Oerlikon increased profitability to EBIT margin of 14.5 %

Full-year results 2012

Oerlikon increased profitability to EBIT margin of 14.5 %

  *EBIT up by 32.4 % to CHF 421 million; EBIT margin at 14.5 %

  *Strong margin improvement in Textile, Drive Systems and Coating Segments

  *Sales up by 6.4 % to CHF 2 906 million

  *Net income up 71.9 % to CHF 385 million

  *Oerlikon reports a net liquidity position of CHF 339 million; equity ratio
    of 45 %

  *The Board of Directors proposes a 25 % increase in dividend to CHF 0.25
    per share for FY 2012

  *Outlook for 2013: order intake and sales at the previous year's level;
    underlying operational profitability to be around the previous year's
    level, temporary impacted by the divestments in the Textile Segment

Key figures Oerlikon Group as per December 31, 2012 (in CHF million)

                               FY 2012 FY 2011 â??     Q4 2012 Q4 2011 â??
Order intake1                  2 802   2 878   -2.6 %  634     701     -9.6 %
Order backlog1                 834     971     -14.1 % 834     971     -14.1 %
Sales (to third parties)1      2 906   2 731   +6.4 %  693     713     -2.8 %
EBITDA1,3                      547     450     +21.6 % -       -       -
EBIT1                          4212    318     +32.4 % 89      72      +23.6 %
EBIT margin1                   14.5 %2 11.6 %  -       12.8 %  10.1 %  -
Result from continuing         223     159     +40.3 % -       -       -
Net income3                    385     224     +71.9 % -       -       -
Operating cash flow3           506     438     +15.5 % -       -       -
ROCE                           19.7 %  14.9 %4 -       -       -       -

1 Continuing operations (2011 restated); 2 EBIT for FY 2012 excl. sale of
Arbon property at CHF 382 million, EBIT margin of 13.2 %; 3 Only reported
annually and semi-annually; 4 As reported; Margins calculated on unrounded

Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland - March 5, 2013 - In the fiscal year 2012, the
Oerlikon Group delivered strong operational performance during its strategic
transformation and shaping of the portfolio. The company generated EBIT of CHF
421 million representing an EBIT margin of 14.5 % (excluding the one-time
effect from the sale of the property in Arbon EBIT amounted to CHF 382 million
or 13.2 %). This profitability level set a new record in the company's history
and was driven by the strong performance of the Textile and Coating Segments
and significant improvement in the Drive Systems Segment. Despite a
challenging global economic environment, Oerlikon was able to increase sales
from continuing operations by 6.4 % to CHF 2.9 billion. While securing high
quality orders, Oerlikon's order intake totaled CHF 2.8 billion, close to the
same level as in the previous year (-2.6 %). The strong operational
performance and the cash proceeds from divestments resulted in a positive
liquidity position for the Oerlikon Group of CHF 339 million after a net debt
position of CHF 86 million a year ago. The continued strengthening of the
company's financial position is also reflected in the equity ratio, which
increased from 35 % to 45 %. Net income increased by 71.9 % to CHF 385
million, representing earnings per share of CHF 1.18. Consequently, the Board
of Directors will propose a dividend of CHF 0.25 per share, an increase of 25
% compared to fiscal year 2011, to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.
This is the second successive dividend recommendation. Oerlikon CEO Michael
Buscher said: "2012 was a transformational year for Oerlikon. Due to strong
underlying performance, we achieved a record EBIT margin and propose an
increased dividend. In parallel we also successfully shaped our business
portfolio and fully refinanced the company. At Group level we made significant
strides in our effort to gain a Best-in-Class position against our peers."

Solid sales growth and normalized order intake

For 2012, the Oerlikon Group reported an increase in sales in continuing
operations of 6.4 % to CHF 2 906 million (2011: CHF 2 731 million). Textile
achieved the highest sales growth rate, reporting an increase in sales of 21.3
% compared to the previous year, benefitting from ongoing demand for
innovative products in the manmade fiber business. The Coating Segment also
contributed to the increased Group sales driven by new, innovative products,
expansion of the coating center network and new coating solutions which
counterbalanced the market slowdown, particular in the automotive industry,
over the course of the year. While the Drive Systems Segment increased sales
in 2012, the Vacuum Segment saw a sales decline of 8.8 %. Sales in the
Advanced Technologies Segment slightly declined. Currency impact for the full
financial year 2012 was minor. Adjusted for currency effects, sales would have
reached CHF 2 875 million, reflecting a growth rate of 5.3 %.

