Angels Tread Where Fools Fear to Dare

Angels Tread Where Fools Fear to Dare

-- 150,000 Angels Ignore Critics and Fund Award-Winning Winemaker to Make
Delicious Pinot Grigio --

American Wine Drinkers Confirm Pinot Grigio Can Actually be Good

NAPA, Calif., Feb. 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, a
customer-funded winery, has united over 150,000 Angels to invest $150,000 to
help winemaker Tim Olson realize his dream of making the best Pinot Grigio
this side of Piedmont. Over the last 21 years, Tim has been making wine for
some of the best wineries in California. The marketing departments at his
previous employers would never let him make a Pinot Grigio because they
regarded it as cheap and unsellable. He approached the Angels
with the crazy idea of making a top-notch Napa Valley Pinot Grigio and they
agreed to fund it.

Tim says, "Working with a company like is a breath of fresh air
in this sometimes stuffy wine industry. If I brought up the word Pinot Grigio
in my past everyone in the room would of have looked at me like I said a bad
word. Now I'm getting the chance to make a wine I've always wanted to make
because the people drinking it are the ones funding it!"

Funded by cutting costs you can't taste

Since Tim's wine is crowdfunded by his customers, there are no marketing or
sales costs. This allows the Angels to invest heavily in grapes
and talent, without wasting money on things they can't taste.

Crowdfunded wine available now

Tim's customer-funded Pinot Grigio is available exclusively to
customers as of February 15, 2013.




Contact 707-723-4762


What we're all about

Naked Wines, was born inDecember 2008when twelve friends quit their jobs in
the middle of the recession to do things a little differently.

Our goal: Find the world's most talented, undiscovered winemakers and set them
up in business.

How we go about it:

  o150,000 customers invest over $4 million dollarsa month towards future
    orders (we call them 'Angels')
  oWhich we use to fund independent winemakers
  oIn return for exclusive wines at wholesale prices
  oWhich we pass back to our customers

We call it the 'virtuous circle', as everybody gets more for less, without
trampling on anyone along the way.

The hard and fast facts

If you're looking for something a little meatier, this should help:

  oWe've invested in 105 independent winemakers to date
  oWe lease the former Blackstone winery in Kenwood to use as a winemaking
    studio for all our independent winemakers
  oWe've seen over 100% growth year-on-year, with sales of$40 millionin
  oWe've recruited 200k customers, 100k of which invest over $3 million
    dollars a month towards future orders
  oWe were named the UK's most innovative wine company for two years on the
    trot, at the IWC
  oWe were named the UK's Online Business of the Year at the 2011 National
    Business Awards
  oAnd we're probably the world's largest group of net wine investors

A truly social business

As well as the model itself, the website delivers a truly social experience.

  oCustomers can chat directly to one another and to the winemakers.
  oCustomers can vote with their feet on new initiatives and wines, to decide
    what makes the cut.
  oAnd we can suggest to customers what to buy AND what not to buy, based on
    their preferences.

The team

The man at the top isRowan Gormley, former Virgin Wines and Virgin Money CEO,
and our non-executive director who keeps us in check isIan West, former BSkyB
MD. The rest of us are an assorted bunch of 30 wine and tech-loving employees
based inNapa.

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