App Factory Launches Jukebox Hero™, Transforming iPads, iPhones, iPods And Android Devices Into Social Music Players

  App Factory Launches Jukebox Hero™, Transforming iPads, iPhones, iPods And
                  Android Devices Into Social Music Players

Social Music App Debuts on Apple's App Store as Top 10 Music App; Android
Version on Google Play Also Destined to be a Hit

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AUSTIN, Texas, March 6, 2013

AUSTIN, Texas, March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- South by Southwest (SXSW) Music
and Media ConferenceApp -- Factory, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of SK
Planet, today announced the launch of Jukebox Hero™, an innovative new mobile
app that transforms the personal music library on a user's mobile device into
an interactive jukebox. Jukebox Hero is perfect for gatherings, private
parties and group events. When friends or family use Jukebox Hero on their
own devices, they also join the fun by viewing a host's music library,
browsing songs, viewing other participants, and queuing up songs. Jukebox
Hero is available today—for free—via Apple's App Store where it instantly
debuted as a Top 10 app in the Music category
Jukebox Hero for Android is also available now for free on the Google Play
( ).

Jukebox Hero makes for the perfect interactive "playlist" in group settings
like social gatherings, dorms, the office and even the home. The app enables
members of a circle—friends, officemates, and family members—to take turns
playing DJ, enhancing group interaction and fun via the universal language of

"Virtually every consumer now carries a personal library of thousands of songs
which can be accessed at the swipe of a finger," said Woo Park, president of
App Factory, an SK Planet company. "Just as the Instagram app enhanced
smartphone cameras, we think that Jukebox Hero will improve the way that
consumers interact with their own—and each other's—personal music libraries.
We are thrilled to launch Jukebox Hero for both iOS and Android and are
extremely happy to see the app being well received out of the gate."

How It Works

Each time the Jukebox Hero app is opened, a user is presented with the ability
to either create their own jukebox or to join someone else's jukebox as a
remote. Creating a jukebox immediately populates the song list with the
personal music library housed on the user's iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or
Android device. Joining as a remote allows a user to log into a host's
jukebox, browse the music library associated with that jukebox and immediately
queue up songs to add to the virtual playlist. The app leverages the device's
GPS to provide a list of nearby jukeboxes at any given time.

Jukeboxes in the Jukebox Hero app can be set up to allow anyone to join, or
they can be made privately accessible via a unique PIN. A user that wishes to
join a private jukebox must have the correct PIN to be able to log in, browse
and begin queuing up songs. Jukebox Hero utilizes three different queuing
options and a virtual credit system that sparks social interaction and queuing

  oAdd to Queue (Adds track to end of the queue)
  oPlay Next (Adds track to the front of the queue)
  oPlay Now (Interrupts whatever is currently playing and starts selected
    track immediately)

Each user is given a certain number of credits when they log onto a jukebox.
The cost to Play Now or Play Next increases as the activity does with Play Now
always positioned as the most expensive option. When users have used all of
their credits, they can request more from the owner of the jukebox they have
joined. The jukebox administrator sets the default number of credits and can
easily grant users additional credits as needed.

The Jukebox Hero app has unique retro styling with modern touches that
transforms the jukebox of yesterday's drive-ins, malt shops and burger joints
into the interactive social music player for today's current generation of
music lovers. Jukebox Hero has seamless integration with both Facebook and
Twitter that allows users to share the party music experience with their
friends…or the world.

About App Factory

App Factory, Inc. ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of
SK Planet (, which is an affiliate of South Korea's
top mobile carrier, SK Telecom Co. App Factory's mission is to innovate,
develop, launch and grow leading mobile apps that delight broad segments of
the connected population worldwide.

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