BATS Chi-X Europe Sets Monthly Spanish Market Share Record; U.S. Options Business Reports Best Month To Date

   BATS Chi-X Europe Sets Monthly Spanish Market Share Record; U.S. Options
                     Business Reports Best Month To Date

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  KANSAS CITY, Missouri and LONDON, March 1, 2013

- Overall European Market Share 23.5%; U.S. Equities 11.1%

KANSAS CITY, Missouri and LONDON, March 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- BATS Global
Markets (BATS), a leading operator of securities markets in the U.S. and
Europe, today announced record monthly market share in two key markets – Spain
and U.S. options.

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"We've long identified the Spanish market as important to our European growth
and are pleased to see a significant increase in customer demand to trade
Spanish stocks on BATS Chi-X Europe," said Joe Ratterman, chief executive
officer and president of BATS Global Markets. "We're also encouraged by the
record month in our U.S. options market, where we continue to make progress in
a highly competitive environment."

BATS Chi-X Europe earned 8.9% market share in the IBEX 35 in February,
exceeding its previous record of 5.8% in April 2012. The firm also recorded
its best one-day market share in the Index with 11.9% on Feb. 22.

In the U.S., BATS Options reported 4.0% market share in February vs. 2.8% a
year ago and 3.9% last month. BATS' U.S. equities market share came in at
11.1% vs. 10.9% a year ago and 11.7% in January. February marked a record 10th
consecutive month with at least 11% U.S. equities market share.

BATS Chi-X Europe, the largest pan-European equities exchange by notional
value traded and market share in February, recorded overall market share of
23.5% compared to 24.1% in January and 25.3% a year ago. Average daily
notional value was €8.0 billion in February vs. €7.5 billion in January with
the latest figure representing the strongest monthly turnover for BATS Chi-X
Europe since June 2012. BATS Chi-X Europe's CXE dark order book was the
largest dark order book in Europe with an average of €314.0 million traded per
day in February.

  *Overall equities industry volumes in the U.S. and Europe continued their
    upward trend for the year. In the U.S., overall equities volume averaged
    6.6 billion shares a day in February, up from a daily average of 6.4
    billion shares in January, and down from an average 6.9 billion shares a
    day one year ago.
  *In the European securities markets covered by BATS Chi-X Europe, the total
    consolidated industry average daily notional value traded was €34.0
    billion in February, up from a daily average of €31.3 billion in January
    and down from €34.9 billion one year ago. 

Other February Highlights:

  *BATS was named "Best Exchange Technology" at the inaugural Market's Choice
    Awards in New York on Feb. 21, ahead of other major U.S.-based exchange
  *ProShares, a premier provider of alternative exchange traded funds (ETFs),
    listed its second ETF on the BATS Exchange. The ProShares Global Listed
    Private Equity ETF began trading on Feb. 28.
  *BATS Options will list and trade Mini Options beginning March 18, giving
    investors affordable access to options on five high-priced and actively
    traded securities: Apple, Google, Amazon, SPDR Gold Trust and SPDR S&P
  *BATS Chi-X Europe's two dark order books, CXE and BXE, both grew in
    February to combined average daily notional value of €569.1 million
    compared to €552.3 million in January and €447.5 million one year ago.

February 2013 Volume and Market Share Summary

U.S. Equities                                              February 2013
 Overall Industry – Average Daily Consolidated
Volume                                                 6.6 billion shares
 BATS Exchanges (BZX and BYX Exchange) – Matched
Market Share                                           11.1%
 BATS Exchanges (BZX and BYX Exchange) – Average
Daily Matched Volume                                   727.4 million shares
U.S. Equity Options
 Overall Industry – Average Daily Consolidated
Volume                                                 16.5 million contracts
 BATS Options – Matched Market Share               4.0%
 BATS Options – Average Daily Matched Volume       650,531 contracts
European Equities
 Pan-European Total Consolidated Volume(1) –
Average Daily Notional Value                           €34.0 billion
 BATS Chi-X Europe – Overall European Market Share 23.5%
 BATS Chi-X Europe – Total Notional Value Traded   €160.2 billion
 BATS Chi-X Europe – Average Daily Notional Value  €8.0 billion

(1)Based on BATS Chi-X Europe market coverage, available at

Volume and Market Share Statistics by Market – U.S. Equities, U.S. Equity
Options, European Equities

