Club Méditerranée: Revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2013

  Club Méditerranée: Revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2013

                 (November 1^st, 2012 - January 31^st, 2013)

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PARIS -- March 7, 2013

Regulatory News:

Club Méditerranée (Paris:CU):

- Business Volume Villages:          € 355 million    - 1.6% at constant
                                                            exchange rate
- RevPab^1:                             € 112               +1.9% at constant
                                                            exchange rate
- Group revenue:                        € 344 million       - 2.5% at constant
                                                            exchange rate
- Winter bookings^2 nearly stable
- Summer bookings^2 up

At the Annual General Meeting, Club Méditerranée Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer Henri Giscard d’Estaing said:

“While the tourist markets gradually deteriorated in Europe, Club Méditerranée
recorded in 2012 a new growth of its activity and a new increase of customer
satisfaction rates. Thanks to its powerful positioning on the upscale market,
Club Med was able to protect its profitability and thus confirms the
resilience of its business model.

Over the winter, Club Méditerranée captured growth on its international main
markets and continued to gain market shares in France in an environment which
worsened.Moreover, it reinforced its visibility with the launching of a new
worldwide brand campaign and the development of its distribution network.”

^1 Revenue per available bed: total revenue at constant exchange rate, net of
tax and transportation costs, per available bed
^2 In business volume (as of March 2nd, 2013)

                                              Q1 2013 vs
                             1^st Quarter
                                              Q1 2012
                                              At constant

Reported (in €m)              2012   2013   exchange

Business Volume Villages       361     355    - 1.6%
Europe-Africa                  236     232    - 1.9%
Americas                       64      67     + 7.9%
Asia ^(1)                      62      56     - 9.9%
Villages revenue               353     344    - 1.1%
Property development revenue   5       0
Groupe revenue                358    344    - 2.5%

^(1) Excluding Lindeman Island (Australia) and Chinese New Year, Asia Business
Volume Villages is up 8.6% vs Q1 2012

1. Business performance of the quarter

  *Business Volume Villages (corresponding to total sales regardless of
    village operating structure) totaled €355 million from €361million for
    the 1^st quarter 2012, a 1.6% decrease at constant exchange rate.
    In Asia, revenues dipped 9.9% due to, on the one hand, the closing of
    Lindeman Island in Australia at the end of January 2012 with an impact of
    € 4 million on Business Volume Villages and, on the other hand, by the
    slip of the Chinese New Year over the month of February 2013 (compared to
    January in 2012) which impacts the Asian Zone temporarily for
    approximately €7 million. Excluding Lindeman Island and Chinese New Year,
    Asia is up 8.6%.

  *The capacity was adjusted by -3.8% in order to face a deteriorated
    economic situation, including -4.9% in Europe-Africa. It takes into
    account the closing of Lindeman Island’s village and the opening of the
    4-Trident village of Pragelato Vialattea in Italy.
  *RevPab (Revenue per available bed) posts an increase at constant exchange
    rate of 1.9% at €111.8 from €109.8 in the 1^st quarter 2012 thanks to
    the improvement of the average price per hotel day at €162.7 (+2.5%) and
    to the stability of the occupancy rate at 66%.
  *The weight of the customers for the most upmarket villages (4 and
    5-Trident villages) continues to rise by 2.8 points. They represent in the
    1^st quarter 2013 nearly 80% of the total number of customers.

2. First quarter highlights

  *Market share gains in France

In an Individual French market down by 6.2% (in business volume) on departures
from November 2012 to January 2013 according to CETO^3 data, Club Méditerranée
continues to beat the market by posting a retreat limited to 2%.

  *Launching of a new worldwide brand campaign in January 2013

This new campaign aims to promote Club Med brand’s unique spirit, to reinforce
its awareness, to recruit new customers and to increase consumer loyalty.

  *Distribution in France

       *Signature of a distribution agreement with Nouvelles Frontières
         allowing Club Med to be sold in 258 new outlets in France and to thus
         accelerate the recruitment of new customers on the upscale market.
       *Reinforcement of the presence of the brand and the visibility of the
         new Club Med offer in France by the extension of the network of Club
         Med Voyages franchises and the opening of 35 Club Med corners within
         the framework of the announced target of doubling the number of
         outlets in France by 2015. This strategy of innovative distribution
         aims to make customers live a Club Med experience in the outlets.

  *Success of the opening of the new village Pragelato Vialattea

Club Méditerranée inaugurated on December 13^th, 2012 the bi-seasonal
4-Trident village of Pragelato Vialattea, in Italy, which offers a very new
experiment of mountain holidays. This multicultural village welcomed, over the
quarter, 27 different nationalities (of which ¼ of French customers) and
posted an occupancy rate of almost 80%.

