Trend Micro Custom Defense Takes "Command and Control" of Advanced Persistent Threats

Trend Micro Custom Defense Takes "Command and Control" of Advanced Persistent

Unique Solution Delivers Breakthroughs in Identifying and Blocking Targeted
Attack Communications

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CUPERTINO, Calif., Feb. 25, 2013

CUPERTINO, Calif., Feb. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Trend Micro Incorporated
(TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), is introducing new advances in its Custom Defense
solution that focus on identifying and blocking the command and control (C&C)
communications used by advanced persistent threats (APTs) and targeted
attacks. Trend Micro Custom Defense is the industry's first advanced threat
protection solution that enables organizations not only to detect and analyze
these attacks, but also to rapidly adapt their protection and respond to the

These new advances in C&C response provide unique custom detection and
protection for network, gateway, server and endpoint protection points, along
with centralized alerting and C&C risk intelligence to keep the customer
informed and in control of the response to C&C activity. For the first time,
enterprise organizations will have the visibility and intelligence to detect
and respond to this important attack indicator before the damage is done.

APTs Directed by C&C Communications

APTs and targeted attacks continue to evade the standard defenses of
organizations, as recently witnessed with attacks on the New York Times, Wall
Street Journal and US Federal Reserve. According to a recent ISACA member
survey, 21 percent of respondents reported that their enterprise has already
been victimized by an APT, and 63 percent think it is only a matter of time
before their enterprise is targeted.

These attacks are typically remotely orchestrated via C&C communications
between the infiltrated systems and the attackers themselves. Advanced malware
used for an attack will "call back" for additional downloads and new
instructions. Throughout the attack, the perpetrators will also use this
channel to open and manipulate backdoor network access to discover and
exfiltrate their targeted data. 2012 Verizon research verified that
exploitation of backdoor or command and control channels were used in nearly
50 percent of all stolen data investigated.^1

The C&C Detection Challenge

Identifying and responding to C&C communications is a critical factor in
detecting a targeted attack, but unlike large-scale botnets, the intermittent
and low-volume APT C&C traffic is difficult to detect. And the attackers don't
make it easy, attempting to hide C&C traffic with techniques such as changing
and redirecting addresses, using legitimate applications and sites as the
conduit, and even setting up C&C servers within a customer's network. Trend
Micro researchers note that the average lifespan of a C&C address is less than
three days and that many sophisticated attackers use techniques only
detectable with specialized network-based detection on-site at the

Recently tracked C&C data from TrendLabs℠ researchers shows over 1500 active
C&C sites, with victims per site ranging from 1 to over 25,000. Of note, over
two-thirds of these sites had three or fewer active victims. Over 25 percent
of the sites had a lifespan of one day or less. Over 50 percent had a lifespan
of four days or less.

"Most security vendors lack the expertise, scale, technology and resources to
reliably identify the various types of C&C. And when their web, messaging or
endpoint products do detect a C&C, it's likely to be simply blocked or logged
without notice – the same way any minor event is handled. So in most cases,
the organization never knows that it may be under a serious targeted attack,"
Steve Quane, chief product officer at Trend Micro.

Enterprise security teams need to reliably answer these critical questions:

  oIs there C&C activity on my network?
  oIs it a simple botnet or a possible targeted attack?
  oHow risky is it? Where and whom is it from?
  oShould I immediately block and remediate or monitor it further?

