Dental implant manufacturer banned from falsely claiming its cut

Dental implant manufacturer banned from falsely claiming its cut-price
implants are hydrophilic

  *German court orders Medentis Medical GmbH ("Medentis") to retract claim
    that its ICX-templant has a hydrophilic surface
  *Tests prove Medentis claim to be spurious

Basel, 26 February 2013 - Straumann has won an important legal battle against
a cut-price implant manufacturer, who misleadingly claimed its dental implants
had a hydrophilic surface. A German court has ruled definitively that Medentis
Medical GmbH (Dernau, Germany) must retract the claim that its ICX-templant
implant is 'hydrophilic'.

Medentis initially contested the injunction, but the Court found the company's
supporting evidence to be unconvincing. In a hearing on 24 January 2013,
Medentis withdrew the appeal and accepted the injunction.

The court's ruling was prompted by Straumann, the leading manufacturer of
hydrophilic implants. Straumann tested the ICX-templant in its own
laboratories, and found that the Medentis product is in fact hydrophobic (i.e.
its contact angle is clearly greater than 90°). The hydrophilic properties of
Straumann's SLActive technology enhance osseointegration and therefore shorten
healing times compared to those without hydrophilicity - as demonstrated in
preclinical and clinical investigations.1,2,3,4,5

"Dentists and patients have been misled by claims", said Dr René Willi,
Executive Vice President and Head of Straumann's Surgical Business. "Medentis
ICX-templant implants do not offer hydrophilicity, which promotes faster
healing. Faster osseointegration provides secondary stability when the implant
is placed. The court's ruling makes this clear and sends an important signal
to implant manufacturers. We are determined to take a strong, justified stand
against imitators, in the interest of patients."

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