HAVAS : HAVAS 2012 Revenue

                          HAVAS : HAVAS 2012 Revenue

P R E S S  R E L E A S E

Puteaux, February 19^th, 2013

2012 Revenue

Full year:

Revenue: €1,778 million
·Revenue growth: +8%
·Organic revenue growth:+2.1%
·Digital weight:26% of revenue

Fourth quarter:

Revenue: €521 million
·Revenue growth: +5.5%
·Organic revenue growth:+1.1%

Net New Business1 for the year: €1,675 million (+22% on 2011)

David Jones, Havas CEO, said:"2012 was a good year for the Group, considering
the global economy remains challenged especially in Europe. Our North  America 
strengthened in H2 posting good growth and our performance was strong in LATAM
and APAC.  The  momentum  at  Havas  is  excellent  following  the  successful 
rebranding of  our  divisions and  the  simplification of  our  structure.  We 
continue to see good new business wins and growth of digital, supported by the
unique co-location of our media, creative  and digital teams. The year  risks 
to be  another  challenging  one,  but these  factors,  along  with  promising 
activity in January 2013, give us confidence in Havas's ability to continue to


Consolidated Group revenue for 2012 was €1,778 million, an increase of 8% over
2011 on an unadjusted  basis. Revenue for  the 4^th quarter  of 2012 was  €521 
million compared  with  €492  million  for  the  equivalent  period  in  2011, 
representing growth of +5.5% on an unadjusted basis.

Organic growth for the  full year was  solid at +2.1%.  Q4 organic growth  was 
+1.1% largely impacted by a high baseline compared to Q4 2011.

Over the  year,  the Euro  depreciated  against  the US  dollar,  producing  a 
positive exchange  rate impact  of €41  million for  full year  2012 for  this 
currency only. The total exchange rate impact is €63 million. 

Digital and  social media  once again  increased their  contribution to  Group 
revenue as  the  Group  pressed  ahead with  its  strategy  of  putting  these 
businesses at the core  of all its activities  and agencies around the  world. 
With no  significant acquisition  over the  course of  the year,  digital  and 
social media accounted for 26% of total Group revenue in 2012.

Geographic distribution of organic revenue for the 2012 financial year was as

See table in attached release.

Europe was  close to  flat  over the  full year  2012  with -0.4%  in  organic 
revenue. France also ended the year close to flat due to its creative agencies
and a strong performance from Havas Media. Havas Media's performance in Q4 was
largely impacted  by a  high base  in the  prior year's  quarter. By  sector, 
corporate and financial communications fell  back while BETC strengthened  its 
position as  the leading  French agency  as a  result of  significant  organic 
The UK outperformed the rest  of Europe in 2012, due  in large part to  recent 
wins by Havas Worldwide London, to BETC London (a startup launched just over a
year ago) and  to initial strong  performance at our  recently acquired  Havas 
Lynx agency, a digital specialist in healthcare communications.
2012 full year  revenue for the  rest of Europe  was down by  -1.2%. Q4 saw  a 
temporary downturn in media in Spain, Portugal and Switzerland, while  Belgium 
and Turkey remained strong.

North America: The region posted full year growth of +3.3%, proving remarkably
dynamic and  especially so  in Q4,  with growth  of +6.5%  driven by  digital, 
advertising, healthcare communications and media activities.

Rest of world: Asia-Pacific reported full year growth of +8.7% for 2012.  Host 
lost the Vodafone Hutchison account which impacted Q4, but the agency  largely 
made up for  the loss  by winning the  Coca-Cola account.  Creative and  media 
activities in China continued to perform well through the year. However IPO PR
consultancy and field marketing were also soft in the period. The United  Arab 
Emirates, India and Singapore were Asia's main growth drivers throughout 2012.

In Latin America, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay delivered double digit
organic growth  throughout  the  year while  Mexico  grew  progressively.  The 
biggest contributions to  the region's strong  performance came from  digital, 
media expertise and healthcare communications.

The Group will  publish its 2012  annual results on  March 21^st, 2013,  after 
market close.


Net new business^1 won in 2012 amounted  to €1,675 million, a 22% increase  on 
2011 and one of the best three performances of the past decade.