The Trend Micro Custom Defense Solution for C&C Response

Only the Trend Micro Custom Defense solution can answer these questions with
the C&C detection, intelligence and response control needed to stop a targeted
attack before the damage is done. At RSA 2013, Trend Micro is introducing and
demonstrating these new and unique Custom Defense C&C functions:

  oEnhanced identification and tracking of C&C communications in the cloud
    and on the customer network
  oBuilt-in detection of C&C communications activity in network, gateway,
    server, and endpoint protection points
  oCentralized C&C alerting, dedicated C&C risk intelligence, flexible
    response control options
  oAdaptive security updates to inform all products of new C&C detection
  oOpen web services APIs to include any security product in the Custom

How It Works

Global Identification and Tracking: Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ and
Trend Micro Threat Researchers

The Smart Protection Network automatically identifies active C&C sites
worldwide based on daily processing of 12 Billion IP/URL inquires and the
correlation of over six Terabytes of data. Its correlation engines keep up
with the changing nature of C&C addresses, and it employs the latest
innovations from Trend Micro's 1200 threat researchers to continually detect
all evasive measures taken by attackers.

Trend Micro threat researchers also collect and examine the forensic evidence
of attempted targeted attacks over the tens of thousands of Trend Micro
enterprise customers worldwide. Peeling back the layers of an attack, they
gain further insight into C&C, malware, and attacker techniques, driving
constant improvement in the Smart Protection Network and Trend Micro products.

Network-Based Detection and Learning with Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery Advanced
Threat Protection

Trend Micro Deep Discovery uses customer-specific threat detection to discover
advanced malware, communications and attacker activities at the network level.
Unique "fingerprint" detection of cloaked C&C traffic can identify attackers'
use of legitimate applications and websites, as well as other advanced
techniques such as the use of internal C&C servers. Deep Discovery custom
sandbox analysis can also discover new C&C destinations of zero-day malware
attacks and update the Smart Protection Network and all customer security
protection points.

Integrated Protection Across Products; Centralized Alerts and Control

The latest global and local C&C detection information powers Trend Micro
enterprise security products at the endpoint, server, network, gateway, and
messaging protection points to identify and control C&C activity across the
customer environment. C&C detection at any point is clearly identified on a
centralized console, alerting the security team and allowing them to control
the course of action. C&C risk assessment, containment and remediation are
aided by unique Threat Connect intelligence on the severity, activity, origins
and related addresses of the C&C site – helping to determine whether the
communication represents a high risk, whether it should be immediately
blocked, and how the containment and remediation should proceed.

Products and Availability

These Trend Micro products will include the new Custom Defense C&C functions,
with Beta versions available in February 2013 and individual product General
Availability dates throughout 1H 2013.

Endpoint Security

  oTrend Micro™ OfficeScan™

Server, Virtualization & Cloud Security

  oTrend Micro™ Deep Security

Network Security

  oTrend Micro™ Deep Discovery

Messaging Security

  oTrend Micro™ InterScan Mail Security
  oTrend Micro™ ScanMail™ for Exchange, Trend Micro™ ScanMail™ for Lotus

Web Security

  oTrend Micro™ InterScan™ Web Security

Central Management

  oTrend Micro™ Control Manager™


"Trend Micro is the only major security vendor who gets APTs - and we continue
to expand and deliver on our Custom Defense vision. C&C can be a critical APT
attack indicator. Customers have the right to expect their security products
to do a better job of detecting risky C&C and giving them the intelligence
they need to respond appropriately. We are leading the way by improving our
C&C detection and intelligence, integrating it into each of our products, and
providing the visibility and response control that customers need to combat
their attackers," said Kevin Faulkner, director of product marketing at Trend

"We are big fans of Trend Micro Custom Defense. It not only detects and
analyzes APTs but also allows us to rapidly respond. In its first two months
on our network, Deep Discovery spotted and stopped 5,000 anonymous events on
our WAN that were not caught by any other security layer," said John Dickson,
Director, IT Infrastructure Republic National Distributing Company, Atlanta,

"Attacks on the enterprise today are more sophisticated and targeted than ever
before. Trend Micro's Custom Defense solution and the C&C detection and
response control capabilities it offers across the Trend Micro product line
will help customers to better identify and deal appropriately with attacks to
their organization," said Richard Stiennon, chief research analyst,

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1. 2012 Data Breach Investigations Reports, Verizon RISK Team, March 2012

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SOURCE Trend Micro Incorporated

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