Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd : Actelion delivers strong performance in 2012 - Getting ready for Opsumit launch in 2013

Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd : Actelion delivers strong performance in 2012 -
                   Getting ready for Opsumit launch in 2013

Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd / Actelion delivers strong performance in 2012 -
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ALLSCHWIL/BASEL, SWITZERLAND  - 14  February 2013-  Actelion Ltd  (SIX:  ATLN) 
today announced financial results for the full year 2012.


  *Positive results for macitentan (Opsumit^®) reported in April - regulatory
    dossier submitted to FDA and EMA in Q4 2012
  *Strategy for long-term shareholder value creation announced in May 2012
  *Solid Tracleer^® sales in a challenging environment, up 1% in volume (down
    4% in local currencies)
  *Regulatory approvals for improved formulation of Veletri^® in US,
    Switzerland and Canada
  *Ponesimod in psoriasis and cadazolid in Clostridium difficile associated
    diarrhea to move into Phase III during 2013 following successful mid-stage
    study results


  *Product sales of CHF 1,722.1 million, down 2% in local currencies
  *Core earnings of CHF 537.0 million, up 6% in local currencies
  *Core EPS of CHF 3.69, up 16% in local currencies
  *Strong earnings and cash generation enables a proposed 25% increase in
    dividend to CHF 1.00 per share
  *CHF 800 million share repurchase program to be completed (remaining CHF
    416 million) in 2013
  *2013 Guidance: Maintain local currency core earnings at 2012 level

In CHF Million                Results Results % Variance % Variance
(except for per share data)   FY 2012 FY 2011     In CHF      In LC
Product sales                 1,722.1 1,713.0          1        (2)
US GAAP Operating income        421.5    12.2          *          *
Core earnings (excluding DDP)   537.0   480.6         12          6
US GAAP EPS (fully diluted)      2.57  (1.23)          -          -
Core EPS (fully diluted)         3.69    3.04         22         16

*not meaningful

As of 31 December 2012, Actelion had cash and cash deposits of CHF 1.5 billion
(of which CHF 368.7 million is  restricted). In addition, Actelion holds  13.8 
million treasury shares.

Jean-Paul Clozel, MD, Chief Executive Officer commented: "2012 was a  landmark 
year for Actelion.  Through the successful  trial with macitentan  (Opsumit^®) 
announced in April, we have demonstrated our ability to innovate at  Actelion. 
With organizational discipline and a  strong commitment to quality, our  clear 
objective ahead is to translate that innovation into benefits for patients and
long-term value for shareholders. Actelion is now at a very exciting stage  in 
its development."

Andrew Oakley, Chief Financial Officer added:  "In 2012, we have achieved  the 
appropriate balance between attractive shareholder returns, investment in  the 
business and a strong capital structure. We have delivered significant returns
to shareholders through  the continuation of  the buyback program  and we  are 
proposing a 25 percent increase in dividend. At the same time we continue with
the right level of investment in  R&D. Actelion therefore remains on track  to 
deliver on the short- to mid-term core earnings guidance announced at the time
of our strategic review."

For 2013, Actelion  expects to maintain  local currency core  earnings at  the 
2012 level, barring unforeseen events. The  company then expects to return  to 
single-digit core earnings growth in 2014 and double-digit growth by 2015.


Full details on  the progress made  in 2012 are  available in Actelion's  2012 
Annual Report, available from


In CHF million      Results Results % Variance % Variance
                    FY 2012 FY 2011     In CHF      In LC
Tracleer sales      1,500.2 1,522.1        (2)        (4)
Ventavis sales        110.2   106.4          4        (2)
Veletri sales          24.0    14.7         63         53
Zavesca sales          84.7    68.4         24         24
Total Product Sales 1,722.1 1,713.0          1        (2)

2012 was  a demanding  year for  Actelion's  products on  the market.  It  was 
challenging due to a number of factors beyond the company's control, including
the very  difficult  pricing environment  outside  the US  and  the  continued 
strength of the Swiss Franc  - Actelion's reporting currency. Furthermore,  in 
the US, the company's pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) product  portfolio 
continues to face significant competition, although here the effects have been
mitigated by price increases across our portfolio.