Among the most significant wins in the fourth quarter of 2012: 

  *Havas Worldwide  won global  data duties  for Unilever  and was  appointed 
    digital agency of record for the  Snuggle fabric softener brand. BETC  was 
    chosen as global integrated  agency for Louis  Vuitton and Berluti.  Havas 
    Worldwide Munich won  institutional communications and  all PR  activities 
    for Osram  worldwide.  Havas Media  International  France won  the  global 
    account for Deezer. Havas Media  Asia Pacific was appointed global  agency 
    for the Shangri-La Hotels  & Resorts luxury hotel  group. Havas Media  won 
    the global  account for  Remy Cointreau  and Arena  Miami won  the  Natura 
    account for five markets. 

  *On the strength of its integrated offering, Havas won the account for  the 
    launch of a  second series  of euro bank  notes for  the European  Central 
    Bank: Havas  Worldwide  Düsseldorf  will be  responsible  for  mass  media 
    communications and international  coordination, Havas Worldwide  Amsterdam 
    for online communications and Havas Media Frankfurt for media planning and
    buying in all  17 Eurozone  countries. In France,  Havas Worldwide  Paris, 
    Havas Event  and  Havas  Productions  will  take  the  lead  on  strategic 
    consultancy, PR and events and Havas  Digital will be responsible for  the 
    multilingual microsite.

  *In North  America,  Havas  Worldwide  Chicago won  digital  and  eCRM  for 
    Citibank credit cards. 

  *In Latin America, Havas Media won MSD, Nacional Monte de Piedad, Nikon and
    Hard Rock Hotel.

  *Account wins in  France included La  Poste, McDonald's, Club  Med Gym  and 
    GMF; in Germany, corporate  design for Deutsche Bank;  CRM for L'Oréal  in 
    Poland; internal  communications for  sanofi (from  New York),  Adecco  in 
    Belgium, DHL in the Philippines, Generali  in Italy, Ricola in the UK  and 
    Hermès Parfums in China. 

  *Purely digital wins included Pizza Hut in Hong Kong, Max Life Insurance in
    India, Foodpairing in Belgium,  H&M in Spain,  Perfume Holdings in  twelve 
    markets, the Philips global  account and children's  charity War Child  in 
    the UK. 

The detailed list of the most significant wins of 2012 is given in Annex 1.


In keeping with its strategy  and commitment, Havas continued demonstrate  its 
leadership on the CSR front through the following initiatives: 

  *Publication  of  the  Group's   first  Sustainability  Report,  based   on 
    information provided by our internal CSR reporting tool and shedding light
    on the many initiatives undertaken within  the Group and progress made  in 
    meeting its objectives. 

  *As a member of the media  planning and buying industry federation  UDECAM, 
    the Havas Media France  agency took part in  the first collective  "office 
    life" carbon footprint assessment of leading media agencies. 

The process involved  gathering data  on all the  agencies' activities  (media 
buying, digital) and culminated, thanks to widespread media cooperation, in  a 
provisional assessment  of greenhouse  gas emissions  generated by  their  TV, 
press, Internet and radio media buying.

  *The 3^rd  One  Young  World summit  (www.oneyoungworld.com)  was  held  in 
    Pittsburgh in October 2012.  Dubbed "Young Davos" by  CNN, the aim of  One 
    Young World (co-founded by David Jones and Kate Robertson) is to provide a
    platform for today's young people, the leaders of tomorrow, to bring about
    positive changes in the world. 1,300  young delegates (all aged under  25) 
    from 183 countries, accompanied by  40 world famous Counsellors  including 
    former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, former US President Bill  Clinton, 
    Professor Muhammad Yunus and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, came together to
    create tangible initiatives  to address  some of the  pressing issues  the 
    world faces.  Over 200  firms,  among them  some  of the  world's  largest 
    including Google, Unilever, L'Oréal, Apple, Accenture, Puma and  Facebook, 
    showed their support by sponsoring delegates. 


A number  of Group  agencies won  recognition  for their  work in  the  fourth 
quarter of 2012:

"The Bear" by BETC for Canal+ was  the world's most awarded TV spot, not  just 
of 2012 but also in the history of the Gunn Report.

