
up to 20 Mbps downlink and 6 Mbps uplink.

Where to meet us at CabSat Dubai

  * Eutelsat Stand: Hall 1 - E1-10
GVF Satellite MENA Summit - Meeting Room Hatta G&H (above Exhibition Hall 2)

  * March 13 - 1pm - 2.15pm : Conference Global & Regional Satellite Operators
    and High-Capacity/High Throughput Satellites, with Olivier Anstett, Deputy
    Director, Multimedia and Value Added Services Department, Eutelsat

About Eutelsat Communications (

Eutelsat Communications is the holding company of Eutelsat S.A. With capacity
commercialised on 30 satellites delivering reach of Europe, the Middle East,
Africa, Asia, significant parts of the Americas and the Asia-Pacific, Eutelsat
Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL, ISIN code: FR0010221234) is one of the
world's leading satellite operators. As of 31 December 2012 Eutelsat's
satellites were broadcasting almost 4,500 television channels to over 200
million cable and satellite homes in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The
Group's satellites also provide a wide range of services for TV contribution,
corporate networks and fixed and mobile broadband markets. Headquartered in
Paris, Eutelsat and its subsidiaries employ over 780 commercial, technical and
operational professionals from 30 countries.

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