BASF Canada and Monsanto Canada working together for improved weed management

BASF Canada and Monsanto Canada working together for improved weed management 
MISSISSAUGA, ON, March 6, 2013 /CNW/ - BASF Canada and Monsanto Canada have 
teamed up for a new program that promotes best stewardship practices for 
improved weed control and sustainable weed management. 
Working together with retailers across Eastern Canada, BASF Canada and 
Monsanto Canada are offering farmers a $1-per-acre rebate when Roundup 
WeatherMAX(®) herbicide is purchased with matching acres of INTEGRITY(®), 
ERAGON(®), MARKSMAN(®) or ARMEZON(™ )herbicides. Together, these tank-mix 
partners deliver multiple modes of action to meet the challenge of controlling 
tough and resistant weeds. 
"Using multiple modes of action is a recommended way to improve the control 
over higher rates of glyphosate alone, and is a proven way to help delay the 
development and spread of herbicide resistance," says Sean Chiki, Brand 
Manager for Herbicides at BASF Canada. "Adding these new modes of action to 
your herbicide program is an important step for improved weed control and 
sustainable weed management." 
As key tank-mix partners, INTEGRITY, ERAGON, MARKSMAN and ARMEZON complement 
Roundup WeatherMAX by providing additional modes of action for optimized weed 
control. Together they can also combat glyphosate-resistant weeds such as 
Canada fleabane, common ragweed and giant ragweed. 
"We're very pleased to be working together to provide farmers with the best 
solutions for their fields," says Sean Dilk, Weed Management Technical Lead at 
Monsanto Canada. "Using an effective tank-mix partner with Roundup WeatherMAX 
helps provide control of glyphosate-resistant weeds while offering residual 
weed control. Tank-mixing multiple modes of action is an important part of 
sustainable weed management." 
The off-invoice discount is applicable on products sold between November 15, 
2012 and June 30, 2013. In addition, farmers are eligible for AgSolutions(®) 
Rewards on their INTEGRITY, ERAGON, MARKSMAN and ARMEZON purchases. For 
additional information on the program, farmers should contact their local BASF 
and Roundup brand herbicide retailers. 
About the BASF Crop Protection division
With sales of €4.0 billion in 2010, BASF's Crop Protection division is a 
leader in crop protection and a strong partner to the farming industry 
providing well-established and innovative fungicides, insecticides and 
herbicides. Farmers use these products and services to improve crop yields and 
crop quality. Other uses include public health, structural/urban pest control, 
turf and ornamental plants, vegetation management, and forestry. BASF aims to 
turn knowledge rapidly into market success. The vision of BASF's Crop 
Protection division is to be the world's leading innovator, optimizing 
agricultural production, improving nutrition, and thus enhancing the quality 
of life for a growing world population. Further information can be found on 
the web at or follow us on twitter: 
Always read and follow label directions. 
Tank mixtures: The applicable labelling for each product must be in the 
possession of the user at the time of application. Follow applicable use 
instructions, including application rates, precautions and restrictions of 
each product used in the tank mixture. Monsanto has not tested all tank-mix 
product formulations for compatibility or performance other than specifically 
listed by brand name. Always predetermine the compatibility of tank mixtures 
by mixing small proportional quantities in advance. Roundup WeatherMAX(®) is 
a registered trademark of Monsanto Technology LLC, Monsanto Canada, Inc. 
licensee. AgSolutions and MARKSMAN are registered trade-marks of BASF 
Corporation; INTEGRITY and ERAGON are registered trade-marks and ARMEZON is a 
trade-mark of BASF SE; all used with permission by BASF Canada Inc. 
© 2013 Monsanto Canada, Inc. and BASF Canada Inc. 
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