Renewable Energy Leaders Assessing the Ontario Feed-In Tariff

Renewable Energy Leaders Assessing the Ontario Feed-In Tariff 
TORONTO, ONTARIO -- (Marketwire) -- 02/21/13 -- Canada's renewable
energy leaders are looking forward to networking and
knowledge-sharing at the 4th annual Ontario Feed-In Tariff Forum,
taking place this April 2-4 in Toronto. The forum will be the first
opportunity for the industry to understand the new direction for
renewable energy in Ontario under the province's new Premier Kathleen
Wynne. It will also provide the very latest update on small and large
FIT projects and the outlook for project finance and development in
other key markets including British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta. 
Over 120 leading speakers will address the most business-critical
issues for renewable energy developers, suppliers and investors
involved in the Ontario Feed-In Tariff market and interested in
evolving project opportunities across Canada. Among those speaking
are the CEOs, Presidents and Senior Representatives of leading
developers and suppliers including Gemini Power Corp, GDF Suez
Canada, Invenergy, SunEdison, Alterra Power, Ontario Power
Generation, REpower Systems Inc., Pattern Energy, Boralex, Siemens,
SkyPower Global, General Electric, Xeneca Power, Heliene, Recurrent
Energy, KPMG, Finavera Wind Energy, Greengate Power, Spark Solar,
Canadian Solar, Mainstream Renewable Power, and Algonquin Power
These companies are currently looking to understand the outlook for
renewable energy projects in Canada and how the next stage of
Ontario's renewables market will develop. The Ontario Feed-In Tariff
Forum will provide them with a timely platform to network and receive
the very latest updates on provincial energy policy and project
outlooks. Mike Snow, President of Algonquin Power, sees the forum as
an opportunity to spread three key messages around project risk,
permitting challenges and community engagement in Ontario.  
"Political uncertainty increases project risk which will ultimately
increase the cost of securing reliable sources of renewable energy,"
comments Snow. "Another key message for this year's forum is that the
Ministry of Environment needs to evolve the permitting process to
eliminate front-end loading of a significant portion of the
engineering costs. And the other point I will be bringing up, is the
need to educate Ontario residents on the significant benefits
associated with hosting renewable facilities." 
"We are looking forward to the Ontario Feed-In Tariff Forum and
National Renewable Energy Forum," says Michael Dilworth, Vice
President and General Manager, SunEdison Canada who is speaking at
the event. "It is important to have these discussions as an industry
in order to better understand how solar can be included in policy
discussions throughout Canada." 
Mike Garland, CEO of Pattern Energy, is looking forward to seeing the
Canadian wind industry pulling together and demonstrating its
maturity as a fully-fledged professional industry as he has seen in
the US. "I think the Ontario Feed-In Tariff Forum is one of the key
elements for demonstrating the professionalism of the Canadian wind
industry. Ontario is one of the most active Canadian provinces and
areas in North America and is an essential part of the wind industry
in Canada," he says. "The forum is a key place to meet and coalesce
the wind industry, which should be viewed as on par with any other
professional industry."  
Mike Crawley, President of GDF Suez Canada is interested in hearing
from wind suppliers and the direction of the province's FIT program.
"I'm looking forward to hearing more from turbine vendors about new
products for lower, more moderate wind regimes as well as connecting
with developers looking for partners to help them build their FIT 1.0
contracted projects," he says. "Finally, along with everyone else, we
are looking for some indications on the future of the Ontario FIT
Among his speaking roles at the Forum, Crawley will be interviewing
Tom Mitchell, President and CEO of Ontario Power Generation, during
the Forum's Power Leaders Breakfast Q&A on April 3. "OPG's diverse
mix of assets, which includes storage, has allowed for the growth of
renewables in this province," comments Tom Mitchell, President and
CEO of Ontario Power Generation. "I look forward to discussing our
ongoing efforts to work cooperatively with First Nations, communities
and the private sector to deliver clean, low-cost power and good
value in the form of local economic benefits." 
Michael Polsky, CEO of Chicago-based Invenergy, who also is speaking
at this year's forum, is seeking clarity on the future of FIT as
well. "The whole FIT program has been in turmoil, and now there is
ongoing uncertainty," he says. "I would like to find out what is
going to happen with the FIT - a lot of fact-finding will happen at
the forum." 
