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                     Mersen announces its withdrawal  
                 from certain non-strategic businesses 
Paris, February 14, 2013 - Mersen (Euronext FR0000039620 - MRN), a global 
expert in materials and solutions for extreme environments as well as in the 
safety and reliability of electrical equipment, has decided to divest or 
discontinue certain non-strategic businesses. This decision has been made 
following the business portfolio review mentioned in the January 30, 2013 
press release. 
The businesses concern metal boilermaking equipment for nuclear power stations,
metal plate heat exchangers and mixers, which form part of the Advanced
Materials and Technologies segment. In 2012, they generated total revenues of
some EUR20 million. 
Affected by unfavorable market trends, the recession and the consequences for
the nuclear industry of the Fukushima catastrophe, they were posting negative
operating margin and offered no prospect of recovering while they remained
within the Group. Their disposal will allow the anticorrosion equipment unit
which belongs to the Advanced Materials and Technologies segment to focus on 
its core business, leveraging its financial and operating resources to 
consolidate its global leadership positions. 
The project will affect the Grésy-sur-Aix plant (Savoie, France), which
manufactures boilermaking equipment for nuclear power stations, and the 
Brignais plant (Rhône, France), which makes plate heat exchangers and mixers. 
Together, these two plants employ 86 people. Mersen will endeavor to find a 
buyer capable of more effectively developing the businesses by providing them 
with additional volumes. This project would enable them to leverage their 
expertise and assets in a new, competitive organization, which would secure 
their long-term viability and protect the jobs of their employees. 
Expressions of interest from credible industrial buyers are currently being
reviewed. Employees and their representatives will be given regular updates
about the status of the project. 
"Mersen wants to find a buyer that is specialized in these businesses or 
markets and capable of driving their long-term growth," said Luc Themelin, 
Chairman of the Management Board. "Management will do everything possible to 
bring this project to a successful conclusion, while effectively protecting 
the interests of all stakeholders and particularly the employees." 
In addition to these proposed sales, Mersen has decided to discontinue the
manufacture of equipment for the nuclear industry at the Xianda plant in China,
whose activity is linked to that of the Grésy plant. 
Financial impacts 
In the 2012 financial statements, the businesses that are intended to be sold 
or discontinued will be shown on a separate line of the consolidated income
statement and balance sheet, in accordance with IFRS 5. The income statement
will therefore show revenue from continuing operations of EUR810.7 million in
2012 and EUR816.2 million in 2011. 
(in million of euros)                    2012        2011     Organic    Total 
                                   restated    restated    growth   growth
Advanced Materials and Technologies      346.3       366.2     -11.3%    -5.4%
Electrical Components and Technologies   464.4       450.0      -6.7%    +3.2%
Revenue from continuing operations       810.7       816.2      -8.8%    -0.7%
Europe                                   284.4       300.6     -10.4%    -5.4%
Asia-Pacific                             205.8       212.9     -10.8%    -3.4%
North America                            279.7       263.1      -5.8%    +6.3%
Rest of the world                         40.8        39.6      -5.6%    +3.1%
Revenue from continuing operations       810.7       816.2      -8.8%    -0.7% 
Unaudited figures 
These figures compare to the EUR829.4 million for 2012 and EUR829.6 million 
for 2011 that were announced by the Group on January 30, 2013 which did not 
take into account the impact of the planned disposals. 
After-tax losses of some EUR20 million will be recorded in the 2012 accounts 
for the planned transactions, including EUR17 million in non-cash impairment 
of assets. These amounts will be in addition to the net losses generated by 
these businesses in 2012, which are estimated at around EUR5 million of which
two-thirds correspond to recurring operating losses. All of these accounting
items are currently being subjected to the normal auditing procedures. 
The total estimated loss of EUR25 million from these discontinued operations
will be reported on a separate line of the consolidated income statement, in
accordance with IFRS 5. 
                                                Paris, February 14, 2013
About Mersen 
Global expert in materials and solutions for extreme environments as well as 
in the safety and reliability of electrical equipment, Mersen designs 
innovative solutions to address its clients' specific needs to enable them to 
optimize their manufacturing process in sectors such as energy, transportation,
electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical and process industries. 
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