Despite the difficult market environment,  total product sales of CHF  1,722.1 
million were achieved. This is marginally lower (2% in local currencies)  than 
last year's total, reflecting, in particular, the negative pricing environment
in territories outside the US, where revenues declined in spite of solid  mid- 
to high-single-digit volume growth.

In 2012, the  company encountered the  first launches of  generic versions  of 
bosentan in  Canada.  Actelion's dedication  to  the PAH  community  has  been 
rewarded with loyalty,  and hence generic  erosion of sales  of Tracleer®  has 
been slower than benchmarks would suggest.

The global sales  breakdown is consistent  with 2011. Japan  and emerging  PAH 
markets such  as Mexico,  Russia and  China continued  to deliver  very  solid 
local-currency sales growth. Overall,  41% of sales  came from US  operations, 
37% from Europe, 12% from Japan and 10% from the rest of the world.


In CHF million                           FY2012   FY 2011
Product sales                           1,722.1   1,713.0
Core operating expenses               (1,185.1) (1,232.4)
Core earnings excluding impact of DDP     537.0     480.6
Movement in doubtful debt provision        22.6    (43.2)
Contract revenues                           6.3      83.1
Stock option expenses                    (46.6)    (84.9)
Amortization and depreciation            (81.9)    (82.9)
Litigation provision                          -   (340.6)
Auxilium milestone payment                (9.1)         -
Restructuring charge                      (6.9)         -
US GAAP Operating Income                  421.5      12.2


In CHF million               FY2012 FY 2011
Core earnings                 537.0   480.6
Non-GAAP financial result    (21.4)  (44.4)
Adjusted income before tax    515.7   436.2
Tax                          (79.5)  (75.5)
Adjusted net income           436.2   360.7
N^o of shares in calculation  118.1   118.8
Core EPS                       3.69    3.04


The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders  to approve the Business Report  of 
the year ending 31 December 2012 will be held on 18 April 2013.

Shareholders holding more  than CHF  1,000,000 nominal value  of shares  (i.e. 
2,000,000 shares at nominal value of CHF 0.50), being entitled to add items to
the agenda of  the general  meeting of shareholders,  are invited  to send  in 
proposals,  if   any,  to   Actelion  Ltd,   attention  Corporate   Secretary, 
Gewerbestrasse 16, CH-4123 Allschwil,  to arrive no later  than 8 March  2013. 
Any proposal received after the deadline will be disregarded.

In order to  attend and vote  at the Annual  General Meeting of  Shareholders, 
shareholders must be  registered in  the Company's shareholder  register by  9 
April 2013 at the latest.


  oQ1 Financial Results 2013 reporting on 16 April 2013
  oAnnual General Meeting of Shareholders on 18 April 2013
  oHY Financial Results 2013 reporting on 19 July 2013





2012 was a landmark year for Actelion. In April, we announced positive results
for macitentan  (Opsumit®),  the latest  addition  to our  pulmonary  arterial 
hypertension (PAH) portfolio. Macitentan - the result of a tailored,  in-house 
drug discovery  process -  was evaluated  in the  largest  morbidity/mortality 
study ever conducted  in PAH.  This long-term outcome  study, SERAPHIN,  which 
began in  2007  and  lasted  over four  years,  demonstrated  that  macitentan 
provides a  significant  and clinically  relevant  reduction in  the  risk  of 
morbidity/mortality. This novel  and differentiated  dual endothelin  receptor 
antagonist (ERA) is an  excellent example of how  value in the  pharmaceutical 
industry is best created through innovation.