A complete breakdown of February volume and market share for each market
center is outlined below. To track U.S. and European market share for all
major trading exchanges and other venues, please visit:

U.S. Equities (The BATS Exchanges)
                                        February 2013       February 2012
The BATS Exchanges (BZX & BYX        (In millions, except percentages; volume
combined)                             and notional figures exclude odd-lots)
 Average daily matched volume                 727.4                757.5
 Total notional value traded
for the month                                 $493,529.7           $522,396.1
 Market share percentage (for the
Overall matched market share                       11.1%                10.9%
Tape A                                              9.7%                 9.4%
 Tape B                                         14.5%                14.8%
 Tape C                                         11.8%                11.7%
Volume By Exchange:
BZX Exchange:
 Average daily matched volume                  601.1                587.3
 Total notional value traded for
the month                                     $416,493.3           $420,981.3
 Market share percentage (for the
Overall matched market share                        9.1%                 8.5%
Tape A                                              7.7%                 7.0%
 Tape B                                         12.5%                12.2%
 Tape C                                         10.0%                 9.3%
BYX Exchange:
 Average daily matched volume                  126.3                170.2
 Total notional value traded for
the month                                      $77,036.4           $101,414.8
 Market share percentage (for the
Overall matched market share                        1.9%                 2.4%
Tape A                                              1.9%                 2.5%
 Tape B                                          2.0%                 2.6%
 Tape C                          1.8%                 2.3%
BATS 1000 Index

(a broad-based U.S. equities market  17,116.32 (02/28/13 15,505.32 (02/28/12
benchmark)                                        close)               close)

U.S. Equity Options (BATS Options)
                                February 2013              February 2012
                          Contracts    Market share   Contracts  Market share
Average daily matched
volume                        650,531            4.0%    483,306         2.8%
European Equities(2) (BATS Chi-X Europe)
                                             February 2013    February 2012
                                             (In millions, except percentage)
Total notional value                            € 160,122.3        €185,247.6
Average daily notional value                      € 8,006.1          €8,821.4
Displayed average daily notional value            € 7,437.0          €8,343.9
 Non-displayed(3) average daily notional
value                                               € 569.1            €477.5
Overall European market share                         23.5%             25.3%

Market share by market (for the period):
                             February 2013 February 2012
London market overall                29.1%         31.9%
FTSE 100 securities                  32.9%         36.6%
FTSE 250 securities                  22.6%         26.7%
Paris market overall                 24.1%         27.7%
CAC 40 securities                    25.8%         29.2%
CAC Next20 securities                21.2%         27.6%
Frankfurt market overall             24.3%         26.3%
DAX 30 securities                    25.6%         27.7%
MDAX securities                      25.1%         27.0%
Amsterdam market overall             24.7%         30.1%
AEX securities                       25.7%         30.9%
AMX securities                       17.5%         21.0%
Brussels market overall              22.2%         24.8%
BEL 20 securities                    23.3%         28.7%
Milan market overall                 15.0%         13.5%
FTSE MIB securities                  16.0%         14.3%
Zurich market overall                22.0%         24.4%
SMI securities                       23.8%         25.7%
SMIM securities                      15.7%         18.8%
Nordic market overall                25.7%         22.3%
Helsinki OMXH25 securities           25.9%         27.5%
Stockholm OMXS30 securities          29.2%         25.1%
Copenhagen OMXC20 securities         24.6%         18.0%
Oslo OBX securities                  20.3%         17.8%
Vienna market overall                16.4%         17.8%
 ATX securities              16.7%         18.0%
Lisbon market overall                13.6%         13.8%
 PSI-20 securities           13.6%         13.9%
Dublin market overall                 6.9%          4.2%
 ISEQ 20 securities           6.9%          4.2%
Madrid market overall                 8.8%          5.0%
 IBEX 35 securities           8.9%          5.0%
Key Indices
EUROSTOXX 50 securities              22.4%         23.9%

(2)Represent consolidated figures for BATS Europe (BXE) and Chi-X Europe (CXE)
lit and dark books, unless otherwise noted.

(3) BXE and CXE non-displayed order books.

About BATS Global Markets, Inc.

BATS Global Markets, Inc. (BATS) is one of the world's largest stock market
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U.S. and the largest pan-European stock exchange. With a focus on building
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