Life Technologies Bolsters its 60 Percent Market Share Lead in Benchtop Sequencers with 12 New Ion Torrent™ Products

   Life Technologies Bolsters its 60 Percent Market Share Lead in Benchtop
                 Sequencers with 12 New Ion Torrent™ Products

More than 90 peer-reviewed papers and the world's largest online sequencing
community reflects broad adoption of Ion Torrent™ technology

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CARLSBAD, Calif., Feb. 20, 2013

CARLSBAD, Calif., Feb. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Life Technologies Corporation
(NASDAQ: LIFE) today announced a dozen innovative new products for the Ion
Torrent™ platform that will make sequencing faster, simpler and more
accessible for scientists, driving discovery and advancing clinical research
around the world.

"These new products continue the pace of relentless innovation that in just
two years enabled Ion Torrent™ semiconductor sequencing technology to scale
more than 1,000-fold and gain a 60 percent market share of benchtop
sequencers," said Dr. Jonathan M. Rothberg, Ion TorrentFounder and CEO."More
than 90 peer-reviewed publications and the world's largest online sequencing
community, with over 15,000 members, reflect the huge demand for faster,
simpler and more affordable sequencing."

Sample Preparation

Ion Torrent™ technology continues to simplify and automate key workflows,
decreasing turnaround times and expanding access to next-generation sequencing
for both basic and translational researchers.

  oIon Library Equalizer™ Kits eliminate the need for library quantification
    and library dilutions prior to clonal amplification for Ion AmpliSeq™ DNA
    and Ion genomic fragment libraries. The kit reduces hands-on time, sample
    variability and reagent cost, while increasing processing speed for
    high-throughput applications.
  oIon TargetSeq™ Exome Rapid Protocol reduces the capture step to just 16
    hours, enabling whole human exome enrichment and sequencing on the Ion
    Proton™ Sequencer in as little as a day and a half, making the Ion Exome
    sequencing workflow the fastest method for performing human exome
    sequencing. The protocol is now available from Ion field application
  oIon AmpliSeq™ RNA Library Kit requires as little as 500 pg ofunfixed RNA
    and 5 ng of FFPE RNA and is compatible with Ion Express™ Barcode Modules
    for multiplexing multiple samples on a single Ion semiconductor sequencing
  oIon Total RNA-Seq Kit for AB Library Builder™ System enables the analysis
    of either whole transcriptome or small RNA expression with a single
    reagent kit. The kit requires as little as 500 ng of total RNA,or as
    little as 50 ng of enriched small RNA.

Ion AmpliSeq™ Technology

Ion AmpliSeq™ technology is the industry-leading solution for targeted
sequencing, with over 100,000 reactions run in the past year. Today, Life
Technologies is launching the first targeted RNA panels for a next-generation
sequencer, a targeted mouse DNA panel and two new community panels. All of the
products below are available at

  oIon AmpliSeq™ Designer 2.0 now enables researchers to design panels for
    sequencing human DNA and RNA, as well as mouse DNA. The Ion AmpliSeq™
    Designer now supports up to 6,144 primer pairs in a single tube, up to 5
    Mb designs, the industry's highest multiplexed solution.
  oIon AmpliSeq™ RNA Cancer Panel is a single pool that targets the same 50
    tumor suppressor and oncogenes covered by the Ion AmpliSeq™ DNA Cancer
    Hotspot Panel v2.
  oIon AmpliSeq™ RNA Apoptosis Panel uses a single pool of primers
    representing 267 genes involved in the cellular apoptosis pathway,
    including genes associated with death receptor mediated apoptosis, c-myc
    and p53 mediated apoptosis.
  oIon AmpliSeq™ RNA Custom Panels enable scientists to choose from over
    20,000 targeted genes to survey gene expression fold changes in samples
    requiring as little as 500 pg of unfixed RNA or 5 ng of FFPE RNA. The
    assay yields greater than 5 logs of dynamic range for up to 300 genes in a
    single tube assay.
  oIon AmpliSeq™ DNA Custom Mouse Panel uses a single pool of primers with up
    to 6,144 amplicons and requires just 10 ng of genomic DNA to target up to
    5 Mb of mouse genomic regions.

Ion Informatics

Ion Torrent™ services continue to improve in performance and simplicity of
data analysis, with advances in three key areas:

  oTorrent Browser Plug-in Store enables anyone to create and share plug-ins
    that provide additional data analysis functionality within Torrent Suite™
    Software. In less than a year, over 35 plug-ins have been contributed to
    the Ion Community and over 6,000 have been downloaded.
  oTorrent Suite™ Software v3.4 and the new Torrent Variant Caller offer
    integrated signal processing, base calling, mapping and variant detection,
    and a new compressed file format, all delivered through a web browser and
    preconfigured on a Torrent Server. This software is available for download
  oIon Reporter™ Software v1.4 is a streamlined bioinformatics solution that
    enables scientists to identify and interpret human genetic variants from
    either the Ion PGM™ or Ion Proton™ sequencers. The software brings rich
    genomic annotation, easy-to-use filters and reproducible analysis to
    molecular biologists. Researchers can try Ion Reporter™ Software for free
    through May 31, 2013.

All products referenced are for research use only and not for use in
diagnostic procedures.

About Life Technologies 
Life Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: LIFE) is a
global biotechnology company with customers in more than 160 countries using
its innovative solutions to solve some of today's most difficult scientific
challenges. Quality and innovation are accessible to every lab with its
reliable and easy-to-use solutions spanning the biological spectrum, with more
than 50,000 products for agricultural biotechnology, translational research,
molecular medicine and diagnostics, stem cell-based therapies, forensics, food
safety and animal health. Its systems, reagents and consumables represent some
of the most cited brands in scientific research including: Ion Torrent™,
Applied Biosystems®, Invitrogen™, Gibco®, Ambion®, Molecular Probes® and
Novex®. Life Technologies employs approximately 10,400 people and upholds its
ongoing commitment to innovation with more than 4,000 patents and exclusive
licenses. LIFE had sales of $3.8 billion in 2012. Visit us at our website:

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