Following  the  announcement  of  the  results  of  the  SERAPHIN  study,  the 
management and Board  took immediate steps  to shape the  future direction  of 
your company.  In May,  we announced  our strategy  for long-term  shareholder 
value creation, built around three key  elements. We are focusing our  efforts 
on sustaining and growing our PAH franchise in the short-term and on  building 
a second specialty franchise as a mid-term goal. These two elements will allow
us to deliver on the third element of our strategy - increasing profitability.
By  the  end  of  2012  rapid   progress  had  already  been  made  with   its 


Actelion is sustaining its leadership in  the PAH market with its broad  range 
of products.  In  2012, Tracleer^®  continued  to be  the  ERA of  choice  for 
prescribing physicians, even in regions with strong competition. Our  strategy 
of treating PAH with the aim of improving symptoms to, or maintaining patients
at, Functional Class II  enabled Tracleer to remain  the gold standard in  PAH 
treatment,  with  over  44,000  PAH  patients  currently  receiving   therapy. 
Ventavis^®, which is formulated for optimized inhalation time, continued to be
an important source of revenue for our US operations.

Veletri® is an improved formulation of intravenous epoprostenol. Unlike  other 
epoprostenol formulations  approved for  PAH, Veletri  has greater  stability. 
This provides unique  benefits, such  as a  more flexible  preparation of  the 
medication and infusion of the product  without the need for constant  cooling 
with ice-packs. During 2012,  Actelion received approval  to market a  further 
improved formulation  of  Veletri in  the  US, Switzerland  and  Canada,  with 
regulatory reviews advancing in Japan and  the EU. Access to these  additional 
markets will bring further opportunity for growth.

This leading position in the PAH market  is now set to continue thanks to  our 
pipeline compounds.  Following the  positive study  results, the  registration 
dossier for macitentan  was submitted  to the  US Food  & Drug  Administration 
(FDA), the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and other health authorities during
the fourth quarter  of 2012. With  the combination of  an effective  worldwide 
commercial organization and this novel  and differentiated ERA, Actelion  will 
enable the medical community  to reshape the  treatment paradigm for  patients 
with PAH.

In parallel,  Actelion  has advanced  selexipag,  potentially the  first  oral 
prostacyclin-based therapy for  the treatment  of PAH, which  is currently  in 
Phase III. At the end of 2012,  we had enrolled more than 1,000 patients  into 
the pivotal study. As with our evaluation of macitentan, this outcome study is
designed to demonstrate a reduction in the risk of morbidity/mortality events.


The second part of our  strategy for long-term value  creation is to build  an 
additional specialty franchise alongside PAH. We have focused our research and
development (R&D) efforts  on orphan and  specialty indications, supported  by 
ongoing business development activities; the  aim is to utilize our  expertise 
to find  differentiated commercial  assets  that a  company  of our  size  can 
successfully bring to market.

Choosing to concentrate our efforts  on orphan and specialty indications  will 
lead to  more  targeted R&D  spending.  Following a  portfolio  review,  those 
projects not aligned with  this strategy have been  discontinued or are  being 
prepared for partnership or out-licensing.

At the end  of 2012,  excellent progress was  reported for  two of  Actelion's 
mid-stage  clinical  studies.  First   we  announced  positive  results   with 
ponesimod, an S1P[1]  modulator, in  psoriasis, a chronic  and relapsing  skin 
disease affecting up  to 3%  of the  population worldwide.  The findings  were 
particularly encouraging since this is the first time that this mode of action
has been effective for psoriasis patients.  This news was shortly followed  by 
the positive  results  for our  novel  antibiotic, cadazolid,  in  Clostridium 
difficile associated diarrhea (CDAD).  The bacterium Clostridium difficile  is 
the leading cause of hospital acquired  diarrhea and CDAD can be severe,  even 
life-threatening. This is  the first  time cadazolid  has been  used to  treat 
patients and  has  delivered very  encouraging  clinical data.  Based  on  the 
excellent progress, Actelion has  decided to proceed  with the development  of 
both compounds in Phase III, providing the foundation for our mid-term goal of
building an additional specialty franchise.


