Food Trends, Retail And Sustainability Experts Launch: The Food Journal

   Food Trends, Retail And Sustainability Experts Launch: The Food Journal

The Food Journal Will Provide an In-Depth Analysis on One Topic Important to
the Entire Food Chain. First Issue Examines Proposition 37.

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SANTA MONICA, Calif., Feb. 19, 2013

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Feb. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Phil Lempert, a food
trends, safety and retail expert and editor of The Lempert Report, and Harriet
Hentges, Gene Kahn, and Marty Strauss, founders of Hentges, Kahn, Strauss,
LLC,a leading food and sustainability consulting firm, today announced they
have teamed to create a new publication titled The Food Journal.

The Food Journal is a unique and in-depth e-newsletter providing bi-monthly
unbiased analysis and commentary. Each issue examines one timely topic as it
relates to the food chain from soil to shelves. In addition, each issue
contains dozens of links within the body of its copy to provide comprehensive
information about the particular subject. As a result, The Food Journal also
functions as an annotated bibliography on a specific topic.

"A need for credible, focused and timely analysis on one critical issue is a
missing piece in the abundant, but not always accessible, information flow
available to executives in the food industry," says Harriet Hentges, partner,
Hentges, Kahn, Strauss, LLC. "The Food Journal promises a compact 360 degree
view that is both reader friendly and time sensitive." 

"The food industry is driven by politics, science, technology, environmental
challenges, marketing and culinary affinities," says Phil Lempert. "On any
given controversy affecting the industry as a whole, it's imperative to
understand the scope in seeing its application to one specific sector of the
industry. With The Food Journal, a farmer will now have the opportunity to
understand a grocery store owner's point of view or a biotech engineer to see
the point of view of the dietitian."

Each issue of The Food Journal has a team of experts that will provide
creative and effective commentaries built into the copy alongside the various
other hyperlinks. In addition, each issue projects a future forecast for the
topic beginning with the first issue about Proposition 37 titled "Coming to
the Cross-Roads with GMO-Free Labeling." Future topics will include the Fate
of Food Stamps (SNAP).

The Food Journal editorial team includes:

  oHarriet Hentges has had extensive international and senior management
    experience in public and private sectors including key positions at Sears
    Roebuck & Co., Wal-Mart and Ahold USA. She is a member of the Food
    Marketing Institute's Sustainability Executive Committee.
  oGene Kahn, founder of Cascadian Farm, who most recently served as the vice
    president and global sustainability officer at General Mills. Currently he
    serves as a senior advisor of Agricultural Development at the Bill and
    Melinda Gates Foundation.
  oKnown as the SupermarketGuru, Phil Lempert is the editor in chief of The
    Food Journal and has written five books. He is a contributing editor for
    Supermarket News and columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times who appears
    regularly on the TODAY Show, The View and FOX Business News.
  oDr. Marty Strauss worked with Monsanto Company for 34 years beginning in
    Environmental Engineering and transitioning to roles in government affairs
    and in regulatory affairs. He concluded his career working with retailers
    and CPG companies on domestic and international food and agricultural
    policy issues.

For more information or to subscribe, please visit the website at

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