Dell Extends Leadership in Privileged Account Management with Unified Security and Management Solution Set

  Dell Extends Leadership in Privileged Account Management with Unified
  Security and Management Solution Set

  *Single console provides increased visibility and accountability for
    “inside-out” protection within the organization

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ROUND ROCK, Texas -- February 26, 2013

As reports of corporate data breaches regularly surface,  Dell Software is
enabling IT to drive connected security across the organization, offering
protection from the inside and the outside. Today, Dell announced the release
of Quest One Privileged Access Suite for Unix, which combines Active Directory
bridge and root delegation technologies to combat against poorly managed
privileged accounts with a single, intuitive interface, to help protect the
organization from the inside out.

Hackers increasingly are mounting targeted, purposeful attacks on company
infrastructure.  Reports abound of disgruntled employees who misuse their
privileged access to steal sensitive company data and customer information, or
cause havoc to the organization’s computer system. Unix systems, by their
nature, have the potential for catastrophic security lapses, particularly in
the hands of an unhappy employee. Organizations often have many Unix and Linux
servers, each functioning independently and requiring its own management of
the shared root account. Not only does this result in a disconnected
collection of inconsistent controls that rely heavily on error-prone manual
processes, but it also means that access to the root account for each system
is gained through a password often shared among IT staff.

News Facts:

  *Dell Software has refocused the lens on security to establish a connected
    perimeter around the entire IT environment, offering protection from
    threats both external and internal. To help protect the organization from
    the inside out, Dell’s Quest One Privileged Access Suite for Unix unifies
    and consolidates identities across the entire environment, assigning
    individual accountability and enabling centralized reporting for Unix
  *Quest One Privileged Access Suite for Unix bundles three privileged
    account management solutions under a unified console designed to resolve
    the management and security shortcomings inherent in Unix.

       *Authentication Services is Dell’s AD bridge solution, which extends
         the security and compliance of Active Directory to Unix and Linux ─
         along with Mac and many enterprise applications ─ and shares a
         powerful management interface and tight integration with both Quest
         One Privilege Manager for Unix and Quest One Privilege Manager for
       *Quest One Privilege Manager for Unix is a replacement for sudo that
         provides fine-grained, policy-based control to protect the full power
         of root  access from potential misuse or abuse, and helps define and
         enforce security policies stipulating who has access to which root
         function, as well as when and where individuals can perform those
       *Quest One Privilege Manager for Sudo  takes  privileged account
         management using sudo to the next level, eliminating inefficient and
         inconsistent box-by-box management. Dell’s unique plug-ins can
         enhance sudo 1.8.1 (and newer) with a central policy server,
         centralized management of sudo and the sudoers’ policy file, and
         centralized reporting on sudoers access rights and activities, as
         well as keystroke logging of activities performed through sudo.

  *Quest One Privileged Access Suite for Unix gives IT a modular and
    integrated privileged account management solution with a unified single
    source of the truth for access across the entire Unix/Linux environment,
    using sudo or advanced delegation capabilities that best fit the
    organization’s needs.
  *Quest One Privileged Access Suite for Unix is available immediately, with
    North American pricing starting at $524USD* per server.

Supporting Quotes:

John Milburn, Executive Director, Identity and Access Management Solutions,
Dell Software

“Poorly managed privileged accounts present one of the biggest security
threats to an organization. This means that IT must broaden its security
defense beyond a single inflection point, to drive protection from both the
outside in and the inside out. The Quest One Privileged Access Suite for Unix
offers a complete range of authentication, authorization and administration
capabilities for Unix/Linux access that affords enterprise protection from the
inside out.”

Tim Westcott, R&D Director, Preventia

“The Quest PAM solution is at the core of security solutions that we provide
to our enterprise clients in the financial sector,” said Tim Westcott, R&D
Director at Preventia. “Many of the UK’s largest financial organizations rely
on our expertise and knowledge, and Quest has been our choice for clients
requiring a comprehensive, world-class privileged access management solution
for years.”

Scott Crawford, Enterprise Management Associates

“When incidents traceable to poor administrative access management occur,
organizations should note that auditors, investigators and enforcers will be
aware that privileged access management solutions exist to mitigate such
risks. Today’s PAM solutions can address these gaps, but they can deliver much
more. By supporting a more disciplined approach to IT control with a movement
towards governance, they can also help organizations improve IT performance
and reduce support costs by closing one of the most readily managed gaps of
all: the weakness exposed when individuals have broad and unmonitored
administrative access to the most sensitive capability in IT.”

Security Lapses by the Numbers

  *Every day, another company falls prey to a costly data breach. Often,
    these victims believe they have the correct security practices in place,
    yet they become pre-identified for attack or for easily exploitable
    weaknesses, both from inside, and without.
  *Despite 855 reported incidents and 174 million compromised records in
    2012^1 alone, organizations are struggling to defend their perimeter
    against these new-world criminals.
  *A survey of 150 senior IT decision-makers conducted on behalf of Dell’s
    Quest Software revealed that:

       *Forty-six respondents have more than 100 privileged accounts in their
       *More than half of the respondents (53 percent) have more than 10
         administrators who must access any of those accounts. More than a
         quarter of those (27 percent) share the passwords among 10 or more
       *Almost two-thirds of respondents do not have a high level of
         confidence that they can track administrative activity performed with
         shared credentials back to the individual administrator who performed

^*Offers subject to change, not combinable with all other offers. Taxes,
shipping, handling and other fees apply. Limit 5 discounted units or
promotional items per customer. Dell reserves right to cancel orders arising
from pricing or other errors.

^1 Verizon 2012 Data BREACH Investigations Report

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