UBM Tech's DESIGN West Announces 2013 Conference Program

           UBM Tech's DESIGN West Announces 2013 Conference Program

Industry Visionaries Google, SparkFun, Raspberry Pi Developer and MLOVE Inc.
To Speak at Conference; World's First Motorized Propeller Beanie Mesh Network
to Debut

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SAN FRANCISCO, March 7, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, March 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --UBM Tech, which serves design
engineers and the electronics industry with essential business and technical
information, today announced the conference program for DESIGN West, the
annual technical conference and expo for electronics design engineers,
entrepreneurs, and technology professionals who create products with
electronic content. The program includes 150 technical lectures, panels,
tutorials, certification programs and hands-on training sessions taught by the
industry's top experts on the most relevant software, hardware, and systems
design topics and tools for creating products.DESIGN West, which takes place
April 22-25, 2013 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA, is where
the world's top design engineers and product developers gather and learn, gain
inspiration and get practical information and hands-on training they can put
to immediate use. 

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"Engineers today are increasingly getting involved with all aspects of
embedded design, from concept development through to manufacturing. To help
engineers improve their skills and acquire new ones, we've expanded the DESIGN
West conference program to include more topics, hands-on training sessions,
and practicing engineers to speak," said Wendy Yamaguma, Senior Event
Director, Electronics, UBM Tech.

DESIGN West featured sessions include:

  o"vandervecken: An OpenFlow-Controlled WAN Router and MPLS LSR for
    Research" presented by Josh Bailey, Software Engineer, Google on Tuesday
    April 23 at 8:00 a.m.
    SDN has been gathering attention and shows a lot of promise. A challenge
    for the community has been the lack of a well-integrated, open source,
    hardware forwarding platform for SDN research. Enter the Google network
    research team who has been engaged with the Open Source Routing Forum and
    the RouteFlow team to produce a simple hardware forwarding, OpenFlow
    controlled router and MPLS LSR, suitable for researchers for research and
    experimentation with networks. 
  o"Designing a Tele-Presence Robot - What Was I Thinking?" presented by
    Duane Benson, Web Marketing Manager, Screaming Circuits on Tuesday April
    23 at 9:15 a.m.
    Building a tele-presence robot is an adventure in systems architecture.
    Benson will outline his choices from discrete logic, microcontrollers, and
    programmable logic, to off-the-shelf modules like Android tablets and
    smartphones. Find out what makes up a "system," how can it be put together
    timely and economically and how to start with a less-than-ideal solution
    or upgrade. 
  o"Why I Failed at Kickstarter and My Friends Didn't" presented by Bob
    Baddeley, Founder, Portable Scores on Wednesday April 24 at 8:30 a.m.
    In 2012 two companies launched Kickstarter projects at the same time. One
    failed and one succeeded. Hear the story of these companies to understand
    the process leading up to the launch, campaign and aftermath. Learn what
    it takes to run a successful Kickstarter campaign as well as the
    statistics and facts about the crowd-funding successes and failures.
  o"Future of Mobile: A Lifestyle of Mobility" presented by Harald Neihardt,
    Founder & CEO, MLOVE Inc. on Thursday, April 25 at 8 a.m.
    Get the scoop on the trends and innovation in the third phase of mobile
    called the "Lifestyle of Mobility," where the Internet of things,
    connected cars, sensors and "quantified self" movement become ubiquitous
    and dominate our life style and cause disruption.
  o"Hack or be Hacked!" presented by Joseph Loomis, Senior Research Engineer,
    Southwest Research Institute on Thursday, April 25 at 9:15 a.m.
    Blending a mixture of hacking history, security knowledge and engineering
    experience with a focus on building a secure embedded system. Get
    information on the popular techniques used to hack embedded systems and
    why they are successful. It will cover several approaches to building in
    security that have been used with varying degrees of success, and what it
    means to hack your own embedded system. Only well publicized hacks and
    vulnerabilities will be shared.