Order intake for the Group normalized at a high level, closing the year at CHF
2 802 million (FY 2011: CHF 2 878 million). The challenging environment
affected the order intake in the Vacuum and Drive Systems Segments which was
not fully compensated by increasing orders in the Textile, Coating and
Advanced Technologies Segments. Order backlog fell as expected, with CHF 834
million on the books as of year-end (FY 2011: CHF 971 million).

Growth in Asia

The growth markets, and Asia in particular, once again made a positive
contribution to Oerlikon's business performance in 2012. Asia grew by 14 % and
recorded sales of CHF 1 266 million, accounting now for 44 % of the Group's
total sales, up from 41 % in 2011. Sales in Europe grew by 4 % to CHF 974
million, accounting for 34 % of total Group sales, while North America
recorded sales of CHF 498 million, representing a decrease of 9 % resulting
from lower business in the Textile, Drive Systems and Vacuum Segments in the
United States and accounting for 17 % of Group sales. The share of other
regions in Group sales was unchanged at 5 %.

In order to meet the needs of local customers even more effectively, the Group
strengthened its focus on Asia, currently the most important growth region.
The new China Group Headquarters was opened in Shanghai, bringing all Segments
under one roof for the first time. Drive Systems is expanding the new factory
in Suzhou, China, and has increased capacity in India at their existing sites.
The Vacuum Segment moved production of more products to the site in Tianjin,
China, to secure cost benefits. The Coating Segment opened additional coating
centers in China, Malaysia and India, and expanded existing capacities at
various sites, such as Suzhou, China.

Profitability improvement

Profitability across the Oerlikon Group strongly improved in 2012, with EBITDA
reaching CHF 547 million, up from CHF 450 million in 2011. Group EBIT
increased by 32.4 % to CHF 421 million in 2012 (FY 2011: CHF 318 million),
which represents a new record margin of 14.5 % (FY 2011: 11.6 %). Currency
impact on profitability was minor (0.3 percentage points). The strong increase
in profitability is the result of higher sales, combined with efficiency
improvements achieved through operational excellence programs and margin
improvements resulting from innovative products and portfolio optimization.
The reported profitability figure includes a positive one-time effect from the
sale of a property in Arbon, Switzerland, amounting to CHF 39 million;
excluding this effect, 2012 underlying EBIT was CHF 382 million, resulting in
an underlying EBIT margin of 13.2 %. At this profitability level, Oerlikon
made significant strides in its effort to gain a Best-in-Class position
against its peers.

The strongest profitability improvement in 2012 was in the Textile Segment
where margins rose from 8.0 % to 13.4 % (excluding the positive one-time
effect from the sale of the Arbon property) driven by sales growth, an
innovative product mix and the successful execution of operational excellence
programs. The Drive Systems Segment improved EBIT margin from 6.0 % to 8.5 %
as optimization and operational excellence measures and a favorable product
mix positively influenced the results. The Coating Segment sustained its high
level of profitability in 2012, delivering 20.5 % EBIT margin (FY 2011: 20.1
%), whereas Vacuum Segment's EBIT margin declined to 10.2 % (FY 2011: 13.9 %)
and Advanced Technologies Segment reported an EBIT margin of 6.6 % after
restructuring (FY 2011: 10.3 %).

Oerlikon recorded net financial income of CHF -87 million for full-year 2012
(FY 2011: CHF -95 million). Tax expenses amounted to CHF 111 million (FY 2011:
CHF 64 million) as a result of the higher pre-tax profit and the one-off tax
effects of the refinancing, which led to a higher tax rate of 33 %.
Accordingly, the result for continuing operations amounted to CHF 223 million
(FY 2011: CHF 159 million). Group net income for 2012, including the result
from discontinued operations, amounted to CHF 385 million (FY 2011: CHF 224

The Group's performance led to a return on capital employed (ROCE) of 19.7 %
as of year-end 2012, versus a ROCE of 14.9 % reported at year-end 2011.