In 2012, Actelion delivered core earnings of CHF 537.0 million, an increase of
12% in  Swiss  Francs or  6%  in local  currencies  (excluding the  impact  of 
provisions for  doubtful  debts).  This  result  -  achieved  in  spite  of  a 
challenging economic environment - is a direct consequence of our  cost-saving 
initiative  and  underscores   our  commitment  to   optimize  the   company's 

The cost-saving initiative implemented  in the second  half of 2012  addressed 
several ongoing external challenges, including  the continued strength of  the 
Swiss Franc,  increased  competition in  the  US, and  the  difficult  pricing 
environment  in  Europe.  In  parallel,  we  adapted  the  size  of  our   R&D 
organization to match our new focus on specialty medicines. Importantly,  this 
initiative left  our commercial  capabilities unchanged  and will  ensure  the 
availability of sufficient investment  capacity to leverage the  opportunities 
we have created in the field of PAH.

We strongly believe  that, thanks to  the measures implemented  in 2012,  your 
company is well positioned for  sustainable core earnings growth and  enhanced 
shareholder returns.  For 2013,  we  expect to  maintain local  currency  core 
earnings at  the  2012  level,  barring  unforeseen  events.  We  then  expect 
single-digit core earnings growth in 2014 and double-digit growth by 2015.

Our commitment goes  beyond performance forecasts:  Actelion's balance  sheet, 
strong cash generation and the exceptional pipeline newsflow in 2012 gives  us 
confidence in our future. Therefore the  Board will propose a 25% increase  in 
the dividend payment for your approval at the 2013 Annual General Meeting.  In 
addition, we will manage capital allocation so as to continue to return  value 
to our shareholders  through timely completion  of the CHF  800 million  share 
repurchase program by the end of 2013.


Since the company was  established some fifteen years  ago, Actelion has  been 
committed to discovering innovative drugs  that change the lives of  patients. 
We have demonstrated the benefits  of those drugs through innovative  clinical 
development, laying the foundations for evidence-based medicine. We have  also 
made our drugs for specialty indications available worldwide.

We are confident  in our  ability to innovate,  and we  believe that,  through 
organizational discipline  and  a commitment  to  quality, innovation  can  be 
translated into  benefits  for  patients  and  long-term  value  creation  for 
shareholders. This is an exciting time for  the company, and we hope you  will 
share our enthusiasm as you read about  what we have achieved in 2012 and  our 
plans for the future.

Jean-Pierre Garnier                               
       Jean-Paul Clozel

Chairman of the Board of Directors                      
Chief Executive Officer


The European debt crisis and slower global economic growth continued to impact
the business landscape in 2012. Pressure on government budgets weighed heavily
on  healthcare  markets  around  the  globe.  Additionally,  the   competitive 
environment continued to  adversely affect  sales in the  United States.  Amid 
these challenges Actelion posted  a solid top  line performance with  benefits 
from cost reductions seeing core earnings  growing by 6% in local  currencies, 
thereby delivering significant operational leverage.


Actelion's commercial  organization delivered  a strong  sales performance  in 
2012, despite  intensified price  pressure  and continued  competition.  Total 
product sales for the full year  were CHF 1,722.1 million. This represents  an 
increase of 1% in Swiss Francs and a decrease of 2% in local currencies.

Contract revenues for  2012 amounted  to CHF  6.3 million.  In 2011,  contract 
revenues included the  remaining deferred revenue  from the terminated  orexin 
collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline.


