Richard Gorman Predicts Success for Amazon's Used E-Book Market

Richard Gorman Predicts Success for Amazon's Used E-Book Market Is Working Toward a Marketplace for Selling Secondhand
E-Books -- a Development That Has Earned the Attention of Richard
NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwire) -- 02/14/13 --  Ever since the emergence
of the e-book, cynics and skeptics have wondered if digital reading
will one day spell the end of traditional books -- or at least, of
conventional publishers and old-fashioned booksellers. E-book
purveyors, meanwhile, have sought to make the electronic reading
experience as true to traditional reading as possible. Now, has announced a major step forward -- a marketplace
through which readers can sell secondhand copies of their e-books.
Amazon has already been awarded the patents necessary to make this
used e-book market a reality -- and the news of Amazon's latest
advances has earned the attention of Richard Gorman. 
Gorman, a long-time digital marketing and e-commerce professional, is
also a champion of, and, in a new statement to the press,
he predicts that this new e-book marketplace will become a success.
"For many readers -- especially those who devour books voraciously,
and thus end up spending a great deal of money on new editions -- the
chance to browse secondhand bookstores, and perhaps sell well-worn
volumes, is a major part of the reading experience," Gorman says, in
his press statement. "Of course, it is impossible for the e-book
market to precisely emulate this time-honored tradition, but Amazon
is making a big step in the right direction." 
Gorman goes on to note that there are some inherent virtues to
Amazon's secondhand e-book idea. "What makes this different from a
traditional used bookstore is just the obvious fact that you are not
dealing with physical assets here," he affirms. "Your old books may
become dog-eared and bent, simply through the wear and tear that come
with reading them. That is not true with e-books, however -- and
indeed, a used e-book is not going to be any different than a brand
new one, in that regard." 
The secondhand e-book market will essentially allow e-book
owners to sell their licenses to other readers, presumably at a
discounted rate. Though the specifics of the Amazon plan are not yet
known, Gorman suggests that the Amazon business model will likely
mirror the company's current secondhand sale offerings. "Amazon will
effectively act as an intermediary, most likely, facilitating
transactions as one client sells his e-book license to another." 
From a technological standpoint, this is not a big innovation on
Amazon's part; indeed, there are already "lending" features
available, not just to Kindle readers but to Nook users, as well.
When a book is loaned, it disappears from one user's e-reader for a
set number of days, and returns when the borrowing party is done
Also important to note is the fact that at least one other company
has had Amazon's big idea. A company called ReDigi, which launched a
year and a half ago, effectively allows e-book users to transfer
their licenses to others. ReDigi has stated that its methodology is
different from what Amazon is proposing, but initial reports seem to
indicate that the just-awarded Amazon patent will essentially give
Amazon a monopoly on the secondhand e-book business. 
Gorman notes that, while the ReDigi technology may be impressive, it
will probably matter very little in the long run. "The bottom line is
that Amazon carries immense clout, simply as a brand," Gorman opines.
"When most consumers think of books, and especially of e-books, they
are usually thinking of The same will likely hold true of
the secondhand e-book market, whenever Amazon commences with this
activity in earnest. My prediction is that, once Amazon sets up its
used e-book platform, it will almost immediately become the service
of its kind." 
An outspoken pundit on all matters related to digital commerce,
Richard Gorman can also be found on Google+. 
Richard Gorman is a trailblazer in the digital marketing industry,
and he is perhaps best known for his pioneering work in direct
response advertising -- work that is on vivid display at his own
Direct Response marketing blog. At the Direct Response blog, Gorman
gives away countless thousands of dollars in trade secrets and
insider information. Additionally, he is a technology pundit and a
social media enthusiast. Gorman opines and makes predictions on
matters related to social networking, search engines, online
commerce, and more. 
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