Successful refinancing

Transformation in 2012 was not limited to the portfolio; the Group also
comprehensively refinanced the balance sheet in the first half of the year
with a new syndicated credit facility and the issue of a Swiss bond. The
unsecured syndicated loan of CHF 700 million was agreed with an international
syndicate of 13 banks. The four-year, 4.25 % coupon Swiss bond of CHF 300
million was placed successfully in June. The new financing package reduces
annual financing costs by a substantial CHF 40 million, provides greater scope
and flexibility for financing at improved conditions, requires no collateral
and diversifies the company's sources of capital. Oerlikon successfully
completed the refinancing on July 13, 2012 with repayment of the old credit
facility two years ahead of maturity.

Strong balance sheet and cash flow

Strong operating performance in 2012 and various portfolio adjustments further
strengthened Oerlikon's balance sheet. As at the reporting date, the Group had
equity attributable to shareholders of the parent in the amount of CHF 1 858
million, putting the equity ratio at 45 % compared with 35 % at year-end 2011.
Investing for the future continues to top Oerlikon's agenda. Capital
expenditure (Capex) in continuing operations amounted to CHF 181 million, an
increase of 20 % (continuing operations) to the prior-year level. For the
second consecutive year, the Capex to depreciation ratio was above 1
indicating return to growth mid- to long-term. Focus areas were the Asian
growth markets China and India, followed by North America, notably in Drive
Systems and Coating businesses.

Cash flow from operating activities was strong at CHF 506 million (FY 2011:
CHF 438 million). Net working capital amounted to CHF 125 million at year-end
2012, which corresponds to around 4 % of sales. The inflow of funds from
divestment of the Solar business and the sale of property and financial
investments resulted in a cash flow from investing activities in the amount of
CHF 136 million.

The dividend payment for 2011 and the refinancing of the Group resulted in a
cash flow from financing activities of CHF -718 million. As a consequence,
Oerlikon recorded a net liquidity position for the first time in six years in
the amount of CHF 339 million.


Oerlikon continued to strengthen prospects for the future through extensive
investment in research and development (R&D). R&D expenditure in 2012 was
unchanged at around 4 % of total sales or a total of CHF 106 million (FY 2011:
CHF 102 million). Oerlikon's Intellectual Properties (IP) have been
substantially renewed in the reported year. All Segments registered more than
10 % new patents resulting in a total number of patents for the Group of 802.

In 2012, successful R&D efforts across the Group resulted in innovative
products and solutions, including a new generation of gear synchronizers for
the latest 9- and 14-speed premium heavy goods vehicle gearboxes in the Drive
Systems Segment, a successful solution for steel degassing in the Vacuum
Segment and the second generation of Pulsed-Plasma Diffusion (PPD(TM))
equipment in the Coating Segment for hardening the surface of large forming

The Textile Segment reported a milestone related to the innovation of the
WINGS technology for fully drawn yarns (FDY) introduced in 2010. By year-end,
Oerlikon had sold more than 10 000 examples of this revolutionary spinning
technology that stands out in terms of energy saving, footprint reduction and
productivity gains for Oerlikon customers.

Portfolio shaping

In 2012, Oerlikon announced two fundamental, strategic portfolio rebalancing
decisions: exit from the Solar business through the sale of the Solar Segment
and exit from the natural fibers business through the announced divestment of
the Natural Fibers and Textile Components Business Units.

Oerlikon announced the sale of the Solar business to Tokyo Electron Ltd. (TEL)
on March 2, 2012 and completed the transaction on November 26, 2012, leading
to an net inflow of CHF 231 million in cash for the Oerlikon Group. The sale
substantially reduced the complexity of the Oerlikon portfolio and paved the
way for an enhanced focus on its high-growth and high-margin businesses.

The sale of the Natural Fibers and Textile Components Business Units to
China's Jinsheng Group based on an enterprise value of around CHF 650 million
was announced on December 3, 2012. The transaction, which is subject to
regulatory approval, is expected to close in the second quarter of 2013. This
move significantly reduces Oerlikon's exposure to the textile market as a
whole. Focusing exclusively on the high-performing, less cyclical manmade
fibers market reduces the textile share of sales in 2011 (excluding Solar)
from 53 % to 38 % of Oerlikon Group sales in 2012. The manmade fiber area is
the fastest growing in the textile business and Oerlikon, a market leader with
cutting-edge technology, is ideally positioned to benefit disproportionally
from this growth.

