(Following is a press release of Charoen Pokphand Foods Pcl
via an electronic mail. The statement was confirmed by the
CPF reported sales 357,175 million baht, jumped 73% with a
net profit of 18,790 million baht
Dividend payment for the second half at 0.50 baht per share 
Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc. or “CPF” reported its sales
for 2012 at 357,175 million baht, jumped 73% from the previous
year. Net profit was 18,790 million baht or 2.59 baht per share.
In addition, CPF announced its dividend payment for the second
half of 2012 at 0.50 baht per share. 
Mr. Adirek Sripratak, President and CEO of CPF said in
addition to the volatility in world economy and fluctuation of
economy in many countries, there are many external factors that
present challenges to the agro-industrial and food business in
2012, including meat oversupply which caused meat prices to drop
significantly since the beginning of 2012. 
The rising price of raw materials for animal feed
production resulted from drought crisis in the United States in
the late third quarter, which led to higher production cost of
meat and loss of meat producers. Moreover, new type of shrimp
disease has occurred in Thailand in late 2012 of which presently,
the government and CPF are developing the prevention measures. 
As a result, CPF’s net profit for the fourth quarter of
2012 decreased significantly from the previous year to 238
million baht. However, CPF believe that the situation has
already bottomed out. 
Furthermore, as a result of the acquisition of CPP or C.P.
Pokphand Co., Ltd., a company listed in the Stock Exchange of
Hong Kong in the beginning of 2012, which engages in feed
business in China and the agro-industrial business in Vietnam.
The Company’s operating results have made the leap and continued
The company is targeting sales in the next 5 years at
700,000 million baht, increasing 100% from 2012 or an average
growth rate of 10-15% per year, driving mainly by the growth of
the business in Emerging Market and food businesses.
The Board of Directors approved dividend payment for the second
half of 2012 at 0.50 baht per share. Interim dividend was paid
in September 2012 at 0.60 baht per share. CPF’s total dividend
payment for 2012 was 1.10 baht per share. In this regard, the
share register book will be closed for the right to receive the
dividend on 9 May 2013 (XD on 3 May 2013). 
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