Software AG Demonstrates the Power of the Digital Enterprise

  Software AG Demonstrates the Power of the Digital Enterprise

  *The company unveils the industry’s most comprehensive product suite for
    utilizing the four forces of Big Data, Cloud, Mobile and Social
  *Digital Enterprises fully exploit the four forces to deliver real-time
    data to users at the point of decision, integrated with fully digital,
    enterprise-wide business processes
  *Terracotta In-Genius unveiled –  the industry's first scalable in-memory
    intelligence platform – delivers actionable business intelligence from
    multiple real-time data streams – to be released in Q3
  *ARIS 9.0 – introduces the power of Cloud based social collaboration
    allowing a significantly broader set of business managers to collaborate
    on optimizing business processes – available now
  *webMethods 9.0 – includes the market’s first in-memory enabled Enterprise
    Service Bus – allows customers to process hundreds of data streams in
    real-time – to be released in Q2

CeBIT 2013

Business Wire

RESTON, Va. & HANOVER, Germany -- March 4, 2013

Software AG today unveiled the competitive power of the digital enterprise at
CeBIT, the world’s largest IT exhibition taking place in Hanover, Germany.
Software AG is demonstrating its full product portfolio at CeBIT, showing how
the digital enterprise can fully exploit the four forces of Big Data, Cloud,
Mobile and Social Collaboration. The company announced multiple new products
utilizing the four forces including Terracotta In-Genius - the industry's
first scalable in-memory intelligence platform. In-Genius delivers actionable
business intelligence from any Big Data or Industry 4.0 data stream to any
information channel, including web, mobile and point-of-sale. The company also
announced the release of ARIS 9.0 that uses Cloud based social collaboration
technology to accelerate business process optimization by involving
business-line managers in all project phases. Software AG highlighted the
coming webMethods 9.0 integration platform with the markets first in-memory
enabled Enterprise Service Bus, allowing customers to integrate time
sensitive, Cloud and Mobile applications through its significantly increased
performance. In addition, Software AG announced its new mobile suite to manage
and integrate mobile applications providing secure access to real-time
business information anywhere and anytime. The company is also demonstrating a
prototype integration of its high performance transactional database Adabas
with Terracotta technology and Hadoop giving customers analytic capabilities
across their full data assets.

“The IT industry is going through a game changing revolution that will have an
impact more profound than any we have yet seen,” said Software AG CEO
Karl-Heinz Streibich. “Every enterprise must have a unique digital strategy
built around Big Data, Cloud, Mobile and Social technologies if they are to
successfully compete in this new era. Future competitive advantage will be
driven by real-time market information driving collaborative and rapid
business decisions and the ability to respond through agile business

Big Data - Terracotta In-Genius Unveiled

Software AG unveiled its new Big Data product - Terracotta In-Genius - which
delivers real-time business insights from any "Big Data" source to any type of
device for immediate action. In-Genius will enable a brand new class of
applications that easily scale up and out and adapt to new dynamic data sets
in ways that have not been achievable using traditional disk-based data
management approaches.

The ability to act on insights derived from terabytes of data in real-time can
transform entire industries:

  *Financial Services – Save billions annually on fraudulent transactions.
    Terracotta In-Genius will allow companies to stop such transactions using
    complex pattern detection before transaction authorization rather than
  *Logistics Companies – Real-time supply management routings based not only
    on package location but also on historical data, traffic sensors, weather,
    calendar events and other patterns emerging from data.
  *Retail stores – Instant and personalized recommendations not just on the
    web but at the point of sale across all stores, significantly enhancing
    revenues and personalizing the consumer's shopping experience for enhanced
    brand loyalty.

In-Genius will be powered by Terracotta’s new BigMemory 4.0 in-memory data
platform, also announced at CeBIT. In addition, Software AG’s ARIS 9.0 and
webMethods 9.0 product suites have both integrated BigMemory 4.0 technology
putting Software AG at the forefront in enabling enterprises to derive maximum
value from Big Data. Uniquely, with its in-memory agility layer, Software AG
allows customers to operate their business with the speed and precision made
possible by the convergence of the four forces.

Business Processes - ARIS 9.0

With the release of ARIS 9.0, combining new Cloud, Mobile, Social and Analytic
technologies a significantly wider set of stakeholders with a broader set of
business skills and experiences can contribute to process design. The new ARIS
Connect will support deployment in private and hybrid clouds with access
through smart phones and tablet devices. With ARIS Connect, enterprises can
unlock the power of social collaboration for business and IT improvement.
Social collaboration dramatically changes the way people connect, communicate
and collaborate and is impacting the way companies improve business processes.

Integration - webMethods 9.0

Available in Q2, webMethods 9.0 has  the first in-memory enabled Enterprise
Service Bus on the market, extending its fully independent integration layer
to applications deployed in the cloud, on mobile devices and in-house.
webMethods CloudStreams is a new product that allows customers to easily and
efficiently integrate SaaS applications such as with other
on-premise and other SaaS applications, and govern their integration.

The new webMethods Mobile Suite provides a high level of security and covers
the entire life cycle of enterprise, mobile applications. Organizations can
quickly build and distribute mobile applications, allowing only authorized
users and devices on their networks and preventing malicious threats.
Employees, customers and trading partners can now interact with the
enterprises’ IT systems from anywhere in a secure distributed environment.
Through a strategic partnership with metaquark, Software AG also provides a
new mobile application and device administration platform.

The new webMethods Infostreams brings real-time information and event streams
to the right stakeholders enabling collaborative actions and responses. This
is done instantly, independent of location or preferred device.

Transactions – Adabas & BigMemory

Software AG is demonstrating its first prototype of the integration of Adabas
with Terracotta and Hadoop. By integrating data from Industry 4.0 data
streams, Big Data sources and in-house transactional data, enterprises will
have a 360 degree view of both their business and their markets in real-time.

About Software AG

Software AG (FRA: SOW) helps organizations achieve their business objectives
faster. The company's big data, integration and business process technologies
enable customers to drive operational efficiency, modernize their systems and
optimize processes for smarter decisions and better service. Building on over
40 years of customer-centric innovation, the company is ranked as a "leader"
in fifteen market categories, fueled by core product families Adabas and
Natural, ARIS, Terracotta and webMethods. Software AG has more than 5,400
employees in 70 countries and had revenues of €1.05 billion in 2012 (IFRS,
unaudited). Learn more

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