Actelion is focusing its resources on commercial efforts and pipeline programs
that have the greatest potential to deliver meaningful benefits for  patients. 
For 2012, total operating  expenses were CHF 1,306.9  million compared to  CHF 
1,783.9 million during 2011. The main driver of the decrease is the impact  in 
2011 of the Asahi  Kasei litigation award  of CHF 340.6 million  as well as  a 
reduction in provisions made for doubtful debts in southern Europe, mainly  as 
a result  of  improved cash  collection.  Expenses  in 2012  also  included  a 
restructuring charge of CHF 6.9 million related to the cost saving  initiative 
executed during the second half of the year.

Cost of sales amounted to CHF 196.3  million, or 11% of sales, unchanged  from 
the previous reporting period.

Research and development (R&D) expenses increased by 1%, to CHF 460.5 million,
compared to CHF  457.7 million  in 2011. These  expenses include  the USD  10 
million milestone payment to Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in relation to our
collaboration on XIAFLEX^® in certain  territories. The lower R&D  expenditure 
net of the  Auxilium payment  is the result  of the  refocusing of  Actelion's 
pipeline, announced as  part of the  company's strategic review  in May  2012, 
which is expected to continue to reduce R&D expenditure in the coming year.

Selling, general and administration (SG&A)  expenses for 2012 amounted to  CHF 
610.9 million, a decrease of 19% in Swiss Francs and 20% in local  currencies. 
Part of this decrease can be attributed to the reduction in the allowance  for 
doubtful debt on receivables in southern Europe.

Core operating expenses (includes  cost of sales) for  the full year were  CHF 
1,185. 1  million,  a decrease  of  5% in  local  currencies compared  to  the 
previous year. Core operating expenses exclude all charges related to employee
stock options; depreciation and amortization;  and one-off items that  distort 
comparative analysis, such as the legal provision of CHF 340.6 million or  the 
restructuring charge of  CHF 6.9  million and provisions  for doubtful  debts. 
Core R&D  expenses amounted  to CHF  398.5 million,  down 1%  compared to  the 
previous year in local currencies while core SG&A expenses decreased by 9%  to 
CHF 590.2 million, also in local currencies.


The result of all  of the above  is a reported operating  income of CHF  421.5 
million for 2012, compared with CHF 12.2 million in 2011.

Better reflecting the actual operating performance of the business is the core
earnings measure amounting to  CHF 537.0 million, an  increase of 6% in  local 
currency terms which represents  an 8% improvement  in operating margin.  Core 
earnings exclude  movements in  doubtful debt  provisions and  other  one-time 
items such as the Asahi litigation provision in 2011.


Interest income  for 2012  amounted to  CHF 2.1  million compared  to CHF  6.2 
million in 2011.

The interest provision  on the  Asahi litigation  award, which  accrues at  an 
annual rate  of 10%  and is  payable only  if the  appeal is  not  successful, 
amounted to CHF  41.6 million for  2012, compared to  CHF 19.7 million  during 
2011. Interest expense (including issuance costs) on the CHF 235 million  bond 
was CHF  12.0 million,  impairment on  financial assets  amounted to  CHF  0.3 
million and other interest expense, relating mostly to deferred  consideration 
in connection with the acquisition of a new formulation of epoprostenol sodium
with improved  thermal  stability  from  GeneraMedix,  amounted  to  CHF  0.5 

Other financial expenses for the year  amounted to CHF 10.6 million,  compared 
to CHF 22.9 million in 2011.

Income tax expense for the period  under review amounted to CHF 55.2  million, 
compared with CHF 77.0  million in 2011.  The tax rate for  the year is  15.4% 
compared to a litigation provision adjusted tax rate of 17.3% for the previous


Net income for the full year of 2012 amounted to CHF 303.2 million compared to
a loss of CHF 146.3 million in 2011.

This translates  into fully  diluted  earnings per  share  of CHF  2.57.  Core 
earnings per share were CHF 3.69, an increase of 22%.


