C3 Energy Announces Availability of C3 Energy Revenue Protection(TM)

C3 Energy Announces Availability of C3 Energy Revenue Protection(TM) 
Enables Utilities to Predict, Detect, and Reduce Energy Theft and
REDWOOD CITY, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 03/05/13 --  Today, C3 Energy --
a smart grid analytics software provider -- announced the
availability of C3 Energy Revenue Protection. C3 Energy Revenue
Protection integrates data from utilities' Advanced Metering
Infrastructure (AMI) with data from multiple utility systems and
third-party data sources to identify suspicious energy usage and
enable utilities to reduce revenues lost from energy theft and
malfunctioning meters. C3 Energy Revenue Protection is the first
offering in the company's suite of C3 Energy Grid Analytics(TM) SaaS
software solutions. 
"More than $1 trillion is being invested in the build-out of the
smart grid, making it the biggest machine ever conceived -- one that
promises to deliver substantial economic, social, and environmental
benefits. C3 Energy Smart Grid Analytics provide the operating system
for the smart grid," said Ed Abbo, C3 Energy President and Chief
Technology Officer. "C3 Revenue Protection represents an important
first step in helping utilities realize the economic value of their
smart grid deployments and could reduce unbilled energy losses by as
much as $5-10 per meter." 
C3 Energy Revenue Protection Addresses Energy Theft: a Multi-Billion
Dollar Problem 
Power theft has been estimated to impact between .5 and 1 percent of
a utility's overall revenue, costing utilities and energy providers
billions of dollars annually. Historically, theft has been difficult
and expensive to identify, verify, and remediate. The advent of
digital meters has addressed only part of this problem. The
modernization of the electricity metering system with AMI technology
has eliminated the need to send utility personnel to read meters on
site and to visually inspect meters for physical tampering or
malfunction. However, making sense of AMI meter data and rapidly
identifying and prioritizing likely theft situations still present
C3 Energy Revenue Protection Reduces Unbilled Energy from Theft and
Meter Malfunction 
C3 Energy Revenue Protection applies analytics to complex customer
energy consumption data to pinpoint patterns indicating unbilled
energy use, necessary maintenance repairs, and potential safety
issues. It identifies and prioritizes specific opportunities to
reduce energy losses by tracking events such as:  

--  Energy usage readings on inactive meters;
--  Tampered or bypassed meters;
--  Malfunctioning meters; and
--  Anomalies or outliers in energy use patterns compared to typical
    buildings of the same type.

In addition to tracking maintenance and theft issues, the data can also
be used to alert utilities to potential safety hazards, such as high
meter temperatures and under-voltage or over-voltage situations. 
C3 Energy Revenue Protection performs in-depth analysis across large
volumes of data integrated from a range of internal and external data
sources, including: customer information systems (CIS); advanced
metering infrastructure (AMI) and energy usage readings from smart
meters; geographic positioning data; building characteristics; work
management systems; and property management systems. 
With insights from C3 Energy Revenue Protection, utility response
teams are able to address a single, unified queue of opportunities,
from investigation to confirmation to closure. C3 Energy Revenue
Protection employs adaptive algorithms that continually refine and
improve the accuracy of recommendations by integrating the results of
sophisticated data analysis with actual field service verification of
revenue anomalies. 
C3 Energy Grid Analytics: Optimizing Energy Operations 
C3 Energy Smart Grid Analytics solutions for utilities are comprised
of comprehensive demand-side C3 Energy Customer Analytics(TM) and
supply-side C3 Energy Grid Analytics(TM) SaaS software solutions.  
Additional C3 Energy Grid Analytics solutions will be delivered
throughout 2013 and 2014, including: C3 Energy Outage, Analysis,
Prediction, and Restoration(TM); C3 Energy Asset Lifecycle
Analytics(TM); C3 Energy Customer Segmentation and Targeting(TM); and
C3 Energy AMI Voltage Optimization(TM). With these integrated
analytics solutions, utilities will be able to improve the efficiency
and effectiveness of supply-side operations and profitably meet their
business, customer, and environmental goals.  
For more information on C3 Energy's suite of software solutions,
visit http://www.C3energy.com. 
About C3 Energy
 C3 Energy provides analytical software applications
that help utilities to realize the full promise of their investments
in the smart grid -- securely, reliably, and rapidly. C3 Energy's
suite of demand-side and supply-side applications offers end-to-end
insights across utility operations, enabling faster, more effective
decisions, greater operational efficiency, and richer customer
engagement. The C3 Energy Analytics Platform integrates massive
amounts of disparate information, applies sophisticated multilayered
analytics, and supports user interface platforms that generate
actionable insights for utilities and their customers. C3 Energy
Smart Grid Analytics solutions are in use today at utilities and
energy providers, including Pacific Gas and Electric Company; Exelon
companies Constellation and Commonwealth Edison; DTE Energy; Western
Massachusetts Electric Company; Entergy; Southern California Edison;
and Iberdrola companies NYSEG and RG&E. 
For more information, please contact:
C3 Energy
Corporate Public Relations
(650) 503-2200
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