In addition to these major transactions, Oerlikon took a number of smaller
portfolio streamlining actions in 2012. In March, the company sold its
property in Arbon, Switzerland, leading to CHF 39 million one-time effect on
EBIT. In April, Oerlikon announced its withdrawal from the optical disc
business. The Group also divested its 13.97 % minority stake in Swiss aircraft
manufacturer Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG. Oerlikon Graziano reduced the number of
Italian manufacturing sites from seven to five following the sale of the
Poretta and Garessio plants.

Q4 summary - strong profitability

The Oerlikon Group reported a strong profitability in the fourth quarter 2012
with an EBIT of CHF 89 million, up 23.6 % compared to CHF 72 million a year
ago. EBIT margin of 12.8 % was significantly above prior year's level of 10.1
%. This result was driven by a strong performance in the Textile, Coating and
Advanced Technologies Segments, whereas Drive Systems and Vacuum Segments
reported lower margins compared to Q4 2011.

Group sales in the fourth quarter 2012 of CHF 693 million were slightly below
CHF 713 million reported in the fourth quarter 2011. Sales growth in the
Textile, Coating and Advanced Technologies Segments was not able to fully
compensate the decline in the Drive Systems and Vacuum Segments.

In light of the challenging economic environment in the fourth quarter, Group
order intake declined by 9.6 % to CHF 634 million (Q4 2011: CHF 701 million)
mainly driven by the Drive Systems and Vacuum Segments, whereas the Textile,
Coating and Advanced Technologies Segments were able to increase order intake.

Increased dividend

In line with the dividend policy introduced in 2012, the Board of Directors of
Oerlikon will propose an increased dividend of CHF 0.25 per share to the
Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, an increase of 25 % compared to fiscal
year 2011. The dividend will be distributed from the reserve from capital
contribution. The payout ratio will again be at 29 % based on a normalized
underlying EPS of CHF 0.85 excluding significant non-recurring items (reported
EPS: CHF 1.18).

Outlook 2013

The global economic environment remains uncertain and challenging which will
also continue to affect Oerlikon's markets. Growth is likely to be weak in the
first half of 2013 with upside potential going forward. Based on the
assumption that the Natural Fibers and Textile Components Business Units will
be successfully divested and exchange rates remain stable, the Group forecasts
the following for 2013 (continuing operations):

  *Order intake to be around the previous year's level with performance in
    the first half offset at least by better performance in the second half of
    the year.
  *Sales at around the previous year's level.
  *Underlying operational profitability to be around the previous year's
    level, temporarily impacted by the divestments in the Textile Segment.

CEO Michael Buscher summarized: "2012 saw the establishment of an excellent
foundation for further developing the Group in operational and strategic
terms. We will continue to focus on operational excellence, innovation,
regional expansion and portfolio optimization to strengthen and expand the
basis for sustainable increases in growth and value creation."

Segment overview

Textile Segment

Key figures Textile Segment as per December 31, 2012 (in CHF million)

                             FY 2012 FY 2011 â??     Q4 20121 Q4 20112 â??
Order intake1                1 039   1 014   +2.5 %  234      222      +5.4 %
Order backlog1               602     673     -10.5 % 602      673      -10.5 %
Sales (to third parties)1    1 103   909     +21.3 % 258      245      +5.3 %
EBIT1                        186     73      >100 %  37       18       >100 %
EBIT margin1                 17.0 %  8.0 %   -       14.2 %   7.2 %    -
EBIT (excl. one-time         147     73      >100 %  37       18       >100 %
EBIT margin (excl. one-time  13.4 %  8.0 %   -       14.2 %   7.2 %    -

1 Continuing operations (2011 restated); 2 Sale of Arbon property

The Textile Segment increased its already high level of sales by 21.3 % to CHF
1 103 million in 2012 as the market for manmade fiber equipment continued to
post strong growth. Order intake rose slightly to CHF 1 039 million (FY 2011:
CHF 1 014 million) posting high order intake for six quarters in succession.

