New Report Finds Efficient Number Portability Saved U.S. Consumers Billions of Dollars

  New Report Finds Efficient Number Portability Saved U.S. Consumers Billions
  of Dollars

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STERLING, Va. -- March 8, 2013

A new report released today found that Americans have the fastest wireless
number portability system in the world, resulting in billions of dollars in
annual savings for wireless consumers. The report also found that any
disruption to the number portability system’s efficiency could potentially
have a significant impact on wireless consumers.

Neustar, Inc. (NYSE:NSR) currently administers the United States’ number
portability system, enabling consumers to take their phone numbers to a new
carrier quickly and inexpensively. Number portability has been a driver of
innovation and competition in the U.S. wireless market over the past decade.

U.S. wireless consumers benefited from annual savings of $8-10 billion between
2005 and 2010 due to Mobile Number Portability (MNP), according to a report by
Navigant Economics Managing Director Hal J. Singer. In his report, “The
Consumer Benefits of an Efficient Mobile Number Portability System,” Singer
attributes the savings to an efficient and reliable number portability
infrastructure that simplifies the process to port, or transfer, a phone
number from one carrier to another, therefore lowering the barriers to
changing service providers.

Reducing the time and cost involved in transferring a phone number to a new
telecom carrier makes it easier for consumers to change service providers. An
efficient MNP system encourages competition by giving consumers the freedom
and confidence to switch service providers without having to give up their
phone number. This level of competition fosters innovation, encouraging
carriers to respond creatively to consumer demands.

“This report demonstrates how important it is for U.S. consumers to continue
to have the gold standard number portability system,” said Steve Edwards,
Neustar’s senior vice president for Carrier Services. “As the administrator of
this crucial element of the nation’s telecommunications infrastructure,
Neustar continually meets the demands of an ever-changing industry in a way
that enhances competition and benefits consumers.”

“The U.S. regime is by far the most efficient MNP regime in the world when it
comes to porting a wireless line to a new carrier in the shortest amount of
time,” Singer said in the report. “By reducing switching costs, an efficient
MNP regime promotes significant benefits for wireless consumers.”

Neustar became the administrator of the Number Portability Administration
Center in 1997 and has been an integral part of the technology revolution
experienced by the communications industry since MNP was implemented in 2004.
With Neustar’s efficiency, U.S. consumers can transfer their number to a new
service provider in less than two hours, and in many cases, only a matter of
minutes. In other countries, the process can take days or even weeks.

Singer also found that any disruption in the services could reduce the
system’s efficiency. “Changing the U.S. mobile number portability
administration could significantly reduce the benefits wireless consumers have
enjoyed as the result of having such an efficient system over the past
decade,” Singer said.

To download Dr. Singer’s paper, which was commissioned by Neustar, click here.

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