Aixplorer® ’s Ergonomics and UltraFast™ Platform Improve User Comfort While Enhancing Diagnostic Effectiveness

  Aixplorer® ’s Ergonomics and UltraFast™ Platform Improve User Comfort While
  Enhancing Diagnostic Effectiveness

ECR 2013

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AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France -- March 7, 2013

SuperSonic Imagine’s revolutionary Aixplorer ultrasound system has built a
solid reputation as a system “designed by and for practitioners.” Every aspect
of Aixplorer’s design has been carefully considered by company engineers in
unison with radiologists and sonographers to provide optimum comfort and ease
of use. Aixplorer’s state-of-the-art UltraFast computing platform also enables
advanced applications allowing practitioners to reduce examination times while
enhancing diagnostic confidence and effectiveness.

Aixplorer Ergonomic Design Advantages

Aixplorer’s ergonomic designs can significantly enhance user comfort and
efficiency. Aixplorer has a control panel that is completely adjustable and a
20-inch wide screen with a multi-joint arm that can be adapted to any
workspace or angle. The user interface is very intuitive, featuring a
touchscreen, trackball and touch ring allowing for quick access to various
applications and features. The system also offers very fine adjustment of
parameters such as manual and automatic TGC to achieve the finest image
quality, quickly.

Aixplorer has consistently earned high critical acclaim by physicians who
value and seek out advanced ergonomic designs:

“With the Aixplorer there is a decrease in operator dependence, workflow is
easy and the control panel is simple to understand.”
Professor Dr Med. Helmut Madjar - Breast Center German Diagnostic Clinic,
Wiesbaden, Germany

“The Aixplorer is very ergonomic, very comfortable to use. It is a solid
system that we have had for one and a half years without any technical
Professor Dr Med. Fritz Schäfer - University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein,
Kiel, Germany

UltraFast ™ technology enables the world’s fastest ultrasound image
acquisition and unmatched workflow

The UltraFast platform, developed by SuperSonic Imagine and only available on
Aixplorer, acquires information 100 times faster than any conventional
ultrasound system. This processing speed has, for the first time, enabled
physicians to visualize in great detail stiffness properties of tissue and
transient phenomena that have never been seen before. By leveraging an
UltraFast platform, Aixplorer’s innovations such as quantitative ShearWave™
Elastography (SWE™) and UltraFast™ Doppler help improve visualization
capabilities so that physicians can obtain information faster and improve
their clinical workflow.

Both, Aixplorer’s proprietary ShearWave™ Elastography (SWE™) and UltraFast™
Doppler modes are activated with the push of a single button instead of a
series of complex manual adjustments which consume valuable time.

“ShearWave Elastography is very easy to use; one just hovers over the lesion
and doesn’t need to compress in the least. It is reproducible and the image
quality of the B-mode, where you assess the morphology and characteristics of
the lesion, is also excellent.”
Professor Ellen Mendelson - Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Illinois, USA

UltraFast Doppler combines Color Doppler and Pulsed Wave Doppler into a single
feature without compromises between acquisition speed, field of view and
sensitivity. Vascular exams with UltraFast Doppler take only 3 seconds per
area, with all measurements and analysis performed post examination,
increasing patient throughput. UltraFast Doppler simplifies the vascular exam
by showing peak velocity areas immediately and saves time over conventional
Doppler modes where acquisitions must be repeated several times for the same
exam and analysis must be completed with the patient present.

“We have very regular monitoring of [kidney] transplants, UltraFast Doppler
saves us a lot of time while reducing the risk of error. All acquired data are
stored, and they can be reviewed, measured, analyzed multiple times without
the presence of the patient. In addition, the amount of data acquired provides
the ability to view all the vessels in a very precise manner.”
Dr. Hisham Tchelepi - Wake Forrest Baptist Medical Center, North Carolina, USA

Aixplorer, with its ergonomic advantages and UltraFast platform, is changing
the landscape of clinical diagnosis practice and impacting medical economics.

SuperSonic Imagine is exhibiting at ECR (European Congress of Radiology),
March 8^th-11^th, Booth n°5 Extension Expo A, Austria Center Vienna

About SuperSonic Imagine (

Founded in 2005 and based in Aix-en-Provence (France), SuperSonic Imagine is
an innovative, international company specializing in ultrasound medical
imaging. The company designs, develops, and markets a revolutionary ultrasound
system, Aixplorer®, with a unique ultrasound imaging technology, called
MultiWave™ Technology. This technology allows Aixplorer® to be the only
ultrasound system that images two types of waves to better characterize
tissue; an ultrasound wave to ensure impeccable image quality and a shear
wave, ShearWave™ Elastography, to compute and display true tissue stiffness in
real time by acquiring images nearly 200 times faster than conventional

In 2009, SuperSonic Imagine was granted 510(k) clearance by the Food and Drug
Administration in the United States and CE mark in Europe for the marketing of
Aixplorer®. Distribution agreements have been signed with prestigious
companies such as Hologic (Nasdaq : HOLX) for the breast market in the U.S.A.
and Canon (NYSE : CAJ) for Japan. SuperSonic Imagine’s distribution network
has now more than 35 partners worldwide.


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