This result was driven by strong demand for innovative products in the
high-performing manmade fiber business. Excluding the one-time effect
resulting from the sale of a real estate property in Arbon, Switzerland, EBIT
margin increased from 8.0 % to 13.4 % achieving a Best-in-Class position. As
forecasted, order backlog normalized and declined to CHF 602 million (FY 2011:
CHF 673 million). The order book provides substantial visibility into fiscal
year 2014; the Segment has already received first orders for fiscal year 2015.

The Textile Segment posted strong growth in China - the Segment's most
important market - as sales expanded by 31 %. In total, the Asian market
represented 76 % of the Segments sales. Sales in Europe increased by 41 %
followed by India with 21 % sales growth.

In 2013, the Textile Segment expects continued high order intake and sales
with some market softening. Due to the anticipated temporary effect caused by
the announced disposal of the Natural Fibers and Textile Components Business
Units, the Segment anticipates a lower reported profitability compared to 2012
with a stable operating margin.

Drive Systems Segment

Key figures Drive Systems Segment as per December 31, 2012 (in CHF million)

                          FY 2012  FY 2011  â??      Q4 2012  Q4 2011  â??
Order intake              766      892      -14.1 %  157      243      -35.4 %
Order backlog             134      213      -37.1 %  134      213      -37.1 %
Sales (to third parties)  826      821      +0.6 %   183      216      -15.3 %
EBIT                      70       49       +42.9 %  13       19       -31.6 %
EBIT margin               8.5 %    6.0 %    -        7.0 %    8.9 %    -

The Drive Systems Segment had stable sales in an increasingly challenging
market, reporting CHF 826 million versus CHF 821 million in the previous year
(up 0.6 %). Despite only slight volume growth, the Segment increased its
profitability a considerable 42.9 % delivering an EBIT of CHF 70 million (FY
2011: CHF 49 million), resulting in an EBIT margin of 8.5 % (FY 2011: 6.0 %).
Optimization measures such as the consolidation of the Italian manufacturing
footprint and partial outsourcing of production to India have begun to
positively influence results, as have the Segment's expanded domestic market
production in China.

Increasingly difficult market conditions toward the end of the year led to a
decline in order intake of 14.1 % to CHF 766 million and a corresponding
decline in order backlog to CHF 134 million (FY 2011: CHF 213 million) -
significantly below the previous year's level.

The Drive Systems Segment expects an overall challenging market environment
especially in the first half of 2013. Order intake is forecasted to grow based
on upside potential in the second half of the year while sales for the full
year are expected to decline slightly. The recognized headwinds in key markets
like mining and energy will transiently impact profitability. However, the
Segment will consequently continue to execute its strategy for mid-term margin
improvement by operational excellence initiatives and regional expansion.

Vacuum Segment

Key figures Vacuum Segment as per December 31, 2012 (in CHF million)

                          FY 2012  FY 2011  â??      Q4 2012  Q4 2011  â??
Order intake              377      400      -5.8 %   90       96       -6.3 %
Order backlog             73       77       -5.2 %   73       77       -5.2 %
Sales (to third parties)  373      409      -8.8 %   89       99       -10.1 %
EBIT                      38       59       -35.6 %  6        10       -40.0 %
EBIT margin               10.2 %   13.9 %   -        6.7 %    9.1 %    -

In 2012, the Vacuum Segment was unable to sustain the level of performance
achieved in 2011: sales fell by 8.8 % to CHF 373 million (FY 2011: CHF 409
million) as a result of the challenging market environment in key areas. EBIT
dropped by 35.6 % to CHF 38 million, which is equivalent to an EBIT margin of
10.2 % (FY 2011: 13.9 %). This was primarily attributable to lower sales
volumes in the European markets and in the industrial applications sector
worldwide. Order intake decreased by 5.8 % to CHF 377 million, while order
backlog declined by 5.2 % to CHF 73 million. A strategic realignment under the
new Segment CEO is already underway.

The Segment invested in additional operational excellence measures so that its
processes can run more efficiently. This includes low-cost sourcing,
modularization and moving more production to China. Following an extensive
analysis of internal logistics processes, the construction of a new logistics
center began at Vacuum's primary facility in Cologne, Germany. This will
commence operations in autumn 2013.

