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Bourbon : Delivery of the Bourbon Evolution 803

PR Newswire/Les Echos/  PRESS RELEASE                                                       Paris, February 26th 2012                 BOURBON takes delivery of the Bourbon Evolution 803,              the 3rd vessel in the 1st large IMR series for the offshore                                       industry    A series of vessels designed to operate in complete safety at depths of 3000         meters. The first two sisterships already operate in West Africa.  Resource exploration is going into increasingly deep waters and the new milestone for oil and gas marine industry operations is now at 2,500 to 3,000 meters. To meet this requirement, BOURBON has ordered a large series of 10 IMR (Inspection, Maintenance, Repair) vessels called Bourbon Evolution 800.  "The series of 10 Bourbon Evolution 800 vessels means BOURBON can provide clients with a new generation of versatile vessels devoted to subsea  operations. They are designed to meet future challenges in the offshore oil  sector and operate at depths of 3,000m in complete safety. These vessels  provide a variety of services in operational and economic harmony with the  deep offshore market," says Christian Lefèvre, Managing Director of BOURBON.  "The Bourbon Evolution 800 vessels are in line with the BOURBON strategy for fleet standardization and management optimization as pro ved by the successful choice of diesel-electric propulsion system on the Bourbon Liberty series, 2 large cranes that can work simultaneously and DP3 dynamic positioning."  Encouraging results for the first in the series, the Ungundja  The first vessel in the series, the Ungundja, has been operating in Angola  since December 2011. Total E&P Angola has said it has "really added value to  offshore operations as, they are more numerous and meticulous and they require  larger lifting systems." After over a year of operations, the vessel installed  numerous jumpers and christmas trees on the Dalia and Pazflor fields as well  as other standout operations.  The Bourbon Evolution 802 joined the fleet in September 2012 and operates off the coast of Nigeria. Most recent addition to the series and delivered at the end of January 2013, the Bourbon Evolution 803 will soon operate in Malaysia.  Optimized vessels to meet client requirements  The Bourbon Evolution 800 vessels have seen BOURBON launch a series that satisfies oil company requirements in terms of operational excellence, risk management and cost optimization in the deep offshore market:  * Increased level of redundancy for improved reliability    The installed equipment's redundancy enables vessels in the series to safely   provide business continuity on behalf of the customer.    The series vessels have 7 diesel-electric generators, 2 machine rooms, 2   electric rooms, 2 VSAT communication systems, 2 cranes that can work   simultaneously, 3 stern propellers and 3 bow propellers.  * Better maneuverability for completely safe operations    The Bourbon Evolution 800 vessels provide the highest level of dynamic   positioning (DP3) in addition to 6 propellers on each vessel.  * Interior layout designed for client comfort    In addition to the excellent work and relaxation conditions in the cabins,    the Bourbon Evolution 800 vessels are unique in providing clients with a    dedicated deck featuring all the features required for optimized management:    IT and communication system and wide view of operations.  * Reduced operations costs  The Bourbon Evolution 800 vessels are equipped with a diesel-electric  propulsion system, particularly economical for offshore operations, whose  7 diesel-electric generators provide intelligent and improved energy  management thus saving fuel.  The series was designed to provide a range of operational configurations e.g.  to accommodate over 200 people (floatel), support well intervention operations (wireline) and well testing operations (well-testing).  "Stand-by" firefighting and anti-pollution functions  The Bourbon Evolution 800 series' original configuration enables it to combat fire and pollution. The "stand-by" functions enable vessels to fight fire, rescue people from the water and deploy floating barriers to isolate hydrocarbons in the water and store them in the holds.  Senior Vice President Business Management Subsea Services Patrick Belenfant says: "The trust our clients have shown us in our first three sisterships from the Bourbon Evolution 800 series proves that BOURBON's range of subsea  services is in line with their requirements in terms of safety, reliability  and cost".  You can find further information about the Bourbon Evolution 800 on their webpage  About BOURBON BOURBON offers the most demanding oil and gas companies a comprehensive range  of surface and subsea marine services for offshore oil and gas fields and wind farms, based on an extensive range of latest-generation vessels. The Group  provides a local service through its 27 operating subsidiaries, close to  clients and their operations, guaranteeing the highest standards of service  quality and safety worldwide.  BOURBON has two Businesses (Marine Services and Subsea Services) and also protects the French coastline for the French Navy.  Under the "BOURBON 2015 Leadership Strategy" plan, the Group is investing in a large fleet of innovative and highperformance offshore vessels built in series.  In 2012, BOURBON posted revenues of EUR1.187 billion and operated a fleet of  458 vessels as of December 31, 2012. Classified by ICB (Industry  Classification Benchmark) in the "Oil Services" sector, BOURBON is listed for  trading on Euronext Paris, Compartment A, participates in the Deferred  Settlement Service ("SRD") and is included in the SBF 120 and CAC Mid 60  indices.  CONTACT  Publicis Consultants  Jérôme Goaer        (00 33) (0)1 44 82 46 24 -           Véronique Duhoux    (00 33) (0)1 44 82 46 33 -           BOURBON  Investor Relations - Analysts - Shareholders Patrick Mangaud     (00 33) (0)1 40 13 86 09 -          Communications Christa Roqueblave  (00 33) (0)1 40 13 86 06 -                                                The content and accuracy of news releases published on this site and/or  distributed by PR Newswire or its partners are the sole responsibility of the  originating company or organisation. 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