At the Cresta Awards, the Group  collected 16 awards, including Agency of  the 
Year for BETC  and Network  of the  Year for  Havas Worldwide.  The Group  won 
awards in a total of 11 categories (including four for "The Bear") plus  three 
Grand Prix awards (two for BETC for "The Bear" and one for Arnold Boston).

At the London  International Advertising  Awards, Group  agencies garnered  13 
awards: a Grand Prix  for BETC, five  Gold (two for BETC  and three for  Havas 
Worldwide London), four  Silver (two  for Havas  Worldwide New  York, one  for 
Arnold Boston and one for BETC) and three Bronze.

The Epica Awards  brought the Group  a total of  19 awards. BETC  took six  of 
them, including one Gold.  BETC London won three  awards, including one  Gold. 
Havas Worldwide London took two, including one Gold, and Havas Worldwide Paris
also won a  Gold. Havas  Worldwide Düsseldorf, Havas  Worldwide Zürich,  Havas 
Tunisia, Havas  Worldwide Helsinki,  H Paris,  Havas Worldwide  Amsterdam  and 
Havas 360 together accounted for the remainder.

Eurobest added another  19 awards to  the Group's tally,  including the  Grand 
Prix for BETC's "The Bear", which also scooped another seven awards  including 
four Gold. Havas Worldwide  London won three awards  and Leg, Havas  Worldwide 
Paris, Havas Worldwide Amsterdam, Havas Worldwide Vienna and Arnold  Amsterdam 
were also winners.

At the  Cristal Festival,  Group agencies  notched up  a total  of 29  awards, 
including one Grand Prix (BETC) and six  Gold (four for BETC, one for H  Paris 
and one for Havas Worldwide  Amsterdam). MPG-MC, Havas Worldwide London,  Leg, 
W&Cie, Arena Media,Cake London and Havas Digital were also among the awards.

Group agencies also won numerous awards in digital:

At the  Lovies, Havas  Worldwide Digital  Lisbon won  a People's  Lovie and  a 
Silver. Havas Worldwide Amsterdam and H also each took a Silver.

Havas PR  USA was  named  3^rd "Most  Social Media  Agency  in the  World"  by 

At the Boomerang  Awards, Havas+Palm  won in three  categories including  best 
online campaign for Mobiliz.

At the BIMA Awards, AIS London was named Agency of the Year and took awards in
three categories for its "Save the 1Day" campaign for Sony Music/ Syco.

At the OMMA Awards  (for Online Advertising  Creativity), the "Globalize  your 
thinking" campaign for Oppenheimer Funds by MPG Media Contacts won two awards,
including the coveted "Best in Show".

In other disciplines:

Fuel Lisbon was  named Agency of  the Year at  the Premios a  la Eficacia  and 
Arena Media as Media Agency of the Year.

At the Achap Chile,  Havas Worldwide Santiago picked  up 17 awards,  including 
five Gold.

At the PR News PR People Award, four members of Havas PR USA took top  awards, 
including "PR News Hall of Fame" and "Tweeter of the Year".

At the Key Awards, Havas Worldwide Milan won the special prize as well as  the 
"Beverages" category. 

At the W3 Awards, H4B Chelsea won one Gold and five Silver and Havas Discovery
two Gold and three Silver awards.

ANNEX 1: Net New Business 2012

Havas Creative Group


Ambank: Euro RSCG Malaysia appointed agency of record
American Eagle Outfitters: Arnold
Atlantic City: Euro RSCG New York appointed agency of record
Banesto: Euro RSCG Spain won digital duties
BBVA:Euro RSCG Colombia won social media business
Burger King: Cake UK chosen as consumer agency in the UK and Ireland
Carlsberg:Euro RSCG APAC won ATL  advertising, digital, social media, PR  and 
activation business, all of which will be managed by a cross-market integrated
team based in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong
Claire's Accessories: Euro RSCG Chicago won the global account
DHL: Euro RSCG Mexico won the advertising business
eHarmony: won by Euro RSCG Brazil
EON: EHS 4D won the relational marketing account
Expedia:Euro RSCG  4D  Matrix appointed  to  carry  out SEO  duties  for  the 
operator in India
Grupo Vitro: Euro RSCG  Mexico won the  integrated communications account  for 
GSK: Euro RSCG Life
Häagen Dazs: Euro RSCG Middle East won the Häagen Dazs regional PR account
Haribo: Euro RSCG Moscow won Haribo's digital business
HBO: Cake UK  won the campaign  for the DVD  release of the  Games of  Thrones 

