Microcontroller Advances From STMicroelectronics Extend Performance Leadership for Smarter Technology Everywhere

Microcontroller Advances From STMicroelectronics Extend Performance Leadership 
for Smarter Technology Everywhere 
GENEVA -- (Marketwire) -- 02/20/13 --   STMicroelectronics (NYSE:
STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the
spectrum of electronics applications, has delivered first samples of
a new microcontroller family that combines today's highest performing
ARM Cortex-M4 core running at 180MHz and graphics-related
enhancements, enabling richer user experiences. Simultaneously, ST is
delivering increased software support for embedded graphics
development in conjunction with leading vendor SEGGER. ST has also
announced full production of a 168MHz series with ultra-large on-chip
memory density, which began sampling to lead customers in 2012. 
The new 180MHz STM32F429/39 series extends the STM32 family's
performance lead among Cortex-M microcontrollers while new production
and design techniques have reduced STOP-mode current, enabling longer
battery life in portable applications. In addition, the STM32F429/39
has new features such as a TFT-LCD controller, ST Chrom-ART
Accelerator(TM) for faster graphics, and SDRAM interface, allowing
user interfaces for applications such as smart meters, small
appliances and industrial and healthcare devices to provide richer,
more colorful content and more intuitive operation.  
I2S TDM (Inter-IC Sound Time Division Multiplex) connectivity allows
multi-channel audio designs. Selected devices also have the latest,
strongest anti-copying security for embedded processors. The new
STemWin graphics software also announced today provides access to the
SEGGER emWin embedded graphics stack, and is optimized to take full
advantage of these new hardware graphics features.  
STemWin is free of charge for STM32 customers, and also includes the
SEGGER VNC "Virtual Network Computing" system enabling remote viewing
of the user interface using Internet protocols. Additional powerful
features for developers include window-manager and widget packages,
touchscreen/mouse support, and memory device contexts that allow
flicker free screen updates. 
"Our STM32 series has established another important new benchmark
with the arrival of the STM32F429/39 series," said Michel Buffa,
General Manager, Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics." We
are delighted, also, to complete our work with SEGGER to deliver
STemWin for high-quality graphics development. The timing is perfect
for our customers to take full advantage of the new STM32F429/39
"We are also entering full production with the STM32F427/37 series
first revealed in November 2012," continued Buffa. "These devices
deliver high core performance and industry-leading memory density to
support feature-rich apps and powerful software environments." 
The STM32F429/39 are now sampling to lead customers and are available
in the established LQFP100, LQFP144, WLCSP, LQFP176 and UFBGA176
packages. In addition, ST has introduced two new package options with
more than 200 pins -- the LQFP208 and TFBGA216 packages that provide
extra I/Os allowing designers to maximize the extra performance and
functionality of these new devices. 
Budgetary pricing is from $7.60 for the STM32F429VGT6 with 1MByte
Flash and 256KByte SRAM in LQFP100 package, to $10.23 for the
STM32F439BIT6 with 2MByte Flash, 256KByte RAM and crypto/Hash
processor in LQFP208 package. All prices are for orders of 10,000
pieces per year. 
Further information for technical editors: 
The latest 180MHz version of the ARM Cortex-M4 core, featured in the
STM32F429/39 series, allows customers currently using a
microcontroller and discrete entry-level or mid-range DSP to replace
or combine both chips in one digital signal controller based on a
standard core. The combination also delivers high energy efficiency
and access to the powerful development ecosystem supporting the
STM32. The ARM Cortex-M4 core in ST's STM32F4 variants is further
enhanced with ST's Adaptive Real-Time (ART) Accelerator. The ART
Accelerator achieves zero-wait execution from Flash and achieves
225DMIPS (Dhrystone MIPS) and 606 Coremark (EEMBC Coremark benchmark)
scores using industry-standard performance metrics. 
By also providing designers with up to 2MByte Flash or 1MByte
dual-bank Flash, each with 256KByte RAM -- STM32F429/39 devices allow
embedded systems to use sophisticated platforms such as Microsoft(R)
.NET, Java or uC Linux(TM), whereas embedded designers have
historically been limited to a structured language such as C. This
approach enables developers to build more feature-rich applications,
delivering enhanced user experiences, more quickly and efficiently.
Devices with dual-bank Flash permit read-while-write operations which
can help protect memory contents, for example by allowing an
application to run normally while an update is downloaded to be
applied safely at a later time. 
In addition, ST has included support for high-speed SDRAM in the
device by including an external memory interface for SDRAM modules,
thereby offering a cost-effective alternative to SRAM external
memories. This latest external memory interface also has a 32-bit
wide data bus and operates up to 84MHz. 
The enhanced display controller now provided on-chip allows the
application to be connected to a standard TFT-LCD while benefiting
from the low cost, physical size and real-time effectiveness of a
microcontroller-based system. The on-chip TFT-LCD controller features
ST's Chrom-ART Accelerator, a hardware block for faster graphics
processing, which is capable of doubling pixel-format conversion and
transfer throughput compared to running software on the Cortex-M4
core. Developers can also take advantage of typical microcontroller
on-chip features such as embedded reset capability and voltage
regulators, as well as rich connectivity peripherals and integrated
memories. The STM32F429/39 series also delivers freedom from high
power consumption, external memory components and the
non-deterministic behavior of an operating system, which are typical
of MPU-based designs. 
By providing state-of-the-art I2S TDM (Inter-IC Sound Time Division
Multiplex) digital audio connectivity, the STM32F429/39 supports
multi-channel audio designs, whereas earlier microcontrollers have
typically supported only the dual-channel I2S standard. 
Security and cryptographic capabilities are also enhanced. Whereas
STM32F21x and STM32F41x series offered SHA-1 support as part of the
hardware cryptographic and hash co-processor, the STM32F437 and
STM32F439 now add SHA-2 support as well as AES GCM (AES
Galois/Counter Mode) and CCM (Combined Cipher Machine). In addition,
the STM32F439 offers advanced memory protection, allowing restricted
execution-only access to Flash memory sectors. These new
memory-protection features help software-IP providers, customers and
silicon providers protect firmware against illegal copying. 
Even with the increased core performance, the STM32F429/39 series has
low current down to 100uA (typical) in STOP mode. This is around
one-third the STOP current of the existing STM32 F2 and STM32 F4
devices, and is achieved through ST's advanced 90nm fabrication
process and new design techniques. Customers looking for both
high-performance capability in RUN mode and low power in STOP mode
now have a solution. 
With the STM32F427/37 and STM32F429/39 families at the high end, ST's
STM32 microcontroller portfolio extends from entry-level STM32 F0
devices leveraging the Cortex-M0 32-bit core, through ultra
low-power, mainstream and high-performance STM32 L1, F1
 and F2
variants featuring the Cortex-M3 core, to the latest Cortex-M4 STM32
F3 and F4 mixed-signal and high-performance microcontrollers with DSP
and Floating-Point Unit (FPU). All benefit from ST's low-power
process technology. 
Extensive pin, software and peripheral compatibility among STM32
microcontrollers, and the extensive supporting ecosystem including
code samples, design IP, low-cost Discovery kits and third-party
development tools, enhance flexibility to scale designs, re-use
software and hardware and gain the maximum benefit from investing in
the STM32 platform. 
About STMicroelectronics
 ST is a global leader in the semiconductor
market serving customers across the spectrum of sense and power and
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and wellness to smart consumer devices, in the home, car and office,
at work and at play, ST is found everywhere microelectronics make a
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more from technology to get more from life, ST stands for
In 2012, the Company's net revenues were $8.49 billion. Further
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