Brightcove Advances HTML5 Video Monetization

  Brightcove Advances HTML5 Video Monetization

General availability of HTML5 pre-, mid- and post-roll advertising support and
    player API for ad policy targeting provides comprehensive monetization
                     solution for HTML5 video advertising

 Full HTML5 support also available for FreeWheel, Google, Videoplaza and YuMe
                                  ad servers

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BOSTON -- February 26, 2013

Brightcove (NASDAQ: BCOV), a leading global provider of cloud content
services, today announced the general availability of a comprehensive
monetization solution for HTML5 video, including support for VAST-compliant
pre-, mid- and post-roll ads, a new HTML5 video player API for dynamically
setting and changing ad policies, and HTML5 video plugin support for leading
ad servers from FreeWheel, Google, Videoplaza and YuMe. With today's
announcement, the Brightcove Video Cloud online video platform provides
ad-supported media companies with a full suite of capabilities required to
reliably and consistently maximize the revenue potential of their online video
initiatives across desktops, mobile devices, and a diverse universe of
operating systems and Web browsers.

In the past year, viewership of ad-supported, rights-managed video content on
smartphones increased nearly eight times year over year, and tablets have
become the go-to mobile devices for viewing episodic video content.^1 In order
to maximize the advertising revenue potential of this fast-growing audience,
media companies need to not only ensure their video and advertising works
across all devices, operating systems and browsers, but they also need the
flexibility to choose the best ad servers that fit their business and enable
them to target advertising in flexible ways. It is crucial that these
organizations have pre-, mid- and post-roll ad options that work consistently
across HTML5 devices and platforms, including popular new smartphones and
tablets, as well as player APIs that enables customers to target advertising

“Media companies today must have confidence that their online video platform
can address the ever changing landscape of monetization opportunities across a
wide range of screens and devices,” said Chris Johnston, vice president of
digital media solutions at Brightcove. “From early on, Brightcove has invested
heavily in building a strong ecosystem of HTML5 advertising partners and a
flexible, open architecture that makes it easy for partners to integrate with
our platform. We are committed to helping our media customers future-proof
their online video advertising initiatives and ensure they can consistently
and reliably reach their audiences and generate the most revenue.”

Over the past year, Brightcove has invested in its Smart Player framework,
adding an abstraction layer that automatically adapts the video experience to
account for operating system and browser inconsistencies. Brightcove’s Smart
Players give media companies confidence that their ad integrations will work
consistently and reliably across both HTML5 and Flash-based desktops and
mobile devices, while also making it easy for advertising partners to build
integrations. The Video Cloud platform now provides HTML5 video plugin support
for ad servers from FreeWheel, Videoplaza and YuMe, as well as for Flash video
support across more than 30 other ad servers and networks.

Video Cloud also became the first online video platform to support Google’s
IMA3 SDK on both Flash and HTML5, enabling publishers to take advantage of
advanced features in the DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) video module.

"With the growth of online video and traditional television extending to new
devices, it is imperative that the necessary partnerships and technologies
evolve to serve the fragmented viewing environments in which consumers now
view content," said Brent Horowitz, FreeWheel's vice president of business
development and corporate strategy. “Brightcove plays a critical role in our
network of over 100 partner companies, all of whom work with FreeWheel to not
only make new advertising experiences technically possible, but also
operationally consistent in a way that allows the world’s largest
entertainment companies to maximize the revenue potential of new content
consumption channels."

“Today's audience consumes video across a vast array of platforms and runtimes
and enabling publishers to plan, target and deliver video advertising across
these environments is the hallmark of our Karbon platform," said Rags Gupta,
CCO at Videoplaza. “Our close partnership with Brightcove and deep integration
with Video Cloud ensures that our many common customers can reach, monetize
and measure their audience consistently and reliably on both HTML5 and
Flash-based platforms.”

“Media companies need to ensure that they are maximizing the revenue and
impact of their video content, regardless of the device on which it’s played,”
said Bryan Everett, EVP of Business Development at YuMe. “Brightcove’s support
for HTML5 video advertising using YuMe’s integration enables access to the
YuMe for Publishers (YFP) multi-platform ad management system, as well as to
top TV brand advertisers from our Connected Audience Network (CAN). It’s a win
for everyone involved.”

The Smart Player framework also enables media customers to future-proof their
online video investments and advertising strategies by providing support for
new platforms and operating systems as they come to market, such as Windows 8.
Video Cloud’s innovative abstraction layer removes all the complexity and
development overhead from users. As a result, Video Cloud players continued to
work at the launch of Windows 8, which does not support third party plugins
like Flash, without effort required by customers and all while preserving
their existing ad integrations.

About Brightcove

Brightcove Inc. (NASDAQ: BCOV), a leading global provider of cloud content
services, offers a family of products used to publish and distribute the
world’s professional digital media. The company’s products include Video
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service and HTML5 video player technology provider. Brightcove has more than
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^1 FreeWheel, November 2012,


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