Ideal Standard: Euro RSCG London chosen to manage pan-European advertising
Idesa: Euro RSCG Middle East won the PR duties
Kraft: Euro RSCG  Milan won digital  and social media  duties for the  Fonzies 
brand and digital duties for Hag and Sottilette
La Roche-Posay: Euro RSCG BETC 4D won the digital business
Lycra: Euro RSCG San Francisco appointed global agency of record
Nokia: Euro RSCG appointed to handle digital business for Nokia in India
Pekao Bank: Euro RSCG Warsaw appointed agency of record
Peugeot: Euro RSCG Malaysia appointed to develop the regional launch  campaign 
for a new auto model and Euro RSCG Prague won a launch event for Peugeot
Sony Playstation: Euro RSCG Chicago won the digital, social media, mobile  and 
experiential business for the PlayStation and PS+ network in the US
Superbock: Euro RSCG Lisbon won the advertising, digital, packaging, point  of 
sale and events duties for Superblock beer
Telefonica: Euro RSCG Prague appointed to handle BTL advertising
Thomas Cook: Euro RSCG London won the advertising account
Volvo China: Arnold
Yili: Euro RSCG China was appointed agency of record for six Yili dairy brands


Aivoria: Euro RSCG Malaysia won the Elianto, Bonita and Tiamo brands 
AXA: Euro RSCG C&O for PR
Bel Brands: Euro RSCG Chicago won the advertising account
Belvedere: Euro RSCG Toronto chosen to handle social media duties
BIC: Euro RSCG Milan chosen for BTL and social media business and Euro RSCG
Dubai for advertising
British Petrol: Project House for digital duties
Chicco: Euro RSCG Sao Paulo chosen for ATL and BTL digital business
Comptoir des Cotonniers: BETC Luxe
Ferrero: Euro RSCG Klan (Turkey) for digital and social media
Giorgio Armani: BETC Luxe chosen to manage advertising for the Giorgio Armani
Fragrance Business (Acqua di Gio, Acqua di Gioia, Code Luna, etc.) and the
Giorgio Armani Beauty business (skin care and make-up)
IBIS hotels: The Red Agency won the PR and communications account for Ibis
(Groupe Accor), and Euro RSCG Dubai won the advertising business for Accor
Intel Asus: Euro RSCG New York
KB Bank: Euro RSCG Prague won the social media business of Komercní Banka
La Caixa: Euro RSCG Spain for La Caixa Private & Personal Banking
Lego: Euro RSCG Prague for social media duties
Novartis: Euro RSCG Life
Parry Nutraceuticals: Euro RSCG 4D Matrix.
P&G: Project House was selected to handle digital business for the Gillette,
Pantene and Wella brands, and Euro RSCG 4D Milan won the social media account
for Nurofen.
Reckitt Benckiser: Euro RSCG Corporate Communications Middle East chosen to
handle PR for Gaviscon, Scholl, Veet and Clearasil
Samsung: BETC London chosen to steer a global project for Samsung Smart TV
Sanofi: C&O appointed to handle internal communications for sanofi France
Sephora: C&O won the international recruitment communications account
Sony Playstation: Euro RSCG Austria chosen for the BTL business
Thalys: Rosa Park won the communications, media, CRM and social media business
for Thalys in France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.
Thomas Cook: Euro RSCG PR Manchester
Virgin Mobile: Euro RSCG Sydney appointed as one of Virgin Mobile's agencies
of record