Our cash generation remains  strong, enabling us to  invest for future  growth 
and value by funding investment in R&D, while also providing CHF 357.9 million
in net  cash distributions  to  shareholders by  way  of dividends  and  share 

Cash from  operations  for the  period  under  review amounted  to  CHF  572.4 
million, compared with  CHF 404.9 million  in 2011. The  company's gross  cash 
position at 31 December 2012 amounted to  CHF 1.5 billion, of which CHF  368.7 
million is restricted due  to the ongoing Asahi  litigation in the  California 

Despite continuing difficult economic conditions in southern Europe, trade and
other receivables decreased from CHF 536.5 million at the end of December 2011
to CHF 412.9  million at the  end of  the year. Days  sales outstanding  (DSO) 
decreased from 103 days to 78 days.

During the first  quarter of  2012, Actelion  Spain enrolled  in the  Montorro 
plan, which  is designed  to  inject cash  into  the Spanish  economy  through 
settlement of local  authorities' commercial debt.  Through this  arrangement, 
late in the second quarter, we collected over CHF 100 million from  government 
customers  in  Spain  resulting  in  a  partial  reversal  of  doubtful   debt 
provisions. For  the full  year 2012,  the total  reduction in  doubtful  debt 
provisions was CHF 22.6 million, compared  to an increase in the provision  of 
CHF 43.2 million in 2011.

Investment in property, plant and equipment  decreased to CHF 33.7 million  in 
2012, compared with CHF 89.4 million in 2011. The majority of this  investment 
relates to  the construction  of a  research and  development building.  Total 
property, plant and equipment at year-end  was CHF 402.6 million, compared  to 
CHF 424.7 million at the end of 2011.

Total shareholders' funds amounted to CHF  1,518.6 million at the end of  2012 
compared to CHF 1,510.5 million at the end of 2011.


Retaining an  appropriate  balance  between  attractive  shareholder  returns, 
investment in  the business  and  a strong  capital  structure will  remain  a 
priority in the  future. Actelion's  Board proposes to  increase the  dividend 
payment to CHF  1.00 from  CHF 0.80  per share  and will  ask for  shareholder 
approval to do so at the upcoming Annual General Meeting on 18 April 2013.

During 2012, the company bought back 6.4 million shares at a total cost of CHF
264.2 million on the second trading line as part of the CHF 800 million  share 
repurchase program  announced  in October  2010.  This brings  the  number  of 
treasury shares  held  to 13.8  million,  or 11%  of  the total  issued  share 
capital. The Board is committed  to completing the current repurchase  program 
by the fourth quarter of 2013.


Actelion is  committed  to  maintaining  strict  oversight  of  its  financial 
reporting. In keeping with that commitment, for the seventh consecutive  year, 
the internal controls over financial  reporting were certified as meeting  the 
requirements of SOX 404 (Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002, section 404) at 31  December 


Actelion currently has 10 compounds in clinical development studied in several
therapeutic areas. The company is  currently pursuing Phase III programs  with 
two different compounds with  an additional two  compounds in preparation  for 
Phase III investigation.

Actelion's clinical development pipeline:

Phase Product/ Compound Indication                  Study     Resultsexpected
IV    Bosentan          Combination bosentan &      COMPASS-2 2013
                        sildenafil in PAH
IV    Bosentan         Pediatric pulmonary         FUTURE   2014
                        arterial hypertension
III   Macitentan        Pulmonary arterial          SERAPHIN  Complete
III   Selexipag        Pulmonary arterial          GRIPHON   2014
III  Macitentan       Digital ulcers related to   -        2014
                        systemic sclerosis
II    Cadazolid         Clostridium difficile       -       Complete
                        associated diarrhea
II    Ponesimod        Multiple sclerosis         -         Complete
II    Ponesimod         Plaque psoriasis            -         Complete
I     Anti-malarial     Malaria                    -        -
I    CRTH2 receptor    Asthma                      -         -
I     Lucerastat        Lipid storage disorders     -        -
I    NCE               Immunological disorders    -        -
I    Macitentan       Glioblastoma               -        -
I     S1P[1]modulator  Immunological disorders     -        -

For more information visit the corporate website:


At the  end  of  2012,  Actelion employed  2,433  professionals  worldwide,  a 
decrease of 5% (or 137 positions) compared to the end of 2011.



