Healthcare Services Organization Improves HCM with UltiPro’s End-to-End People Management Functionality

  Healthcare Services Organization Improves HCM with UltiPro’s End-to-End
  People Management Functionality

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WESTON, Fla. -- March 7, 2013

Ultimate Software (Nasdaq: ULTI), a leading cloud provider of people
management solutions, announced today that Athletico, a Chicago-based leader
in outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation, has improved overall HR business
reporting, provided better service to employees, and eliminated hundreds of
manual transactions related to HR by leveraging UltiPro as the center of its
HCM initiatives.

Prior to making the switch to UltiPro in 2007, Athletico’s leadership realized
that the organization needed sophisticated technology that would handle HR
activities better, faster, with fewer resources, and without the
responsibility of managing software. To more effectively manage its rapid
growth while controlling costs, Athletico chose UltiPro for its cloud delivery
and for its breadth of HCM features and reporting functionality.

“With UltiPro, our HR team has become more of a business metrics and analytics
group rather than a data-processing group,” said Nancy Kusner, director of HR
at Athletico. “We are focusing our efforts on the bigger picture and instantly
delivering HCM reports to executives about important issues like manpower
trends and benefits costs. Supervisors also have immediate access to metrics
they need on a daily basis to be effective, such as headcount reports,
recruiting status data, and attendance history. UltiPro’s unified reporting
really benefits the entire organization.”

With almost 100 locations and over 1,300 employees, it was important to Kathy
Yates, payroll manager at Athletico, that the new HCM solution be easy to use
so that adoption of the technology would be high.

“Our workforce touches UltiPro every single day—when managing their time,
applying for a job, changing a benefits selection, or adding a dependent. We
have had such positive feedback from our employees about UltiPro. Employees
can see everything important to them whenever and from wherever, and they love
it,” said Yates. “UltiPro has allowed us to provide better service to
employees while reducing the burden and expense on our HR and payroll teams.”

UltiPro enables employees to view and modify their own personal information
and lets managers access and update specific details about their teams.
Changes can be routed to approvers or to those who just need to be ‘in the
know.’ According to Yates, UltiPro’s ease of use and 24-7 access via the cloud
also has reduced the time needed to train remote users.

“We have seven administrators accessing UltiPro who are HR professionals, not
payroll professionals, so we rely on the solution to do the heavy lifting for
payroll,” said Yates. “UltiPro’s intuitive navigation has allowed us to
successfully take advantage of the technology’s time and attendance features,
which has automated 500 to 1,000 changes per week related to time and
attendance information, streamlined the time management process, and improved
the integrity of our data. Managers also receive alerts to prompt them when a
process is due or is late. In addition to our HR and payroll teams, UltiPro
has been easily learned by our employees, managers, and executives who have
core positions dealing with patient care and who typically don’t utilize
computers throughout the day. As a result, we have seen a high adoption rate
of the functionality, and now HR can focus on people and strategic initiatives
while keeping administrative costs low.”

Athletico has leveraged UltiPro to reduce the time spent on many tactical
activities. For example, payroll used to take four to five days each pay
period with a great deal of involvement and oversight, but with UltiPro, the
team is minimally involved and has cut payroll processing by 50%. Using
UltiPro Recruitment, Athletico has transformed its procedures for hiring and
applicant tracking from a burdensome manual process to one that is automated
using built-in workflow. UltiPro Recruitment enables managers, recruiters, and
HR staff to track and oversee the entire process over the Web—reducing the
length of the recruitment cycle, saving significant time, and minimizing
overall costs.

“With UltiPro Recruitment, we are posting and filling vacancies faster than
ever before and our HR staff is free from devoting time and resources to tasks
like cutting and pasting candidate resume details in emails for managers,”
said Yates. “We have seven people to handle the entire gamut of HR, payroll,
and benefits for approximately 1,300 employees in almost 100 locations. By
using UltiPro for HCM, everyone across our company is benefiting.”

Athletico has also freed the HR and payroll teams from the paper-intensive
open enrollment process for benefits. Employees completed their first
Web-based open enrollment in 2008, and new hires are using UltiPro to easily
make individual benefits choices. “Previously, benefits enrollment was one of
the most tactical and time-consuming processes,” said Liz Lamorena, benefits
manager at Athletico. “Now with UltiPro, employees make their own updates from
home or office, and we can automatically generate a file for the benefits
providers without having to decipher hand-written forms. We’re so pleased that
employees are enjoying the convenience, ease of use, and flexibility of
UltiPro just as our HR and payroll teams do.”

“The business advantages of cloud-based HCM for end-to-end HR are undeniable:
better technology, fewer worries, more control, more flexibility, superior
business continuity, fast payback, and more. Every day, Athletico is
experiencing firsthand how one comprehensive, cloud-based solution for HR,
payroll, and talent management is improving efficiencies at and driving
results at every level across the business,” said Greg Swick, chief sales
officer at Ultimate Software. “We’re very happy that UltiPro is not only
helping Athletico’s HR and payroll teams work more effectively, but also
delivering a technology experience that its employees and managers want to

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