WANdisco Launches Non-Stop NameNode for 100% Hadoop Uptime

WANdisco Launches Non-Stop NameNode for 100% Hadoop Uptime 
WANdisco Applies Patented Non-Stop Technology to Meet Hadoop
Availability, Performance and Scalability Requirements 
SANTA CLARA, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 02/27/13 --   Strata -- WANdisco
(LSE: WAND), a provider of high-availability software for global
enterprises to meet the challenges of Big Data and distributed
software development, today announced the availability of its
Non-Stop NameNode, the only 100 percent uptime solution for Hadoop.
Non-Stop NameNode completely eliminates the single point of failure
that risks data availability -- the NameNode -- which tracks the
data's location within a Hadoop cluster and coordinates client access
to it.  
"This announcement demonstrates our commitment to enterprises looking
to deploy Hadoop in their production environments today," said David
Richards. "If the NameNode is unavailable, the Hadoop cluster goes
down. With other solutions, a single NameNode server actively
supports client requests and complex procedures are required if a
failure occurs. The Non-Stop NameNode eliminates those issues and
also allows for planned maintenance without downtime. WANdisco
provides 100% uptime with unmatched scalability and performance." 
Built on the company's Non-Stop patented 
technology for deployment on
Apache Hadoop 2, its own distribution, WANdisco Distro, or Cloudera's
CDH, Non-Stop NameNode enables multiple active NameNode servers to
act as peers, maintaining continuous synchronization and
simultaneously supporting client access to the Hadoop cluster. If one
server fails, or is taken down for scheduled maintenance, others take
over automatically without any downtime. When the server comes back
up, it immediately resynchronizes itself with the others in the
cluster and resumes normal operation. This completely eliminates the
risk of downtime and data loss due to human error during failover and
"Hadoop was not originally developed to support real-time, mission
critical applications, and thus its inherent single point of failure
was not a major issue of concern," said Jeff Kelly, Big Data Analyst
at Wikibon. "But as Hadoop gains mainstream adoption, traditional
enterprises rightly are looking to Hadoop to support both batch
analytics and mission critical apps. With WANdisco's unique Non-Stop
NameNode approach, enterprises can feel confident that mission
critical applications running on Hadoop, and specifically HBase, are
not at risk of data loss due to a NameNode failure because, in fact,
there is no single NameNode. This is a major step forward for
"WANdisco is delivering Hadoop solutions for enterprises with mission
critical applications," said Mani Chhabra, CEO of Cloudwick
Technologies, a provider of professional Big Data services and
WANdisco systems integration partner. "Non-Stop NameNode removes the
single point of failure risk, which eliminates the challenge
enterprises currently face with Hadoop. WANdisco is the first company
delivering solutions capable of deploying global Hadoop clusters
spanning multiple data centers. We're excited to be one of their
first Big Data partners." 
Following are some key features of the Non-Stop NameNode: 

--  Every server is a continuous hot backup of every other. This is
    leveraged to provide automated failover and recovery after server
    outages without administrator intervention.
--  Non-Stop NameNode automated failover and recovery features can be used
    to eliminate downtime for scheduled maintenance.
--  Risk of data corruption due to "split-brain" is eliminated because all
    NameNode servers actively support clients and are always in sync.
--  Non-Stop NameNode scales as more servers are added to the cluster to
    support increased workload without sacrificing performance
--  Unlike other solutions limited to a LAN or Metropolitan Area Network,
    WANdisco's Non-Stop NameNode delivers the same capabilities over a WAN
    regardless of distance, enabling global business continuity
--  Provides full support for HBase and works with Hadoop 2, WANdisco
    Distro (WDD) and CDH 4.1.x

Pricing and Availability
 Non-Stop NameNode is available at
www.wandisco.com/hadoop/non-stop-namenode and is priced at $2,000 per
node annually. Platinum Support for WANdisco Hadoop Products, which
provides global 24/7 coverage, is priced at $3,000 per node annually
and includes guaranteed response times, indemnification coverage,
Hadoop Cluster Health Check, eight hours of free consulting or
training, Bug Buddy and more. Gold Support provides 8/5 coverage
(customer chooses GMT, EST or PST) and is priced at $2,000 per node
annually. The WANdisco Non-Stop NameNode will be demonstrated at
WANdisco's booth, #317, at the Strata Conference in Santa Clara, Feb.
26-28. For additional information, please visit
About WANdisco
 WANdisco (LSE: WAND) is a provider of
enterprise-ready, non-stop software solutions that enable globally
distributed organizations to meet today's data challenges of secure
storage, scalability and availability. WANdisco's products are
differentiated by the company's patented, active-active data
replication technology, serving crucial high availability (HA)
requirements, including Hadoop Big Data and Application Lifecycle
Management (ALM). Fortune Global 1000 companies including AT&T,
Motorola, Intel and Halliburton rely on WANdisco for performance,
reliability, security and availability. For additional information,
please visit www.wandisco.co
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