Virtustream and Skilled Analysts to Offer Enterprise Big Data Cloud Solutions Powered by Druid, Metamarkets’ Open Source

  Virtustream and Skilled Analysts to Offer Enterprise Big Data Cloud
  Solutions Powered by Druid, Metamarkets’ Open Source Analytics Database

 The collaboration delivers secure and real-time big data cloud solutions to

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SAN FRANCISCO -- February 27, 2013

Virtustream, Inc., the leading enterprise cloud software and
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, today announced it has partnered
with Metamarkets, the leader in real-time analytics for online advertising,
and Skilled Analysts, a leading consulting firm, to offer big data solutions
in the cloud. Together, these companies will provide enterprise customers with
tailored, real-time analytics services, delivered on-demand from secure
public, private and hybrid clouds.

There is a significant and growing demand for real-time analytics across the
large volumes of business information today. Many organizations are
experimenting with open source big data tools, but find that setup requires
specialized skills.Through the combination of Virtustream’s secure enterprise
class cloud, Metamarkets’ Druid real-time analytics database and Skilled
Analysts’ consulting services, enterprises now have access to tailored big
data solutions that can be run on demand from any cloud – private public or
hybrid, with professional services as needed. Running Druid in the cloud
simplifies setup and expedites deployment, which in turn improves time to

To illustrate the power of big data, the companies have provided two
demonstrations on the web at The first demo
takes the live data from parking meters in San Francisco and provides a street
map to the nearest empty parking space. This demonstrates real-time analysis
using the power of the Druid in-memory database, which is used across vertical
industries, to analyze massive amounts of big data. The second example takes
very large U.S. census datasets and provides a fast Hadoop search of the
changing dynamics of the U.S., showing demographics, age, state and
distribution across massive scale. The power of Hadoop with such large
datasets has been used to detect lucrative market segments, analyze
medical/pharmaceutical data and even political campaigns to tailor messages to
specific constituencies.

“Enterprises need real-time analytics to take full advantage of big data, and
we are excited to provide a cloud environment that is secure and scalable for
their large-scale data projects,” said Rodney Rogers, chairman and CEO of
Virtustream. “As enterprise IT expands in size and complexity, organizations
will adopt technologies to accelerate their business and identify new
insights. Big data analytics delivered from our cloud give these enterprises
flexible, real-time data solutions to make better business decisions.”

Powered by Virtustream µVM^TM (micro-VM) technology, xStream offers a
pay-as-you-go cloud service that only charges customers for the resources
actually used. With big data projects that require a significant amount of
storage and compute, consumption-based pricing delivers significant cost
savings to customers.

“We are excited to collaborate with Virtustream and Skilled Analysts in
empowering customers to leverage the power of their vast amount of data by
using the Druid analytics database,” said Mike Driscoll, CEO at Metamarkets.
“Metamarkets developed Druid to better meet the needs of big data analytics
requiring fast, real-time access. We made Druid available to the open source
community to fill a gap in the existing big data ecosystem for a real-time
analytical data store.”

Metamarkets created Druid, a real-time analytics database, which is the first
open source, distributed, analytical data store designed to operate in
real-time and scale horizontally. Druid is perfectly suited for large-scale,
real-time data analysis of massive volumes of business data.

“Setting up the required hardware and big data software has been a formidable
challenge for many firms. Having these systems already deployed at Virtustream
and only being billed for actual usage makes the whole process much simpler,”
said David Park, chief technology officer at Skilled Analysts. “We’ve found
Druid to be an extremely powerful tool that can analyze large incoming data
streams in close to real time.”

To assist enterprises with the installation, configuration and use of big data
tools, Skilled Analysts offers data scientists with extensive design and
implementation expertise to establish and run Druid and Hadoop projects.

Metamarkets and Virtustream are sponsoring a Real-Time Data Rave on Wednesday,
February 27, from 9:00 p.m. to midnight at the Hyatt Hotel Cypress room, as
part of the O’Reilly Strata Conference. For more information or to register
for the event, visit

About Virtustream

Virtustream is a leading cloud innovator offering enterprise class cloud
software and IaaS for enterprises, governments and service providers.
Virtustream simplifies moving complex IT to the cloud - whether private,
public or hybrid – while delivering the full economic and business benefits of
the cloud. Virtustream offers xStream:a secure, high availability,
enterprise-class hybrid cloud solution, delivering application level SLAs for
mission critical applications (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and thousands more).
xStream is available as software for existing data centers and as a managed
service from Virtustream's cloud – all backed byprofessional services to
design, migrate, and manage clouds. Virtustream offers xStream worldwide; owns
data centers in the U.S. and EMEA;operates an international Cloud Exchange;
has offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Washington D.C., Atlanta,
Toronto, Dublin, Dubai and Saudi Arabia and has partners in Asia and China.

About Metamarkets and Druid

Metamarkets is the trusted provider of real-time analytics as a service for
online marketing. Our groundbreaking solution empowers buyers, sellers, and
facilitators of digital marketing for the Web and Mobile, with critical
business insights and actionable information in real-time to make intelligent
decisions. Our scalable solution offers rapid deployment and hands-off ongoing
operations without burdening your internal operations and engineering teams,
freeing them up to concentrate on core differentiating technology. We are the
only truly scalable analytics service for the Real Time Bidding (RTB)
Advertising world, with a turnkey solution to convert big data into actions
that lower costs and lift revenues. For more information, please visit

Druid is an open source distributed in-memory analytics database designed for
performance and high availability on commodity hardware. Druid is available on
a variety of platforms, for on premise deployments and as a service from cloud
providers like Amazon Web Services and Virtustream (VMware). For more
information please visit:


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