^3 CETO: Cercle d’Etudes des Tours Opérateurs (French Tour- Operators

3. Shareholding

                          Number of shares          Voting rights
                         31 January 2013  %       31 January 2013  %
Fosun Property Holdings    3,170,579        9.96%    6 044 723 ^(1)   17.0%
CMVT International         2,250,231         7.1%     2,250,231         6.3%
(Groupe CDG Maroc)
Rolaco                     1,793,053         5.6%     1,793,053         5.0%
AXA Private Equity         2,982,352         9.4%     2,982,352         8.4%
Benetton                   700,000           2.2%     700,000           2.0%
Total Board of Directors   10,896,215        34.2%    13,770,359        38.7%
Fidelity (FMR LLC)         2,455,905         7.7%     2,455,905         6.9%
Caisse des dépôts et       1,908,492         6.0%     1,908,492         5.4%
Franklin Finance           1,843,200         5.8%     1,843,200         5.2%
Air France                 635,342           2.0%     635,342           1.8%
GLG Partners LP ^(2)       309,232           1.0%     309,232           0.9%
French institutions        3,315,050         10.4%    3,373,249         9.5%
Foreign institutions       7,147,508         22.5%    7,823,610         22.0%
Treasury shares ^(3)       200,781           0.6%     200,781           0.5%
Employees                  26,430            0.1%     52,860            0.1%
Public and others          3,084,404         9.7%     3,200,473         9.0%
TOTAL                     31,822,559       100.0%  35,573,503       100.0%

^(1) of which 5 866 536 voting rights can be exercised
^(2) shares and contracts for differences (agreement between two parties to
exchange the difference between the opening price and closing price of a
^(3) treasury shares which voting rights can not be exercised

  *Following the doubling of the voting rights attached to some of its shares
    on November 17^th, 2012, Fosun holds 6,044,723 voting rights (including
    5,866,536 that can be exercised).
    In addition, the standstill clause by which Fosun had undertaken not to
    increase its share in Club Med above 10% on a diluted basis expires on
    March 7th, 2013, day of the Annual Shareholder Meeting.

  *The Board of directors meeting held last December to approve the 2012
    financial statements also indicated that it would like for shareholders to
    benefit from the Company’s improvements. Thus, the authorization to
    purchase shares in order to be cancelled is submitted today during the
    Annual Shareholder Meeting to the approval of the shareholders. This
    option seemed preferable to paying a cash dividend for fiscal 2012, taking
    into account the worsening economic and tourist environment and
    accordingly the lack of visibility on 2013. The authorization, if it is
    approved, could let the Board of directors which will meet at the
    beginning of June decide, in light of the results of winter and the summer
    bookings, the conditions of its implementation.


  *A nearly stable winter 2013 in spite of the continued deterioration of the
    French tourist market

Bookings in business
volume                    Cumulative as of
                                                Cumulative as of   8 last
at constant exchange     1^st December 2012                     weeks
rate                      ^(1)                  2nd March

by outbound country
Europe-Africa            - 0.8%               - 2.7%            - 6.4%
Americas                  + 7.2%                + 5.6%             - 2.6%
Asia                      + 5.0%                + 1.9%             - 4.0%
Asia excl. Lindeman      + 10.4%              + 5.7%            - 3.9%
Total                    + 1.1%               - 0.8%            - 5.4%
Capacity Winter 2013     - 3.7%               - 4.3%            
^(1) Released for the 2012 annual results on 7^th December 2012

As of 2 March, 2013, winter 2013 bookings, expressed in business volume at
constant exchange rate, are down 0.8% compared to winter 2012 but are stable
excluding the evolution of the transport activity. At the same time last year,
bookings represented 90% of the winter season.

Europe-Africa is down 2.7% in business volume, to compare with a capacity
adjusted by -6.6%. In France, the activity is decreasing by 4.6%, of which
2.1% on the individual segment, reflecting the continuation of the degradation
of the tourist market and a contraction of Club Med Business activity which
had reached records last year.

The growth of 5.6% in Americas zone and of 1.9% in Asia zone is carried by a
more favorable economic context in these areas of the world, more particularly
thanks to the dynamism of the fast developing countries, and particularly
China at +28%.

On the 8 last weeks, the bookings are down 5.4% with a decrease over this
period of the Europe-Africa bookings of 6.4% and more particularly of France
due to the partial shift of Easter holidays in May. The fall noted on Americas
and Asia zones is not very significant, mainly being explained by calendar

  *Bookings for summer 2013 are up

The bookings have benefited of an assertive early booking policy in all of the
geographical areas and of the positive impact of the slip of the Easter
holidays over the summer. At the same date last year, bookings represented
approximately one third of the summer season.


        Total number of shares and voting rights at 28 February, 2013

Date       Shares      Total number of theoretical voting rights
2/28/2013  31,822,559  35,572,876


Caroline Bruel, 01 53 35 31 29
Pernette Rivain, 01 53 35 30 75
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