ELEQ: International Endesa: Enersis Capital Increase Pre-emptive subscription period

  ELEQ: International Endesa: Enersis Capital Increase Pre-emptive
  subscription period

UK Regulatory Announcement


                              SIGNIFICANT EVENT

Attached is the Significant Event filed with the Superintendence of Securities
and Insurance of Santiago de Chile, by ENERSIS, an Endesa investee:

“In accordance with the terms of article 9 and paragraph 2 of article 10 of
Securities Market Law 18045 and SVS General Regulation No. 30, duly empowered
and in representation of Enersis S.A. (the “Company”), I hereby report,
through this mandatory filing, that at an extraordinary meeting held today,
the Board of Directors of the Company resolved as follows:

1) To register the Company’s new-issue shares in the SVS Securities Register
under entry no. 971, dated 13 February 2013.

2) To open the period for pre-emptive subscription for the 16,441,606,297 new
shares issued by the Company in connection with the capital increase ratified
at the Company’s Extraordinary General Meeting on 20 December 2012 (the
“Meeting”), which shall run from 25 February 2013 until 26 March 2013. The
Board agreed to approve, in due course, the manner in which any shares not
subscribed during the pre-emptive subscription period and any fractions of
shares deriving from pro-rata allocation among shareholders will be sold
during a marketing period for these remaining shares, on the terms and
conditions agreed at the Meeting. The Company will publish the pertinent
notifications in the daily newspaper El Mercurio.

3) The shares will be marketed to existing shareholders during the
abovementioned pre-emptive subscription period at $173 per share, which is the
price agreed at the Meeting.

4) To approve the Company’s Form F-3, Prospectus Supplement, F-6 and 8-A and
to register them with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the
United States in order to facilitate the preferred share offering on the New
York Stock Exchange. The Board vested the power to determine the date for
beginning the US preferred share offering, once all the required steps have
been taken, in the Company’s Managing Director.”

                                                      Madrid, 18 February 2013


International Endesa
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