ATOS : ATOS :2012 Annual Results

                       ATOS : ATOS :2012 Annual Results

                        All objectives reached in 2012

  Operating margin strongly improved by +36 percent: EUR 580 million at 6.6
             Statutory revenue: EUR 8,844 million; up +30 percent
         Free cash flow: EUR 259 million; net cash: EUR 232 million,
                   Net income: EUR 224 million; +23 percent

                          Record commercial activity
         EUR 10 billion order entry; book to bill ratio: 113 percent

 Decision to proceed with the carve-out of payment and merchant transactional

   2013 Objectives: strong increase in operating margin and free cash flow

Paris, 21  February  2013  - Atos,  an  international  information  technology 
services company, today announced its 2012 annual results.

Thierry Breton,  Chairman and  CEO at  Atos said:  "In 2012,  we continued  to 
create a  European  competitive company  with  global reach.  We  invested  to 
deliver innovation and  enhance our partnerships  in key areas  such as  cloud 
services, enterprise social  networks, e-payments,... The  Board of  Directors 
expressed its great satisfaction on our overall performance in 2012, which was
the first full year of  the new Atos SE.  Despite the continued volatility  in 
the global  economic  environment, we  reached  all our  financial  objectives 
thanks to  our strong  discipline  in execution.  Looking ahead,  the  company 
remains well-positioned  to continue  delivering significantly  value for  our 
customers and  shareholders and  in this  context I  am glad  to announce  the 
decision  to  carve-out  payment  and  merchant  transactional  activities  by 

Strong commercial activity throughout the year, led to a record order entry at
EUR 10 billion. This represents a book to bill ratio at 113 percent thanks  to 
major bookings in Managed Services and in BPO,  and at the end of the year  in 
Systems Integration. The  book to  bill ratio  for the  Group was  118percent 
excluding the  Siemens account,  for which  the backlog  already includes  the 
majority of the Global IT contract.

Revenuewas EUR 8,844 million, up +29.8  percent compared to 2011 on  published 
revenues, representing an  organic growth  of +0.8 percent.  The four  largest 
Business Units are Germany and the UK  with 19 percent of total revenue  each, 
and Benelux and France with 11 percent each.
Operating margin was EUR  580.0 million, representing  6.6 percent of  revenue 
compared to 4.8 percent in pro forma figures of 2011.
The Group  generated  in 2012  EUR  259million of  free  cash flow.  Net  cash 
position was EUR 232 million at the end of 2012.
Netincome Group share stood at EUR 224 million compared to EUR182million in
2011 statutory.

A new strategic step for Atos: carve-out of payment and merchant transactional

The Group announces today the decision to carve-out Atos payment and  merchant 
transactional activities  around  Atos Worldline  and  specific  transactional 
businesses, which is expected to be  finalized by mid-2013. The defined  scope 
is estimated to  have generated  revenue of  EUR 1.1  billion in  2012, up  +5 
percent with an operating margin rate of 15 percent.

The carve-out will  reveal this new  entity as worldwide  player and  European 
leader in the payment space with a more integrated and efficient management of
operations. It will provide the strategic and financial flexibility to  expand 
its product  offerings across  the entire  transaction value  chain  including 
alliances and partnerships. This will result in reaffirming this new  entity's 
leading position in the payment sector, which is also enhanced by the  ability 
to leverage  on the  large  and strong  Atos  customer base  and  geographical 

Grouping all  payment  activities  within  a  single  defined  perimeter  with 
specific  reporting  will   also  enable  increased   internal  and   external 
transparency on this business performance while strengthening the  operational 
performance of the new entity.

Atos payment and merchant transactional activities will be ideally  positioned 
to act  as a  leader in  the  fast growing  and constantly  evolving  European 
payment market landscape.

The Group has already initiated the information and consultation process  with 
the employee representatives, both at European and local levels, according  to 
the current regulations.

"After having successfully completed the integration of SIS, the carve-out  of 
Atos payment and merchant  transactional activities appears  as a logical  and 
exciting step forward for Atos. This will  provide the new entity with a  more 
strategic flexibility and attractive "currency" to move forward, leveraging on
its leadership position in Europe." commented Thierry Breton.

FY 2012 operational performance

Revenue was EUR 8,844 million, a growth of +0.8 percent which materialized  in 
Managed Services (+2.4percent)  and in  HTTS &  Specialized Businesses  (+2.7 
percent). Cyclical activities declined, particularly during the second half of
the year with Systems Integration  (-2.3 percent) and Consulting &  Technology 
Services (-5.0 percent).

