ARTPRICE COM : Artprice : The Art Market 2012 - a dialogue between East and West

 ARTPRICE COM : Artprice : The Art Market 2012 - a dialogue between East and


For this  study of  the global  art market  in 2012,  Artprice has  formed  an 
alliance with Artron,  the leading information  service on the  art market  in 
China within the Greater  Asia region, in order  to provide the best  possible 
overview of the art auction market.

For years, Artprice has  taken the utmost interest  in collecting the data  of 
the Asian art market and more especially the Chinese market. However, Artprice
was missing a key element: the cultural and sociologic analysis that key actor
Art Market Monitor of Artron (AMMA)  only could provide, according to  Thierry 
Ehrmann, the founder  and CEO of  Artprice. With the  art market now  bipolar, 
entering into a dialogue between  East and West has enabled  us to come to  an 
unprecedented cross-cultural analysis of the market.

In fact, we are analysing a bipolar art market that has grown in China and the
West and at different speeds in  different cultural terrains and according  to 
different standards. In comparison with 2011 figures, released by Artprice  in 
its annual report, those of 2012, co-released by Artprice and Artron, show  an 
increase by 6.1%.

There has of course been a  globalisation effect due to the  dematerialisation 
of the art market through the  Internet and the nomadic nature of  collectors. 
And of course it is clear that  bridges have been built between East and  West 
and that the creation, supply and  demand of art sometimes overlap at  certain 
points. But we  cannot say  that art has  become totally  homogeneous. On  the 
contrary, the art  market exacerbates cultural  differences by reflecting  the 
gamut of  artistic choices.  Chinese  collectors are  not  inclined to  buy  a 
Western piece of art  that they find  is too far  removed from their  cultural 
parameters. Instead, they prefer traditional styles, ancient calligraphy  and, 
more  recently,  contemporary  "experimental"   ink  art.  Likewise,   Western 
collectors mainly buy the works of artists who speak their language, including
some Asian artists who have assimilated Western art history.

So the idea of a globalised art market  should be taken with a pinch of  salt. 
In any case, it is  a little premature for Western  and Chinese readers to  be 
finding their bearings in an analysis of the global art market that is bent on
combining information from East and West at  all costs. In order to provide  a 
clear and transparent analysis for our entire global readership, this year our
report is made  up of an  introduction that  covers the results  of art  sales 
around the world  in 2012,  followed by two  distinct chapters.  The first  of 
these concentrates exclusively  on the  art market  in the  West and  Artprice 
data, while the second focuses on art  in China and Artron data. This  fertile 
relationship between Artprice and Artron has led us both to examine our  areas 
of overlap and divergence and to look at the way a new geopolitics is evolving
in the art market of the 21st century.

thierry Ehrmann

For the past ten year, Artprice has published its exclusive annual art  market 
report - available in 6 languages -, which is distributed to over 6,300  media 
organisations and international institutions every year. Based on 6.3  million 
auction results  from  4,500  auction  houses around  the  world,  the  report 
contains   macro-   and   micro-economic    analyses   providing   the    keys 
tounderstanding the  annual  evolution  of  the  global  auction  market.  It 
discusses the major trends in the market, analysed throughout the year on  the 
ArtMarketInsight page of our website, by the Artprice press agency and jointly
by the Artprice and the Art Market Monitor of Artron Econometrics  Department. 
To complement this objective appreciation of the art market based on a year of
global auction results,  Artprice and the  Art Market Monitor  of Artron  also 
offer numerous  original rankings  such  as the  Top  500 artists  by  auction 
revenue and the Top 100 auction results of the year.

Download the complete document in English - PDF format (Free download)

Download the complete document in Chinese - PDF format (Free download)

About AMMA, a subsidiary of GROUPE Artron

AMMA -Art Market Monitor of Artron- is a subsidiary of GROUPE Artron. AMMA  is 
a research center committed to comprehensive monitoring and in-depth  analysis 
of the Chinese Art Market. The research and advisory services are sourced from
Artron's database, recognized as the largest and most credible database on the
Chinese art market  with more  than 2.5  million artworks  listed and  auction 
results from all  over China. For  each artwork listed  the database  contains 
high definition images and is supplemented with information from more than 500
auction houses ever since China Guardian commenced auction activities in China
in 1993.  Using statistical  and econometric  methodology, AMMA  observes  the 
price trends  of the  Chinese art  market as  well as  the specific  movements 
regarding particular  specialty  markets,  categories or  artists.  AMMA  also 
provides data  analysis,  technical valuations  and  pricing advice.  It  also 
organizes seminars for individual and institutional customers


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The Art Market 2012


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