Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn: Physical Therapy and Technology Partner to Improve Services Provided to Veterans

Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn: Physical Therapy and Technology Partner to Improve 
Services Provided to Veterans 
Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, Physical Therapy Professional, Sheds Light
on the Way in Which Video Games Can Actually Contribute to Physical
Health and Wellbeing 
NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwire) -- 02/18/13 --  Video games have, over
the years, become somewhat synonymous with a sedentary lifestyle and
the obesity epidemic that has, some may argue, swept the nation. But
the leading developers of video game technology have made the changes
necessary to their consoles to keep up with the public's growing
interest in an increased activity level and personal health. As such,
reports in a recent article, this technology has
actually been integrated into physical therapy programs. Sherrie
Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional, comments on the
value that these video game consoles can bring to a well-designed
physical therapy treatment plan.  
The article reports: "If all goes as planned, Microsoft's Kinect
motion sensor camera will be used to help provide physical therapy
for injured soldiers and veterans. According to Defense News, the
company is working with the Air Force and the Army's
Communications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering
Center to create a therapy system that utilizes the camera, a
standard PC, and off-the-shelf software."  
The implications of this report are clear: the Microsoft Kinect is
seen as a resource that can assist in the physical therapy treatments
of members of the armed forces. More specifically, the article
explains, the relatively low-cost Kinect can allow individuals who
live geographically far from Veterans Affairs medical facilities to
still take advantage of the benefits that physical therapy offers
without having to trek to the nearest hospital or other healthcare
center for their treatments.  
"At Metro Physical Therapy, we have been using the Nintendo Wii for
our 'Wii-habilitation' program with great results," asserts Sherrie
Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional. "Microsoft's Kinect
is another great platform for simulated exercise for patients of all
ages. I am a strong believer in the importance of creating exercise
programs that are enjoyable. Plus, it feels great to play games, it 
makes almost all of us feel like kids again!" 
Glasser-Mayrsohn believes that, if used properly, this technology can
make physical therapy easier and more enjoyable -- which means that
more people will be likely to follow through with the recommended
exercises. As such, she strongly encourages professionals in this
field to consider the value of video games and how they can best be
integrated into their own treatment plans.  
Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional, established
Metro Physical & Aquatic Therapy in 1982. Through her dedication,
Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn, physical therapy professional, provides a
high quality of care to patients who require a diverse list of
treatments. Specifically, she is committed to offering seniors
throughout the community the services they need to age actively and
enhance their overall wellbeing. As such, Sherrie Glasser-Mayrsohn,
physical therapy professional, shares geriatric services that pertain
to wellness, Pilates, yoga, fall prevention, balance training, tai
chi, and more.  
Glasser-Mayrsohn earned a bachelor of science in physical therapy
from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. Additionally,
she earned a master of science in orthopedic physical therapy from
The Institute of Graduate Health Sciences.  
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