In 2008,  a  lawsuit was  filed  by  Asahi Kasei  Pharma  Corporation  against 
Actelion  Ltd,  certain  subsidiaries  and  three  individual  officers  in  a 
Californian Superior Court.  The action  arises from a  dispute involving  the 
license and  development agreement  between Asahi  and CoTherix  for the  drug 
compound fasudil that has been terminated upon the acquisition of CoTherix  in 

During 2011, the case was heard in trial court and resulted in a jury award of
compensatory and  punitive damages.  Following  post-trial motions  the  trial 
court entered a final judgment of USD 407.3 million and additional prejudgment
interest and costs of USD 8.3 million,  in November 2011. The company and  its 
external advisors believe that the jury  verdict and trial court judgment  are 
neither supported by the  facts nor correct  as a matter  of law. The  company 
strongly believes that there are significant grounds for a successful  appeal, 
notice of which  was filed with  the California Courts  of Appeal in  December 
2011. The appeal is proceeding as expected.


In 2010, the  company reported that  its wholly owned  US subsidiary  Actelion 
Pharmaceuticals US,  Inc.  had received  a  subpoena from  the  United  States 
Attorney's  Office  for  the  Northern  District  of  California,   requesting 
documents relating, among others, to marketing and sales practices of Tracleer
in the US. The corresponding investigation is ongoing.


During  2011  and   2012,  three  generic   companies,  Apotex  Inc.,   Roxane 
Laboratories, Inc. and Actavis Elizabeth, LLC demanded that Actelion  provided 
them samples of Tracleer and Zavesca  for the purpose of developing  competing 
generic products. On September 14, 2012, Actelion filed a lawsuit against  the 
generic companies in the United States District Court for the District of  New 
Jersey seeking  a declaratory  judgment that  Actelion has  no legal  duty  or 
obligation to  sell any  quantity  of the  drugs  to generic  competitors.  In 
response, the generic  companies are alleging  that Actelion violated  federal 
and state antitrust laws.  Actelion has filed a  motion requesting the  Court 
find in the company's favor based on the pleadings.


The Group is  involved in  commercial disputes in  certain jurisdictions.  The 
possible losses which might arise as a result of the corresponding arbitration
proceedings range from  CHF 0  million to  CHF 18  million. At  this time  the 
company cannot reasonably estimate  the final outcome.  The company expects  a 
resolution of these proceedings during 2013.


Actelion Ltd is a biopharmaceutical company with its corporate headquarters in
Allschwil/Basel, Switzerland.  Actelion's  first drug  Tracleer®,  an  orally 
available dual endothelin receptor antagonist, has been approved as a  therapy 
for pulmonary arterial hypertension.  Actelion markets Tracleer® through  its 
own subsidiaries in key markets worldwide, including the United States  (based 
in South  San Francisco),  the European  Union, Japan,  Canada, Australia  and 

Founded in  late 1997  Actelion  is a  leading  player in  innovative  science 
related to the endothelium - the single layer of cells separating every  blood 
vessel from the blood  stream. Actelion's over 2,400  employees focus on  the 
discovery, development and marketing of innovative drugs for significant unmet
medical needs. Actelion shares  are traded on the  SIX Swiss Exchange  (ticker 
symbol: ATLN) as  part of the  Swiss blue-chip index  SMI (Swiss Market  Index 

For further information please contact:

Roland Haefeli
Senior Vice President, Head of Investor Relations & Public Affairs
Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Gewerbestrasse 16, CH-4123 Allschwil
+41 61 565 62 62
+1 650 624 69 36

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