Asda Money Reveals the Cars Most Likely to Breakdown

Asda Money Reveals the Cars Most Likely to Breakdown 
LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM -- (Marketwire) -- 02/18/13 -- Asda Money looks
at how one of nation's most prized possessions, the humble motor,
could end up costing car owners more than they bargained for. 
This is especially true for motorists who may have selected a model
that is more prone to common breakdown problems such as engines not
firing or problems relating to wheels or tyres(1).  
To help drivers avoid this potential financial pitfall, Asda Money
reveals the cars which are most likely to breakdown.  
Land Rovers  
The Discovery Land Rover maybe expensive and robust, but it is also
the car most likely to breakdown. The wallet-draining 4x4 tops the
list of the European cars most likely to break down with a massive
85% of Discovery owners having seen a fault develop in the last 18
Some 42% of the most common faults were related to the axle &
Bentley Continental  
Bentley's may be impressive to look at, but they also have a high
breakdown rate. Some 78% of the Bentley Continental range needed
extra attention over 2012 as many of them caused problems for their
owners. Over half (52%) of the faults were attributed to the
vehicle's electrics. Bentley Continentals come at a high price and
many may expect that reliability is included, however, for some
motorists this was not the case. 
Renault Espace 
The vehicle's engine caused the biggest problem for Renault Espace
owners with a massive 18% citing that this was faulty. This model
came in third place in a ranking of the most unreliable cars in
Europe with an incident rate of 76%(3). The popular family car by the
French manufacturer offers flexible seating, safety and space, but
this didn't stop it from securing a place in the top five.  
The majority of motorists don't enjoy their vehicle breaking down on
them and take extra measures such as buying breakdown cover to make
the experience less financially painful and stressful.   
Breaking down without cover can be expensive as it can cost up to GBP
100 an hour(4) just to call out a specialist. By having car breakdown
insurance in place you can avoid high emergency call out fees and see
that your car is attended to.  
Asda Money offers comprehensive breakdown cover to suit your needs
Notes to editors  

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3.   Europe's most reliable used car is... 26/09/12  

4.  Environmental Transport Association release 04.01.12

About Asda Breakdown Cover 

--  76% of cars fixed at the roadside (i) 
--  Average response time under 42 minutes ^ 
--  98% of customers satisfied with our service + 
--  Cheaper than the AA & RAC (ii) 
--  Pay annually and save GBP 20 on UK breakdown and European cover  
--  Asda Breakdown Cover provided by Britannia Rescue 

(i) Fix rate of 76.3% taken from 108089 returned agent invoices
between 01 January and 31 December 2012. 
^ Response time of 41.9 minutes taken from 61317 customer
questionnaires during 1 January to 31 December 2012  
+ Customer satisfaction of 98.2% taken from 61317 customer
questionnaires during 1 January to 31 December 2012  
(ii) Based on Asda UK Breakdown Cover compared to the nearest
equivalent level of cover from the AA and RAC. Competitor's prices
include discount available on 04/01/2013 (online and call centre).
Prices quoted are for annual payment only and relate to vehicle only
cover and not personal cover. 
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