AARP: Havas Worldwide Chicago
Coca Cola Light: BETC London
Danone: Havas Worldwide Kuala Lumpur
Danone Activia: Havas Worldwide Melbourne
Danone Infant Nutrition: Havas Worldwide China/Hong Kong
Del Taco: Camp + King
Durex: Havas Worldwide Italy
Energa: Havas PR Warsaw
Fab: Arnold
Hellman's Supreme (Unilever): Havas Worldwide Chile
Jil Sander Fragrances(Coty Prestige): BETC Luxe
Kraft Foods: Havas Worldwide Prague
Lego: Havas Worldwide Prague
Mead-Johnson Infant Nutrition: Havas Life Mexico
National Lottery: Havas Worldwide Brussels
Oddka: Havas Worldwide London & Havas Worldwide PR North America
Pepsico: Havas Worldwide Mexico
Pernod Ricard: Havas Worldwide PR North America
Playstation: Host Australia
Prudential Insurance: Havas PR Warsaw
Seagate: Havas Worldwide London
Sovereign/Santander: Arnold
Staples: Havas Worldwide London
Turismo de Portugal: Havas Worldwide Portugal
Ubisoft/Just4Dance: BETC
VO5 Express Yourself: Havas Worldwide London


Adecco: Boondoggle
Berluti: BETC
Citibank: Havas Worldwide Chicago
Club Med Gym: BETC
Deutsche Bank: Havas Worldwide Dusseldorf
DHL: Havas PR Agatep
ECB: Havas Worldwide Europe
Food Pairing: Boondoggle
Jaguar Land Rover: Havas People UK
L'Oreal: Marketing House in Poland
La Poste: BETC & Havas Worldwide Paris
Louis Vuitton: BETC
Max Life Insurance: Havas Worldwide Delhi
Osram: Havas Worldwide Munich
Pizza Hut: Havas Worldwide Hong Kong
Sanofi: Havas People NY
Unilever: Havas EHS & Havas 360
War Child: Cake

Havas Media Group


Atlantic City Alliance: MPG Media Contacts USA
Adeslas Segurcaixa: MPG Media Contacts Spain
Bavaria: Arena Media Colombia
Burger King: Havas Sports & Entertainment/Cake UK
Carnival Cruises: MPG Media Contacts UK
Cencosud: Arena Argentina
Center for Disease Control and Prevention: MPG Media Contacts USA
Ceresita: MPG Chile
Dyson: MPG Media Contacts Spain
Edun: MPG Media Contacts USA
Evo/NovaCaixaGalicia: MPG Media Contacts Spain
Freixenet: MPG Germany
Grefusa: MPG Spain
Nölke/Gutfried: MPG Germany
Hawaianas: Havas Media International (Surveys)
Huawei: MPG Germany at pan-European level
Hyundai: MPG China
Lansay: Havas Media France
Lierac/Ales Groupe: Havas Media France
Mundo Fox: MPG Media Contacts USA
Naranya: iGlue Brazil
Nature Bounty: MPG Media Contacts USA
Net-A-Porter.com: MPG Media Contacts
Odesur Juegos Sudamericanos Santiago 2014: Havas Sports & Entertainment Chile
Parle: MPG India
Perfume Holding: Havas Media International Global
Penguin: MPG Media Contacts UK
Pokerstars: MPG Media Contacts Spain
Puig/Paco Rabanne: Havas Sports & Entertainment/Cake Paris
Reckitt Benckiser: MPG Austria and Switzerland
Relais & Chateaux: Havas Media International Europe
Roland Garros: Havas Sports & Entertainment France & Havas Sports &
Entertainment China
Santander: Arena Media Chile and Spain
Sony: Havas Sports & Entertainment Miami
StriVectin: Havas Sports & Entertainment/Cake USA
Grupo Vips: MPG Media Contacts Spain
Whirlpool: Havas Media International Miami