The Vacuum Segment forecasts rising order intake and sales and improved
margins in 2013 despite an increasingly challenging market environment.

Coating Segment

Key figures Coating Segment as per December 31, 2012 (in CHF million)

                           FY 2012  FY 2011  â??     Q4 2012  Q4 2011  â??
Order intake               501      484      +3.5 %  122      121      +0.8 %
Order backlog              -        -        -       -        -        -
Sales (to third parties)   501      484      +3.5 %  122      121      +0.8 %
EBIT                       103      97       +6.2 %  24       24       +0.0 %
EBIT margin                20.5 %   20.1 %   -       19.8 %   19.5 %   -

The Coating Segment delivered strong performance in 2012, surpassing the CHF
500 million mark in sales for the second time in its history. Sales were up
3.5 % to CHF 501 million, and EBIT increased to CHF 103 million (FY 2011: CHF
97 million), up 6.2 % over the prior-year figure, which translates into an
EBIT margin of 20.5 %. These results mean that the Coating Segment is
operating close to Best-in-Class level.

The ongoing process of regional expansion supported this result with new
coating centers in China, Malaysia and India, together with significant
expansion of existing capacities at sites such as Suzhou, China. As at the end
of 2012, the Coating Segment operated 90 centers in 33 countries (FY 2011: 87
centers). The Segment also continued to draw upon its leading technologies to
tap into new areas of application, such as the aircraft industry.

The Coating Segment expects modest sales growth in 2013 and a continued high
level of profitability.

Advanced Technologies Segment

Key figures Advanced Technologies Segment as per December 31, 2012 (in CHF

                          FY 2012  FY 2011  â??      Q4 2012  Q4 2011  â??
Order intake              119      88       +35.2 %  32       18       +77.8 %
Order backlog             25       8        >100 %   25       8        >100 %
Sales (to third parties)  103      108      -4.6 %   40       32       +25.0 %
EBIT                      7        11       -36.4 %  10       4        >100 %
EBIT margin               6.6 %    10.3 %   -        25.0 %   12.3 %   -

The Advanced Technologies Segment reported a slight decrease in sales to CHF
103 million (FY 2011: CHF 108 million) and lower EBIT of CHF 7 million (FY
2011: CHF 11 million), which is equivalent to an EBIT margin of 6.6 %. With
soft demand in the semiconductor market, customers in all market segments
reported lower machine capacity utilization, which resulted in postponement of
projects. The Segment also withdrew from the area of optical storage media in
2012. The portfolio streamlining resulted in restructuring costs of CHF 1
million. Order intake increased by 35.2 % from CHF 88 million to CHF 119
million, as did order backlog, which increased more than three-fold to CHF 25
million due to the low level in 2011 with CHF 8 million. Successful
qualification of Advanced Technologies solutions to address the rising demand
for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and notebooks) and energy-efficient
solutions (LEDs, power devices) were the main drivers of Segment order intake

The Advanced Technologies Segment expects further improvement of order intake
and strong sales growth on an increased order backlog. Substantial investments
in growth opportunities are forecasted to affect the profitability in 2013.

About Oerlikon:

Oerlikon (SIX: OERL) is a leading high-tech industrial group specializing in
machine and plant engineering. The Company is a provider of innovative
industrial solutions and cutting-edge technologies for textile manufacturing,
drive, vacuum, coating, and advanced nanotechnology. A Swiss company with a
tradition going back over 100 years, Oerlikon is a global player with around
12 700 employees at around 160 locations in 34 countries and sales of CHF 2.9
billion in 2012. The Company invested in 2012 CHF 106 million in R&D, with
over 1 000 specialists working on future products and services. In most areas,
the operative businesses rank either first or second in their respective
global markets.

Additional information

Oerlikon will present its results during its press conference today starting
at 10.30 a.m. CET and during its analysts' conference beginning at 2.00 p.m.
CET. The press and analyst conference will take place at the company's
headquarter in Pfäffikon SZ and will be broadcast via internet webcast

Please find the media release including a full set of tables at
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Annual Report 2012: www.oerlikon.com/ir/ar2012

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