The timing and format of the Ontario Feed-In Tariff Forum is
providing a much-needed platform for renewable industry leaders to
discuss how to move renewables forward and gain clarity on the FIT.
"A once-promising future for investors and developers of renewable
energy in Ontario is now in jeopardy. We have invested a tremendous
amount in Ontario, and are keen to discuss a way forward for the FIT
program that will ensure a future for green jobs and clean energy for
local communities," says Kerry Adler, Founder, President, Chief
Executive Officer and Director of SkyPower Global.  
"In the past two years since we started operations in Canada, we
hired about 100 people, installed about 200 wind turbines in Quebec
and made a multi-million dollar investment in a blade factory in
Ontario," comments Helmut Herold, Managing Director of REpower
Systems Inc. "We would like to help reinforce the economic growth
that both Ontario and Quebec have seen due to the development of the
renewable energy market. A recent study done by KPMG/Secor just
demonstrated that for Quebec wind energy has had a significant
economic impact and is cost competitive." 
John Barros, Senior Development Manager at Mainstream Renewable
Power, is looking forward to engaging in the ongoing conversation
about how to maximize the benefits of renewable energy projects for
local communities. In his own words, "Genuine community involvement
is the foundation for broad support for renewables in Ontario and the
first vital step towards creating successful renewable energy
Ben Kennedy, Renewables Account Manager, GE Power and Water, is also
interested in learning more about the future of renewables in
Ontario. "I am looking forward to understanding what the future holds
for FIT 2.0 and what is going to happen beyond 2014 for renewables in
Ontario," he says. "I have been to this event in the past and it's a
great opportunity to network with key industry players and also get a
pulse on the market." 
Recurrent Energy's Director of Eastern Region Development, Bob Leah,
looks forward to discussing how Ontario can lead other Canadian
providences in further harnessing clean solar power. "2012 proved to
be a fantastic year for solar energy under FIT 1 and Recurrent Energy
expects 2013 to see continued success, as we are forecasted to
install more than 220 megawatts peak in Ontario by early 2014," says
Leah. "The upcoming Ontario Feed-In-Tariff Forum provides a great
opportunity to look forward and discuss best practices for improving
the prospects for solar in Ontario under FIT 2.0." 
George Arbache, Vice President at KPMG's Global Infrastructure
Advisory team in Toronto, will be chairing the discussion on
investors' perspectives of Ontar
io's renewables market. "This will
set the stage for a continued conversation on the current trends and
tools used within the industry both nationally and globally," he
comments. "The OFIT Forum is an invaluable conference, which brings
the collaboration of thought leaders discussing the future of this
Paco Caudet, Director of Sales of Canadian Solar, thinks that Ontario
is currently a hot market for solar because of its attractive
feed-in-tariff program and is eager to gain some clarity on the
future outlook of the FIT offering. "The Ontario FIT Forum is a
unique platform for leading executives in renewable energy to discuss
what needs to happen to ensure the long-term viability of solar in
Ontario," he says.  
This year's forum will also provide a full picture of how energy
policies in other key markets are evolving and the potential for
projects in British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta. The National
Renewable Energy Forum takes place April 2 and is co-located with
this year's Ontario Feed-In Tariff Forum. Experts in these provincial
markets will be joined by leading renewable energy developers,
suppliers and government relations specialists to offer a complete
picture of evolving project opportunities. "The forum is an excellent
place to gain insight into the future of Canada's renewable energy
industry," says Michael Petersen, Director of Development for
Acciona. "I'm looking forward to an open discussion among many of the
industry's key players."  
The National Renewable Energy Forum will also provide all renewable
energy technologies the opportunity to discuss how to shape the
narrative for renewables and develop a cohesive strategy for
positioning renewables with policymakers across the country. "As
renewable energy policies evolve around Canada and the world, we have
the unique opportunity to come together as an industry," comments
Hando Kang, Senior Director, International Affairs and
Communications, SkyPower Global, who is speaking on April 2.
"Together, we can drive policy, build awareness and be the voice that
helps shape the conversation." 
For more information and to register your place: 
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