The revenue performance was driven mostly by North America (+8.9 percent)  and 
the United-Kingdom  (+7.5 percent),  by a  continued growth  increase of  Atos 
Worldline (+2.2) leading to +4.8 percent in the fourth quarter and to a lesser
extent by Germany (+0.6percent). Benelux,  France and Iberia continued to  be 
impacted by a difficult economic situation, more particularly in the  cyclical 

Operating margin  significantly  increased  compared  to  2011  at  EUR  580.0 
million, from 4.8 to 6.6 percent of revenue. The improvement came mainly  from 
Germany, North  America, Central  & Eastern  Europe, and  North &  South  West 
Europe, where the  performance was  notably due to  the delivery  of the  TOP² 
Program and the restructuring plan on the former SIS scope.

(Detailed analysis on operational performance  by Service Line is provided  in 

Commercial activity

The Group order entries in 2012 totaled EUR10.0billion, representing a  book 
to bill ratio of 113 percent, 118 percent excluding the Siemens account.

Book to bill was  115 percent for recurring  businesses (Managed Services  and 
HTTS &  Specialized Businesses)  and 109  percent in  the cyclical  activities 
(Systems Integration and Consulting&Technology Services).

After the significant  signatures in the  first nine months,  the Group won  a 
large contract in  Application Management (Systems  Integration) with a  large 
European telecom infrastructures company.

Book to bill by market  was strong in all  verticals, reaching 124 percent  in 
Public sector, Healthcare & Transport, 110 percent in Financial Services,  135 
percent in Telco & Media, 122 percent in Energy & Utilities, and 95percent in
Manufacturing, Retail & Services (104 percent excluding the Siemens account).

Thanks to the high level of order entry in 2012, the full backlog was EUR 15.6
billion at the end of 2012, representing 1.8 year of revenue, compared to  EUR 
14.1 billion reported one year before.

The full  qualified pipeline  on December  31^st, 2012  was EUR  5.4  billion, 
compared to EUR 5.3  billion reported on December  31^st, 2011. It  represents 
7.3 months  of revenue,  well balanced  between recurring  businesses such  as 
Managed Services and HTTS&  SB at 7 months,  and cyclical activities such  as 
Systems Integration at 9 months of revenue.

The implementation in 2012 of the eXpand Program to accelerate revenue  growth 
enabled an improvement of the  win rate ratio to  45 percent. More than  1,500 
pre-sales staff are  now experts trained  in the new  offerings of the  Group, 
which contributed to the increase of new logos in contracts signed and in  the 

Operating income and net income

Operating income in  2012 was EUR  381 million  as a result  of the  following 

Expenses  for  staff  reorganization  were  EUR  62  million  and  costs   for 
rationalization were EUR 28 million, mainly on premises.

Integration costs  resulting  from the  acquisition  of SIS  and  representing 
primarily the migration  of internal IT  platforms totaled EUR  53 million  as 
anticipated in July 2012.

In 2012, EUR  43 million was  recorded as amortization  of the SIS  intangible 
assets, represented  mainly  by the  SIS  backlog and  customer  relationships 
(together'the Customer  Relationships') recognized  as part  of the  Purchase 
Price Allocation (PPA).

Financial result was a charge of EUR 52 million and was composed of a net cost
of financial debt of EUR 34 million  (of which EUR 24 million for  convertible 
bonds) and non-operational financial costs of EUR 18 million.

Total tax charge, including current and  deferred taxes, was EUR 103  million, 
representing an effective tax rate of 31.2 percent.

Therefore, net income  Group share  reached EUR  224 million,  an increase  of 
+23percent compared to  2011 statutory.  Adjusted Earning per  share was  EUR 
3.83 compared to EUR 3.20 in 2011 statutory.

Net cash and free cash flow

Group net cash position as of 31  December 2012 was EUR 232 million,  compared 
to a net debt of EUR-142 million at 31 December 2011.

OMDA was EUR 793  million representing 9 percent  of revenue, compared to  EUR 
632 million in 2011.

OMDA included EUR 115  million representing losses  anticipated on former  SIS 
projects which were  funded by Siemens  as part of  the acquisition price  but 
impacted the OMDA of the period. The Group reached settlements with  customers 
on former SIS loss-making contracts  which should reduce the estimated  amount 
to circa EUR 70 million in 2013.