Aeroflot - HVM NEC/Arena Russia. Won France, Italy, Germany, China, Japan,
Azco Nobel - Havas Sports & Entertainment Global - Sponsorship Strategy
Betfair - Arena Media UK
Beauty Prestige International - MPG APAC (six markets)
Corpbanca - Arena Media Colombia
Coty - Havas Media International Paris Consulting project
Desjoyaux - Havas Digital France
Dr. Theiss Naturwaren - MPG Germany
Grupo Planeta (CEAC & Home English) - Arena Spain
Far East Organization - MPG International Singapore - Singapore is main
coordinating agency for media buys in China, Indonesia and Malaysia
Laboratorios Ferrer - MPG MC Spain
Fox en Español - MPG USA
Hunkemoller - MPG Netherlands - Account for Spain, Denmark, France and
Hyundai - Havas Media France
Joyoung - Media Contacts China
JTI - Arena UK
Lacoste - Media Contacts UK
Lancome - Media Contacts Brazil
Land's End - MPG Germany
Lenovo - Arena Mexico
Laboratorios Liomont - MPG Mexico
NBA - Media Contacts US 
NFL - Media Contacts US 
Now TV - Cake UK (Havas Sports & Entertainment) - Launch event and PR
PayPal - MPG MC UK
Procter & Gamble - Mobext Philippines
Qatar Airways - Media Contacts Brazil
Sab Miller - Arena Argentina - Won Miller, Isenbeck, Warsteiner brands
Saudi Telecom - Havas Sports & Entertainment - Sponsorship and content
SNCF - Havas Media International Paris for Europe
Snow Beer - Media Contacts China
Sony - MPG Mexico
Taikang Insurance - Media Contacts China
Temasek Holdings - MPG/MC Singapore
TVS Tyres - MPG India
XL - MPG MC Indonesia


Albemarle & Bond Holdings: Arena Media UK
Alive: Havas Sports & Entertainment UK
Audley Retirement Homes: Arena Media UK
Axa: MPG Germany, MPG Belgium, Media Contacts Spain
Caudalie: Havas Digital France (France, Germany and Spain)
Choice Hotels International: MPG Media Contacts US
City Index: Arena Media UK
Clorox Professional Products: Havas Digital US
Coca Cola Zero: Havas Sports & Entertainment France
Coty: Havas Digital Hungary
Office National Croate de Tourisme: Havas Digital France
Dirección General de Tráfico: MPG Media Contacts Spain
DisToyota: Arena Media Colombia
EDF: MPG Media Contacts UK and Havas Sports & Entertainment UK
European Central Bank: MPG Media Contacts Europe
Gas Natural Fenosa: Arena Media Spain & AIS Spain
Honda: Cake/Havas Sports & Entertainment UK
Illva Saronno: MPG Media Contacts UK
Konami: MPG Media Contacts Spain
Lan Airlines: MPG Media Contacts Colombia
Merck: Havas Digital Miami
Mr Porter: MPG International London (UK, US, Australia, Hong Kong and
NBA: Havas Digital USA/Miami
NFL: Havas Digital USA
Omega Pharma: Arena Media Spain
Qatar Airways: Media Contacts/Havas Digital Brazil
Santiago 2014 (Juegos Panamericanos): Havas Sports & Entertainment Chile
Sony Pictures: ignition/Havas Sports & Entertainment LATAM
Sugon: Media Contacts/Havas Digital China
Study Adelaide: Ecselis/Havas Digital Australia
Tata Motors: MPG India
Tyco: MPG Media Contacts USA
Warby Parker: Havas Digital US
We7: Arena Media UK
Whirlpool: MPG Media Contacts Mexico
YFY Investment: MPG China


Adidas: Havas Sports & Entertainment Italy and Havas Sports & Entertainment UK
Coca Cola: Havas Sports & Entertainment Mexico and Havas Sports &
Entertainment Poland
Deezer: Havas Media International France - Global Account
Generali: Havas Sports & Entertainment Italy
GMF: Havas Sports & Entertainment France
Hard Rock Hotel: LATAM (Digital Media)
Hermes Perfume: Havas Media China
H&M: Arena Media Spain
MSD: Havas Media LATAM (Pan Regional SEO/SEM)
Mouaward: Havas Media Middle East
Nacional Monte de Piedad: Arena Media Mexico
Natura: Arena Miami for five markets
Nikon: Havas Digital Brazil
Pearle: Arena Media Austria
Perfume Holding: Havas Media International France, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia,
India, Philippines, Malaysia, South Korea, Italy, Brazil, Japan, Mexico and
Philips: Global (Search)
Remy Cointreau: Global
Renault Nissan: Havas Media in Colombia and Argentina
Ricola: Arena Media UK
Shangri La: Havas Media Global
Turkey Tourism: Havas Media Germany, UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark
Volkswagen: Havas Media International Miami (LATAM)
Zambon: Havas Media Europe
ZSL London: Arena UK

ANNEX 2: 2011 Organic Growth by quarter

See table in attached release.