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Key workshops at DESIGN West:

  oCool Beanies! A Mesh Networked Cranial Cooling System
    Imagine the ultimate battery powered motorized propeller beanie cap. In
    this session, attendees will see the "cap-net" in action. The hardware
    components and software code will both be examined. Areas of focus include
    motor control, temperature sensors, accelerometers, LEDs, battery
    management, wireless technologies and the "cap-net" dashboard in the
    cloud. Additionally, all of the code and hardware design files will be
    made available as open source to enable attendees to build their own
    beanie, or use these design techniques in their own projects
  oLearn the Four Basic Concepts of Arduino in 45 Minutes
    During this hands-on speed training session, the instructors at SparkFun
    are teaching the four basic concepts of Arduino—analog, digital, input,
    and output-- on the new Proto-Snap package. It comes with circuits already
    connected to the microcontroller in an easy to snap-apart board,
    eliminating the onerous task of breadboarding circuits. We'll program how
    your components will interact, and then snap them apart to add them to
    specific projects.
  o"Holy $#*! Our Design Is Complex - How Am I Going to Debug It?"
    Embedded system complexity is accelerating at a dizzying pace. This
    session will help attendees turn science fiction into reality; peer deep
    into complex systems without antiquated techniques such as printfs; assist
    attendees inject faults, capture and save the system state and execute in
    reverse to find the source of bugs; and help attendees use one tool chain
    for their lifecycle, including bring-up, development and integration scale
    tools techniques, to networks of hundreds of boards.
  oRaspberry Pi and Gertboard Intro Workshop, Taught by Gert Van Loo,
    hardware engineer & Raspberry Pi developer
    This speed-training session offers hands-on instruction of the Raspberry
    Pi and the Gertboard, the new companion board that allows the Raspberry Pi
    to connect to the real-world by converting analog signals to digital and
    back again. Taught by Gert Van Loo, one of the hardware engineers who
    developed the Raspberry Pi and the creator of the eponymous expansion
    board, this session will offer several insider tips and tricks.

Additionally, DESIGN West offers free education and training to engineers.
For additional information visit:

DESIGN West sponsors to date include platinum sponsor Microchip and Gold
Sponsors AMD, Intel, Rohde & Schwarz, and Texas Instruments and Mouser
Electronics, as the Silver Sponsor.

DESIGN West partner activities include:

  oReducing power and maximizing efficiency in embedded designs are among a
    few of the topics that Platinum Sponsor Microchip will present training
    sessions on in booths 1116 and 1138.
  oGold sponsor Rohde & Schwarz will host a "Technology Tour" at the event.
    Booth 816 will be transformed into a 1,000 square foot state-of-the-art
    training center. It will offer a unique learning experience on the latest
    test and measurement technologies and debugging techniques.
  oThe Intelligent Systems Zone in the DESIGN West exhibit hall is anchored
    by Gold Sponsor Intel in booth 916 and will showcase how Intelligent
    Systems are transforming the design process. Attendees will learn how to
    incorporate all the new technology features and build next-generation
    designs. Intel will also hold training sessions in their booth on the
    show floor.
  oGold sponsor AMD booth number 1308: See the latest embedded solutions
    which give designers ample flexibility to design scalable, x86-based,
    low-cost and feature-rich products, and drive energy conservation into
    their systems without compromising application performance or
    compatibility, graphics performance or features.
  oGold Sponsor TI, booth 1607 – Meet the winners of the TI MCU BoosterPack
    Design Challenge at Design West and see their original designs. View
  oIBM will be delivering training sessions such as "Agile for Safety
    Critical Systems' featuring speaker Bruce Douglass in their booth space

View the full DESIGN West Exhibitor List.

DESIGN West media registration is now open at

For more information on DESIGN West sponsorships, contact Will Wise at
will.wise@ubm.com or 415.947.6252.

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