AppDynamics Continues to Disrupt APM market, Announces Industry's First Application Run Book Automation Capabilities

   AppDynamics Continues to Disrupt APM market, Announces Industry's First
                 Application Run Book Automation Capabilities

New Solution from AppDynamics Resolves Common Application-Related Problems
without Manual Intervention

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SAN FRANCISCO, March 11, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, March 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- AppDynamics, the next-generation
Application Performance Management solution that simplifies the management of
modern apps, today announced the first Application Run Book Automation
solution designed specifically to remediate business impact in modern
applications within seconds. The ability to proactively "fix" rather than just
"find" problems in the application layer is a groundbreaking innovation that
further solidifies AppDynamics' leadership position at the forefront of the
APM industry.

IT Operations professionals have typically automated server tasks such as
deploying operating systems and applying patches, but they have not automated
tasks at the application layer due to the complexity of modern application
environments with hundreds of distributed services and frequent release
cycles. Without sufficient visibility into the application stack and the
analytics to understand it, it has not been possible to create runtime
dependencies and interactions between different application services.

AppDynamics now provides this unique capability by identifying and resolving
business impact from an application perspective, using real-time analytics to
detect problems so remediation can be automated using the right run book. It
therefore unifies "monitoring" and "management" of application performance
into a single product by using the core intelligence of the AppDynamics Pro
product—which learns the baseline performance of an application—to know
exactly when to spring into action and initiate a fix. This capability, which
has been directly requested by AppDynamics customers such as,
Expedia, and Orbitz, ensures that application support teams can reduce their
Mean-Time-To-Resolution from minutes to seconds.

AppDynamics 3.7 ships with a library of run books that includes:

  oThread dump collection
  oJVMs, IIS, and server restarts
  oAbility to execute scripts from Chef or Puppet
  oAbility to run existing run books or custom scripts
  oIncident creation in service management consoles like ServiceNow and Jira
  oTrigger of PagerDuty workflows

"We see Application Run Book Automation to be a bold and disruptive addition
to an industry that's more focused on 'monitoring' than on actually enabling
users to manage and resolve problems instantly," said Jyoti Bansal,
AppDynamics' Founder & CEO. "Our APM solution already equips customers with
insight and analytics into their application—removing the 'black box' nature
of their application—and now Application Run Book Automation gives them an
'auto pilot' capability to remediate problems without manual intervention.
We're excited about helping our customers reduce their mean-time-to-resolution
even further than they do today."

"AppDynamics' Application Run Book Automation is a powerful approach to
remediating common application problems that's unlike anything I've seen on
the market before," said John Martin, Sr. Director of Production Engineering
at "My team look forward to adopting this new solution and
reducing our mean-time-to-resolution even further than AppDynamics has already
enabled us to do in the two years we've deployed their solution."

About AppDynamics

AppDynamics is the next-generation application performance management solution
that simplifies the management of complex, business-critical apps. No one can
stand slow applications—not IT Ops and Dev teams, not the CIO, and definitely
not end users. With AppDynamics, no one has to tolerate slow performing apps
ever again. AppDynamics customers include Netflix, Intuit, Time Warner Cable,
Priceline, Staples, Fox News, Roku, TiVo,, StubHub, Orbitz,, Taleo, and Cornell University. For more information, visit

CONTACT: Greg Howard, +1-415-442-8428,

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