About Havas

Havas (Euronext  Paris  SA: HAV.PA)  is  one  of the  world's  largest  global 
advertising, digital and communications groups. Headquartered in Paris,  Havas 
operates through its two Business Units, Havas Creative and Havas Media.

Havas Creative Group incorporates the Havas Worldwide (www.havasworldwide.com)
network - formerly Euro  RSCG Worldwide - (316  offices in 75 countries),  the 
Arnold (www.arn.com) micro-network (16 agencies in countries on 5  continents) 
as well as several other strong agencies.

Havas Media Group  (www.havasmedia.com) is the  world's fastest growing  media 
group, operating in over 100 countries, and incorporates two major  commercial 
brands: Havas Media (formerly MPG) et Arena.

A multicultural  and  decentralized  Group,  Havas  is  present  in  over  100 
countries through its networks of  agencies and contractual affiliations.  The 
Group offers  a broad  range of  communications services,  including  digital, 
advertising,  direct   marketing,  media   planning  and   buying,   corporate 
communications, sales promotion,  design, human  resources, sports  marketing, 
multimedia interactive  communications  and public  relations.  Havas  employs 
approximately 15,000 people. Further information  about Havas is available  on 
the company's website: www.havas.fr

Forward-Looking Information
This document contains certain forward-looking statements which speak only  as 
of the  date on  which they  are made.  Forward looking  statements relate  to 
projections, anticipated events  or trends, future  plans and strategies,  and 
reflect Havas' current views about  future events. They are therefore  subject 
to inherent risks and  uncertainties that may cause  Havas' actual results  to 
differ materially  from  those  expressed in  any  forward-looking  statement. 
Factors that could  cause actual  results to differ  materially from  expected 
results include changes in the global economic environment or in the  business 
environment, and in  factors such  as competition and  market regulation.  For 
more information regarding risk factors  relevant to Havas, please see  Havas' 
filings with the AMF (Autorité  des Marchés Financiers) (documents in  French) 
and, up to  October 2006,  with the  U.S. Securities  and Exchange  Commission 
(documents in English only). Havas does not intend, and disclaims any duty  or 
obligation, to update  or revise any  forward-looking statements contained  in 
this document to reflect new information, future events or otherwise.

(1): Net New Business
Net new business represents the  estimated annual advertising budgets for  new 
business  wins  (which  includes  new   clients,  clients  retained  after   a 
competitive review, and new product or brand expansions for existing  clients) 
less the  estimated  annual  advertising budgets  for  lost  accounts.  Havas' 
management uses net new business as a measurement of the effectiveness of  its 
client development and retention efforts. Net new business is not an  accurate 
predictor of  future revenues,  since what  constitutes new  business or  lost 
business is  subject  to  differing judgments,  the  amounts  associated  with 
individual business  wins  and  losses depend  on  estimated  client  budgets, 
clients may  not  spend  as  much  as they  budget,  the  timing  of  budgeted 
expenditures is  uncertain,  and  the amount  of  budgeted  expenditures  that 
translates into revenues  depends on the  nature of the  expenditures and  the 
applicable fee structures. In addition, Havas' guidelines for determining  the 
amount of new business wins and  lost business may differ from those  employed 
by other companies.

Other definitions:

Organic growth is calculated  by comparing revenue  for the current  financial 
period against revenue for the previous financial period adjusted as follows:
- revenue for the previous financial period is recalculated using the exchange
rates for the current financial period;
- to this resulting revenue is added the revenue of companies acquired between
January 1 of the  previous financial period and  the acquisition date for  the 
period in which these companies were not as yet consolidated;
- revenue  for  the  previous  financial  period  is  also  adjusted  for  the 
consolidated revenue of companies disposed of or closed down between January 1
of the previous financial period and the date of disposal or closure.
Organic growth calculated by this method is therefore adjusted for  variations 
in exchange  rate  against  the euro,  and  for  variations in  the  scope  of 

Communications:     Lorella Gessa
                     Communications Director, Havas Group
                     Tel: +33 (0)1 58 47 90 36
Investor Relations: Aurélie Jolion
                     Director of Investor Relations, Havas Group
                     Tel: +33 (0)1 58 47 92 42

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