Reorganization and rationalization cash out  was EUR 126 million (vs.  EUR119 
million  in  2011   statutory  accounts),   of  which  EUR   54  million   for 
rationalization of premises as part of the real estate reduction plan.

Cash out for IT integration costs in 2012 amounted to EUR53 million.

In  2012,  capital  expenditure  totaled  to  EUR325  million,   representing 
3.7percent of revenue as in 2011, of which 55 percent was in the second half.

Working  capital  improved  by   EUR82million,  benefiting  from  the   TOP² 
transformation Program actions on the former SIS scope with a strong focus  to 
quickly collect receivables.

Finally, tax paid  was EUR 74  million and  financial costs paid  were EUR  34 

The free cash flow was EUR 259 million.

Acquisitions and disposals of the year

In 2012, the Group has proceeded the transfer of deferred assets from SIS  and 
the acquisition of several companies positioned in niche markets:

  oThe Russian operations transferred from Siemens
  oE-Utile, an Italian leader in smart energy solutions, 51 percent
    transferred from Siemens and acquisition of the remaining 49 percent
  oblueKiwi, a social workplace software company located in France
  oMSL, a specialist in major events located in Spain
  oQuality Equipment, a Dutch player in electronic payments

       oDaesa, a small IT captive from Banco Popular in Spain

Atos sold its 49 percent stake in the Belgian joint venture SiNSYS in June and
its small operations in Greece in December.

Human Resources

The total number of Group employees was 76,417 at the end of December 2012.

The number  of  direct employees  at  the end  of  December 2012  was  69,941, 
representing 91.5 percent of the total headcount, compared to 89.5 percent  at 
the end of 2011, reflecting the restructuring program on indirect staff.

In 2012, 12,384 new employees were recruited while attrition slightly declined
to below 11 percent.

Staff in the  emerging countries  represented more  than 25  percent of  total 
staff. The Group offshore  capability represented 9,158 people  at the end  of 
2012 compared to 7,819 at the end of 2011, with a majority located in India.

The Group continued actions to  reduce the number of external  subcontractors, 
which were 7,170 at  the end of  2012 compared to 8,500  one year before.  The 
objective  remains   to   carefully   monitor  the   level   of   non-critical 


During its meeting held on 20 February 2013, the Board of Directors decided to
propose at the next Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, a dividend in 2013
on the 2012 results of 0.60 Euro per share.

2013 Objectives


The Group expects to continue to slightly grow compared to 2012.

Operating margin

The  Group  has  the  objective  to  improve  its  operating  margin  rate  to 
around7.5percent of revenue compared to 6.6 percent in 2012.

Free cash flow

The Group has the ambition to achieve a free cash flow above EUR 350 million.

Earnings per share (EPS)

The  Group  confirms  its  ambitions   for  an  EPS  (adjusted,   non-diluted) 
representing an increase  of +50percent  compared to 2011  statutory (up  +25 
percent compared to 2012).


Revenue  and  operating   margin  at   constant  scope   and  exchange   rates 

Most of the scope impact related to the SIS acquisition on July 1^st, 2011 and
the exchange rate  effect came  mainly from the  British pound  and US  dollar 
versus the Euro.

Performance by Service Line

Managed Services:

Representing  47  percent   of  the  Group,   Managed  Services  revenue   was 
EUR4,135million, up +2.4 percent compared to 2011. A positive dynamic lifted
revenue  in  North   America  (+7.7   percent)  and   in  the   United-Kingdom 
(+5.7percent) with the start of new large contracts won in the first half  of 
the year. Benelux and Iberia showed good resilience, respectively at -1.8  and 
-1.9percent. The  other  main Business  Units  achieved a  growth  around  +2 

Operating margin was EUR 324.8  million, representing 7.9 percent of  revenue, 
an increase of more than +200 basis points compared to 2011. The Service  Line 
continued to industrialize its activity through Global Factories and  executed 
the TOP²  Program  as  planned.  Main operating  margin  increases  came  from 
Germany, North  America, Central  &  Eastern Europe  and  North &  South  West 

Systems Integration:

In Systems Integration, revenue declined by  -2.3 percent compared to 2011  at 
EUR2,136 million. The Service Line represented 24 percent of the total  Group 
revenue. The United-Kingdom and North America recorded strong performance with
double digit growth. Most  of the other main  Group Business Units reported  a 
revenue decline, more particularly in Telecom and in Energy & Utilities.

