EARLY EQUITY PLC: Audited Final Results

Early Equity Plc                                 
                   ("Early Equity" or the "Company")                        

                             Audited Final Results                             

On 31 January 2013, the Company released its `Unaudited Final Results' for the
year ended 31 August 2012, which were prepared in accordance with United
Kingdom Generally Accepted Accounting Practice ("UKGAAP"). At that time, the
Company also announced that its audited results for the year ended 31 August
2012 would be prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting
Standards ("IFRS"). The Board is now pleased to present the audited results for
Early Equity Plc for the year ended 31 August 2012 prepared in accordance with
IFRS. The final results for the year ended 31 August 2011 presented below, have
been restated in accordance with IFRS and the unaudited results for the year
ended 31 August 2012, announced under UKGAAP on 31 January 2013, have been
included in this statement to highlight the principle differences.


  * Total comprehensive loss of (£15,808) (2011-restated: loss of (£63,992)).
      * Loss on sale of investment of £59,047 as a result of sales of shares in
    Alpha Prospects Plc and Perform Marketing Limited.
      * Investment portfolio stated at market value, less impairment provisions: £
    286,078 (2011-restated: £500,093).
      * Value of the investments in Tangibal Group Plc quoted on Frankfurt Börse
    and Alpha Prospects Plc quoted on ISDX continue to stand at premium to
      * Net assets of £277,937 down 36% year on year (2011-restated: £435,229).
      * All outstanding loans were repaid and the Company is now largely free of

The Company reports an operating loss for the year of (£140,582)
(2011-restated: (£68,312)). A loss on sale of investment of £59,047 was
incurred following the sales of shares in Alpha Prospects Plc (`Alpha') and
Perform Marketing Limited. Our remaining investment in Alpha remains non-core
and we continue to seek to realise this asset at an advantageous price. 
In February 2012, the Company reached an agreement with the previous directors
of the Company, Robert Painting and Jonathan Hall, to settle all outstanding
loans from Mr. Painting and Harbinger Capital Plc. Subsequently in March 2012,
the Company used funds from sales of investments to strengthen its balance
sheet by settling all outstanding debts within the Company, leaving it debt
During the period, Gregory Collier, Lim Hui Jie and I joined the Board; Robert
Painting and Jonathan Hall have stepped down from the Board. 
The Board believes that life on the ISDX Growth Market for small investment
companies such as ours will continue to be difficult for the foreseeable
future. The nature of the Company's investments is such that whilst high
returns are possible, liquidity in these investments is very low and
realisation of profit and cash through sales remains difficult. Operating
expenses will continue to be kept at a minimum until more regular cash flows
can be generated. 
Subsequent to the reporting period, in October 2012, the Company undertook a
share capital reorganisation and an Open Offer to raise approximately £200,000
(gross of expenses). The net proceeds of the Open Offer will be used for
working capital purposes and to evaluate prospective investments under the
Company's revised investment strategy, which is to invest in early stage, small
to medium enterprises around the world. 
The Directors have identified potential investments in technology and
distribution of consumer products which we are currently evaluating. The Board
intends to seek further realisations of the Company's existing portfolio and to
create value for shareholders through making investments which have a
significant potential uplift. We believe that the Company will be in a position
to create further shareholder value in the near future. 
Finally, on behalf of the Board, I would like to take this opportunity of
thanking the Company's professional advisers for their support and assistance
throughout the year. 
Christopher Neo - Executive Director
28 February 2013 
CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF COMPREHENSIVE                                        
FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 AUGUST 2012                                               

                                                IFRS     (Restated)    UKGAAP   
                                                2012        2011        2012    
                                                 GBP         GBP         GBP    

CONTINUING OPERATIONS                                                           
TURNOVER                                          6,000      17,000       6,000 
OTHER INCOME                                     13,894           -      13,894 
ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES                        (83,665)    (33,579)    (83,712) 
OTHER OPERATING EXPENSES                       (75,506)    (49,301)    (75,506) 
FINANCE COSTS                                   (1,305)     (2,632)     (1,260) 
( LOSS) BEFORE TAX                            (140,582)    (68,312)         204 
INCOME TAX                                            -           -             
(LOSS) FOR THE YEAR                           (140,582)    (68,312)         204 
OTHER COMPREHENSIVE INCOME                                                      
Reclassification of fair value gain on          124,774       4,320   ---------
of available-for-sale financial assets                                          
OTHER COMPREHENSIVE INCOME FOR THE YEAR         124,774       4,320   --------- 
TOTAL COMPREHENSIVE LOSS FOR THE YEAR         (£15,808)   (£63,992)         
BASIC AND DILUTED LOSS PER SHARE (PENCE)         (0.04)      (0.16)        0.00 
CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL                                            
AS AT 31 AUGUST 2012                                                            

                                            IFRS       (Restated)     UKGAAP   
                                            2012          2011         2012    
                                            GBP           GBP          GBP     

NON-CURRENT ASSETS                                                              
Available-for-sale financial assets           286,078      500,093      202,743 
CURRENT ASSETS                                                                  
Trade and other receivables                    14,736        7,098       14,736 
Cash and cash equivalents                           -        3,000              

                                               14,736       10,098       14,736

CURRENT ASSETS                                                                  
Trade and other receivables                  (22,877)       75,062     (22,980) 
NET CURRENT LIABILITIES                       (8,141)     (64,864)      (8,244) 
NET ASSETS                                   £277,937     £435,229     
Share capital                                 222,170      197,170      222,170 
Share premium                                 206,090      206,090      206,090 
Fair value reserve                             98,198      264,682      ------- 
Accumulated losses                          (248,521)    (232,713)    (233,761) 
SHAREHOLDERS' FUNDS                          £277,937     £435,229     
This financial information has been extracted from the audited financial
statements of the Company for the year ended 31 August 2012. The financial
statements are prepared in accordance with the International Financial
Reporting Standards. The audited accounts for the year ended 31 August 2012
were approved and signed on 28 February 2013. 
The Directors do not recommend the payment of a dividend for the period. 
A copy of the Company's financial statements will be posted to shareholders and
will be delivered to the Registrar of Companies. A copy of the full financial
statements will be published on the Company's website: www.earlyequity.co.uk 
The Directors of the Company accept responsibility for the announcement. 
Early Equity Plc
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Fungai Ndoro and Eran Zucker 
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