Global Pharmaceutical Company Licenses Ajinomoto’s Corynex™ Recombinant Protein Expression System Following Successful Proof

  Global Pharmaceutical Company Licenses Ajinomoto’s Corynex™ Recombinant
  Protein Expression System Following Successful Proof-of-Concept

Ajinomoto Enables Pharma to Research and Develop Difficult to Express Proteins

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- March 5, 2013

Ajinomoto North America, Inc. today announced a top-tier, global
pharmaceutical company has licensed its Corynex^TM Recombinant Protein
Expression System. The pharma assessed the Technology with a number of
recombinant proteins. Based upon a successful proof-of-concept, the company
has entered a full licensing agreement that allows for the in-house use of
Ajinomoto’s proprietary Corynex^TM Expression.

Corynex^TM uses the gram-positive Corynebacterium glutamicum to reduce
purification steps, lower costs, and increase yield. Corynex^TM does not
require cell lysis or protein refolding, eliminating the need for endotoxin
removal steps. The system also speeds production through a fast-growing
bacterial model, shorter fermentation run to produce proteins and cheaper
bacterium medium cost.

Ajinomoto was initially tasked with expressing a viable level of a series of
proteins for the global pharma, several of which had prior low levels of
expression when using traditional microbial expression platforms. Preliminary
results showed that with the development of protease deficient strains,
Ajinomoto successfully expressed over 50% of the proteins within the study.

This high success rate showcased the market potential for the Corynebacterium
glutamicum expression method – especially with proteins that traditional
expression systems had struggled to express. “We are pleased to extend a
licensing agreement with a top-tier pharmaceutical company to build upon our
initial successful proof-of-concept efforts,” Joel White, business manager of
Ajinomoto, stated.

To read more about Ajinomoto’s successes and lessons learned using its
Corynex^TM Recombinant Protein Expression System, please visit In addition to two case studies, you can download a related
whitepaper, “Speeding and Simplifying Recombinant Protein Production ” and
view video animation of the expression and export of recombinant proteins from
Corynebacterium glutamicum.

Companies looking to bring this proven expression system in-house for the
development of their own proprietary proteins should contact Joel White
directly at or 919.723.2116.

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