Operating margin was EUR 104.1  million, representing 4.9 percent of  revenue, 
an improvement of +220 basis points compared to 2011, driven by the completion
of  the  integration  and  transformation  program  in  Germany  and  in   the 
United-Kingdom. The streamlining of the organization combined with tight  cost 
control, continued to bring  margin improvement in  Spain and Benelux.  France 
continued its recovery  plan, which  has been  reinforced by  the new  Systems 
Integration management appointed in France in September 2012. Global  Delivery 
through offshoring  programs in  India increased  the level  of  profitability 
together with  the  TOP² and  Lean  programs. The  operating  margin  included 
development costs in the New Business Ventures: Canopy, blueKiwi and Yunano.

In Systems Integration,  utilization rate was  stable compared to  2011 at  78 

Hi-Tech Transactional Services (HTTS) & Specialized Businesses:

Hi-Tech Transactional Services  & Specialized Businesses  (HTTS & SB)  revenue 
represented 22  percent of  the Group  at EUR  1,969 million,  up+2.7percent 
year-on-year. HTTS business grew by +4.1 percent to EUR 1,216 million,  mainly 
driven by e-CS transaction activities, at +9.3 percent. Payments increased  by 
+1.7 percent with increased volumes in  Belgium in the Acquiring business  and 
higher terminal sales in Belgium and Germany. Specialized Businesses  slightly 
grew by  +0.6  percent to  EUR  753  million, BPO  activities  (Financial  and 
Medical) compensated for less  business in Smart Energy  and Civil &  National 

Operating margin reached EUR 232.7 million, representing 11.8 percent compared
to 11.4  percent  last year.  The  margin  improvement came  from  HTTS  which 
reported 15.7  percent  operating margin  (+90  basis points)  thanks  to  the 
recovery in the UK in the  governmental project. Financial BPO remained a  low 
margin contributor and in Medical BPO, higher volumes were more than offset by
bid costs  in  light of  the  tender  won on  the  new DWP  PIP  contract  and 
transition costs which  came in  the second  half of  the year.  In the  other 
Specialized Businesses, a solid performance in Switzerland coming from growing
revenue in the Civil  & National Security  business partially compensated  for 
three difficult projects which hit the profitability of Atos Worldgrid  during 
the first semester of 2012 and which  were resolved or settled by end of  June 

Consulting & Technology Services:

Consulting &  Technology Services  represented  7 percent  of the  Group  with 
revenue at EUR604million, down -5.0 percent compared to 2011.
In Consulting,  France and  the United-Kingdom  posted strong  organic  growth 
which was  achieved  by  onboarding significant  new  contracts.  Weak  market 
conditions continued  in  the  Netherlands, for  Manufacturing  and  Financial 
sectors, and in Iberia for Public and Financial sectors.
In Technology Services,  France grew  thanks to  a sustained  activity in  the 
Public sector, while the other geographies declined, caused by weak markets in
the Netherlands  (mostly in  Manufacturing and  Financial sectors)  and  Spain 
(mostly in Public and Financial sectors).

Operating margin declined  to EUR  24.0 million, representing  4.0 percent  of 
revenue.  After  the  first  semester  of  2012  where  the  operating  margin 
retreated, the  Service Line  slightly improved  its performance  year-on-year 
during the second half thanks to enhanced workforce management and costs  base 
optimization. Main contributors to operating margin were the UK in Consulting,
and France and Benelux in Technology Services.

In Consulting, utilization rate improved to 72 percent compared to 70  percent 
in 2011 and slightly declined to  83 percent for Technology Services  compared 
to 84 percent in 2011.

Performance by Business Unit

FY 2012 performance by Market

Conference call

Today, February  21^st, 2013,  Chairman  and CEO  Thierry Breton,  along  with 
Senior Executive Vice President in charge of Global Functions Gilles Grapinet,
Senior Executive  Vice  President  in  charge  of  Global  Operations  Charles 
Dehelly, and Chief Financial Officer Michel-Alain Proch will comment on  Atos' 
2012 annual results and answer questions from the financial community during a
conference call in English starting at 8:00 am (CET - Paris).

The audio conference numbers are:

France dial-in:  +33 1 70 99 32 08 code 928096
UK dial-in:   +44 207 162 00 77  code 928096
US dial-in:   +1 334 323 6201 code 928096

The conference (audio and webcast) and the presentation will also be available
on our website at:, in the Investors section.

