NXP Achieves Breakthrough in Sound Quality With 9.5V Boost Voltage in Mobile Micro Speakers

NXP Achieves Breakthrough in Sound Quality With 9.5V Boost Voltage in Mobile 
Micro Speakers 
TFA9890 Audio Driver IC Pumps Out a Record 4 W of Peak Power Into a
Standard 8-ohm Speaker, With Advanced Speaker Protection 
02/27/13 --  In a push for better sound quality and more output
volume, leading mobile phone makers have been raising the internal
voltage used to drive micro speakers -- from 3.3V through to 5V, and
recently as high as 8V. This week at Mobile World Congress 2013, NXP
Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI) is launching its new TFA9890 speaker
driver IC, which enables an unprecedented 9.5V boost voltage from an
integrated DC/DC converter. Increasing the voltage headroom in the
audio driver IC prevents amplifier clipping and keeps sound quality
high at maximum volume. The most powerful driver yet for micro
speakers, the TFA9890 safely drives a record 4 W of peak power into a
standard 8-ohm speaker that is typically rated at 0.5 W, making a
clear improvement to the sound output and quality of mobiles,
tablets, TVs and portable speakers. 
"As handsets increasingly become multimedia devices, the message from
consumers is loud and clear: Better sound quality can be the
difference between a phone you tolerate and a phone you love," said
Shawn Scarlett, director of marketing, mobile audio solutions, NXP
Semiconductors. "The commercial success of the TFA9887 audio IC we
introduced last year has been game-changing -- and with the TFA9890,
we're raising the bar for sound quality from mobile devices." 
Advanced speaker protection for outstanding sound quality
traditional approaches have required cutting bass frequencies to
avoid damaging the speaker, the TFA9890 builds on the advanced
speaker protection introduced in the award-winning TFA9887 to enable
safe operation while working at near-peak output at all times. The
fully integrated protection includes adaptive excursion control, a
unique approach that compensates for real-world changes in the
acoustic environment. The IC measures current and voltage to the
speaker, and uses the information to adapt the protection algorithm
to account for changes like ageing, damage to the enclosure, and
blocked speaker ports. 
The feedback-controlled excursion protection algorithm enables the
TFA9890 -- a single chip that includes NXP's CoolFlux DSP, a Class-D
amplifier with current sensing, and a DC-to-DC converter -- to
provide nearly twice as much power into 8-ohm speakers, with sound
output typically 6-12 dB higher than the TFA9887. In addition to
increasing the speaker volume, the DC-to-DC converter's 9.5V boost
voltage improves sound quality by increasing voltage headroom and
eliminating amplifier clipping. 
Other circuits and algorithms which improve sound quality include an
advanced clip avoidance algorithm, which monitors audio performance
and prevents clipping even when the power supply begins to sag.
Bandwidth extension increases the low frequency response well below
speaker resonance. Further, the intelligent DC-to-DC boost converter
in the TFA9890 also prevents the audio system from causing battery
under-voltage issues for the mobile device. The advanced, embedded
algorithms require no separate licensing and allow designers to
customize their audio sound quality and choose how to optimize the
phone's performance.  
The TFA9890 is now sampling with lead customers and will be released
in Q2 2013. A demo showing the performance of the TFA9890 is featured
this week at the NXP booth at Mobile World Congress (Hall 7, A111),
and can also be viewed here: http://youtu.be/oaUtrpALyi8 

--  VIDEO: Introducing the TFA9890: Louder, Deeper, Better, Safer:
--  NXP TFA9890 product information: http://www.nxp.com/pip/TFA9890UK

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