A conference call  in French  for media  is organized  today, February  21^st, 
2013, at 10:00am (CET, Paris) with  Thierry Breton, Chairman and CEO.  Access 
details (audio and  webcast) and  the presentation  will be  available on  our 
website at:,  in the  Press section,  on February  21^st, 2013,  from 
09:45 am (CET, Paris).

Forthcoming events

25 April 2013  First quarter 2013 Revenue
25 July 2013  First half 2013 Results
24 October 2013 Third quarter 2013 Revenue

About Atos

Atos is an international information  technology services company with  annual 
2012 revenue of EUR 8.8 billion and 76,400 employees in 47 countries.  Serving 
a global client base, it  delivers hi-tech transactional services,  consulting 
and technology services,  systems integration and  managed services. With  its 
deep technology expertise and industry knowledge, it works with clients across
the following market sectors: Manufacturing, Retail, Services; Public  sector, 
Healthcare &  Transport; Financial  Services;  Telecoms, Media  &  Technology; 
Energy & Utilities.

Atos is  focused  on  business  technology  that  powers  progress  and  helps 
organizations to  create  their  firm  of the  future.  It  is  the  Worldwide 
Information Technology Partner  for the  Olympic and Paralympic  Games and  is 
quoted on the Paris Eurolist Market. Atos operates under the brands Atos, Atos
Consulting & Technology Services, Atos Worldline and Atos Worldgrid. For  more 
information, visit:


Press: Caroline  Crouch Tel  +44  77 
333 100 86

Investor Relations: Gilles Arditti  Tel  +33 (0) 1 73 26  00 


This document contains further  forward-looking statements that involve  risks 
and uncertainties concerning the Group's expected growth and profitability  in 
the future. Actual events or results  may differ from those described in  this 
document due to a number of risks and uncertainties that are described  within 
the 2011 Reference  Document filed  with the Autorité  des Marches  Financiers 
(AMF) on April 5^th, 2012 under the registration number: D12-0288.

Business Units include Germany, France, United Kingdom & Ireland, Benelux (The
Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg), Atos Worldline (French, German, Belgian,
Asian and  Indian  subsidiaries),  Central &  Eastern  Europe  (CEE:  Austria, 
Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Poland,  Czech Republic, Russia, Romania,  Slovakia 
and Turkey), NorthAmerica (USA and Canada),  North & South West Europe  (N&SW 
Europe: Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Finland,  and Sweden), Iberia (Spain  and 
Portugal), and OtherBusiness  Units including Major  Events (including  MSL), 
Latin America (Brazil,  Argentina, Mexico, Colombia  and Chile), Asia  Pacific 
(Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan,
Thailand and Australia), IMEA (India, Middle East, Morocco and South  Africa), 
blueKiwi and Atos Worldgrid (including E-Utile).

Revenue organic growth is presented at constant scope and exchange rates. 2013
objectives have to be considered with exchange rates as of 31 December 2012.

Adjusted (non  diluted) Earnings  Per Share  (EPS) represents  the net  income 
adjusted  of   restructuring,   rationalization  and   customer   relationship 
amortization, net of  tax, divided by  the weighted average  number of  shares 
during the year.

The AtoS proforma  financial information  for the 18  months to  30 June  2011 
comprises the results  of the former  Atos Origin perimeter  and the  acquired 
scope of the ex Siemens  IT Services (SIS), as if  AtoS had been in  existence 
since 1January 2010.  The information  is provided  as guidance  only and  is 
unaudited. The key assumptions used in the preparation of the information  are 
as follows:
· The proforma information has been prepared using accounting policies
consistent with those used  in the historic Atos  Origin interim and  year-end 
financial statements;
· Proforma tax  is based on  the estimated effective  rate of tax  for 
AtoS for the relevant periods applied to proforma profit before taxation.
·  The  proforma   Profit  and  Loss   account  excludes   significant 
exceptional items as being non-recurring, notably provisions on contract risks
recorded in the first semester 2011.

The Board of Directors  of Atos S.E., chaired  by Thierry Breton, convened  in 
Bezons on February 20^th, 2013 to review and authorize for issue the  accounts 
of Atos Group for the year ended December 31^st, 2012. Audit procedures on the
consolidated financial  statements have  been  performed. The  relevant  audit 
report certifying  them  will  be  issued after  completion  of  the  specific 
verifications required by French law.

Atos 2012 annual results


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